How Much HP Do I Need for a Garbage Disposal? How to Choose the Right Size?

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Garbage disposal is a handy kitchen gadget that significantly saves your time and struggle. However, when you decide to buy the best garbage disposer or replace a garbage disposal unit, you need to consider several things to get efficient performance from that disposer. One of these segments is garbage disposal horsepower (HP).

Depending on your garbage disposal usability, you have to pick the ideal horsepower disposer. So now the question may arrive to your mind, how to determine what size garbage disposal do I need for my home? Or how much hp do I need for a garbage disposal?

Our garbage disposal size guide has been made mainly to answer your queries. We have covered almost all the short aspects of the disposer’s horsepower and present several relevant things to you. Let’s see.

How Many People Live in Your Home?

You will see different grinding-powered motors and size garbage disposal in the market, which have been designed keeping in mind different household requirements. So first, you must determine exactly what size garbage disposal you need!

The easiest way to determine disposer size is to calculate how many people live in your house. For example, if you have 1 to 2 people in your home, you don’t need to buy a powerful garbage disposal; you can do your work efficiently with a low-powered disposer like a simple budget-friendly 1/3 hp.

But if your house members are 5 to 8 or more, then a medium powered disposer like 1/2 or 3/4 will never be the best option for you. So, in this case, you have to pick a more powerful, i.e. 1 HP disposer unit.

However, below we have presented a chart to make this calculation process more easier; you can follow it. But, the manufacturer’s recommended household size disposer buying is the most convincing.

Different Types of Garbage Disposals; What Size Garbage Disposal Do You Need?

How Much HP Do I Need for a Garbage Disposal

As we mentioned before, you can see several different types of disposers in the market, which are significantly different in power from one another, also in size and horsepower. This part is assumed as the most important consideration, depending on which there is a lot of difference in price and HP. Below, we have listed the most common types of disposers to give you a brief idea. Let’s see.

1/3 Horsepower:

Among the other powered disposers in the market, the 1/3 disposer is the lowest powered horsepower. So its utility level is very limited, and most brands use cheap components to build it.

Basically, if you are looking for a budget-friendly disposer for limited use, this one’s for you. Otherwise, it is not the best option for overfeeding; because you have to face repeated garbage disposal clogging issues.

1/2 Horsepower:

1/2 is a slightly more powerful option than 1/3 hp, which is very suitable for typical use. Also, it is very convenient in size, so you can install it efficiently in limited-space kitchens.

Its build quality is relatively strong compared to 1/3 hp disposers. In addition, stainless steel materials components are used in this horsepower on InSinkErator garbage disposal, which lasts for many years. On the other hand, though 1/2 disposers are a great option, you must be very careful when using them, especially to avoid overfeeding.

3/4 Horsepower:

Most consumers get confused about the differences between 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower garbage disposal. Because both disposers’ power is almost similar, but even though 3/4 hp are so powerful, which efficiently scrap nearly the toughest food waste.

The 3/4 hp disposer grinding chamber is solid, due to which you get more extended life service. Furthermore, one of the best aspects of 3/4 or higher HP disposers is that they include a sound protection feature, due to which they can run quieter than lower version disposers. But one of the most significant disadvantages of this disposer is that it is not as compact as 1/2 in size. Due to this, it is not ideal for a limited-spaces kitchen.

1 Horsepower:

If you are looking for the best size disposer for the toughest food waste scrapping, then undoubtedly, 1 horsepower can be an excellent choice. It is able to efficiently grind fat, proteins, fruit rinds, chicken bones, and fibrous materials without any jamming issues.

If you need to grind a large quantity of waste regularly, it is advisable to take a 1 HP disposer. However, its chamber is a bit bulky and oversized because it has a powerful motor. So if you want to take a 1 hp disposer, you must measure whether you have enough space in your kitchen.

More than 1 Horsepower:

More than 1 or higher horsepower disposers are basically used in commercial kitchens. If your family does not have more than 10 members, then you don’t need 2 or 3 HP disposers. Their prices vary on all the additional features.

How Much HP Do I Need for a Garbage Disposal?

How Much HP Do I Need for a Garbage Disposal

We have presented a quick chart in this section so that you can easily determine which disposer will be ideal for you.

Maximum Number of PeopleRecommended HorsepowerUsage 
1 to 2 People1/3  HPSuitable for soft food waste scrapping and limited purpose.
3 to 6 Peoples1/2 HPEfficiently grind regular food waste and regularly usable.
5 to 8 Peoples3/4 HPGood for most hard waste scrapping and usually usable.
8+ Peoples1 HPIt can perfectly scrape hard food waste and is also suitable for heavy use.
12+ PeoplesMore than 1 HorsepowerGreat option for commercial properties.


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Final Verdict

Hopefully, our guide has helped you get the solution to how much HP I need for a garbage disposal question. Also, help you to get an idea about several relevant topics. So if you want to buy proper-grade garbage disposal in the market, then check out our consumer-analyzed best garbage disposal guide.

Also, stay connected with us to get regular tips about garbage disposal’s different issues and other things.