longboard vs skateboard

Longboard Vs Skateboard – Everything You Should Know

Since you want to know about longboard vs skateboard. That means you want to get a detailed idea of which one would be best for you from your strong interest in longboarding or skateboarding. Skateboard and longboard may seem similar in general. But to be honest, there are many differences between them. The general difference […]

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loaded dervish sama review

Loaded Dervish Sama Review ! Should Be Your Worth Choice

Introduction: Loaded Dervish Sama is a great longboard especially for those who like cruising, carving, and free-riding. On this board, you will also get the feeling of surfing. It has slightly more concave than other boards on the market which will make you feel like your feet are stuck on its deck. Which is really […]

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Hamboards Huntington Hop 45 Inch Surfskate Longboard Review

Hamboard is a very special brand. Similar to the current Longboard and Skateboard but slightly larger in size, the Humberboard brand has been working in the market since 2003. The boards look much more special and classic and much larger than ordinary boards. And running these boards will make you feel like the beginning of […]

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