How to Load Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser?

Scotch is a reputed company that manufactures packaging tapes and other industrial materials. Scotch packing tape dispensers can be purchased from retail markets or stores or any online marketplaces. It is used in a variety of works like sealing box, packing of heavy-duty shaping jobs, cartons, etc. But how to load scotch packaging tape dispenser we should know.

How to Load Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser?

Specially scotch packaging tape dispenser is ideal for moving, shipping and packing a box that needs to be taken a long way. But using a tape dispenser is a very important fact for packing. An empty dispenser is reusable to replace with scotch tape refills. A good dispenser will always help you save time when it comes to packaging.

In this tutorial, we are going to know how to load a scotch packaging tape dispenser with step by step instructions.

Scotch Shipping Packaging Tape Dispenser Loading Guideline:

1. At first, put scotch packaging tape onto the dispenser. After then find the tape roll end part. And dispose of it before using it onto the dispenser.

2. Pull the two ends of the holder before inserting the dispenser into the holder.

3. Now pull out the first part of the tape roll and release it onto the blade of the dispenser.

Finally, your packaging roll loading is complete. This is a simple process of the Scotch tape dispenser brand. But uploading roll of all dispensers is not same.

How To Operate Your Packing Tape Gun?

Using a packing tape gun is a very easy process. Here I have shared the standard method of using a best tape gun. So let’s start

How To Operate Your Packing Tape Gun

First of all place tape gun al lest 4-5 in from the box or box area. Then put the tape on the box and

Second glide the roller and tape across the surface at the carton seam. Make sure to keep constant contact with roller and box.

Third, continue down the opposite side of the box about 4-5 in from the top. Tilt dispenser forward, pull-down and twist to cut the tape.

This is the guide for using a standard tape dispenser.

Top Packaging Tape Dispenser Brands and Models:

There are many packing tape holder brands in the market. Here I have noted only top popular brands and models which mostly used in office, home, and commercial use.

1. Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun
2. PROSUN Metal Handheld
3. BFO Industries Moving Kit
4. Sparco 3″ Packaging Tape Dispenser
5. Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser
6. Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser
7. Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held

Top 5 Tape Rolls:

  1. Scotch Painter’s Tape 051141949635 (Scotch)
  2. AM-Ink 36 Rolls Clear Packing Tape (AM-Ink )
  3. Masking Tape (Huge Pack of 6) Each Roll is ¾” x 33 Yards(Tarvol)
  4. Multipurpose Double-Sided Mounting Tape (G-Wing)
  5. JAK Industrial 6 Rolls – 2 Inch Masking Tape ( JAK Industrial)

Why Do You Need A Tape Dispenser?

A tape dispenser is a device that allows for the dispensing of pre-cut strips of adhesive tape. Tapes with adhesive on both sides are used to hold objects together and to mark or label objects. Many people use this tool in commercial settings to attach price tags, price labels, or to adhere to shipping labels. Packing tape dispensers are used to support packing materials. They are also used to help with wrapping items and preventing messes.


Finally, if you use Scotch packaging dispenser then this tutorial is enough for you I hope. But I have talked before loading process all tape holders is not same.

Moreover, I have shared a few popular brands and models of packing tape dispensers and tape that will help you finding or buying the best one. If you want to know how to load scotch packaging tape dispenser for other brands, please comment below and type your tape dispenser/holder’s brand and model name.

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