Unclog Toilet with Shop Vac

Very Simple Way To Unclog Toilet with Shop Vac!

When you notice that your toilet got clogged, often you just can’t call the plumber at the right moment before the situation gets worse. At that time, you need to take a quick initiative to solve this problem. The most known equipment for unclogging toilets is a plunger. But if you do not have any, […]

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how to remove hair from clogged bathtub drain

How to Remove Hair from Clogged Bathtub Drain

While taking a shower, you want to relax a little. But if you saw that water was not flowing from your bathtub because of a clogged drain, how would you feel? Crappy, right?  However, should the task of removing hair from a clogged bathtub drain be that painful? Not at all! All you need to […]

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