Volador Freeride Longboard ! Should Be Your Worth Choice

volador freeride longboard review

Since you are looking for a Volador freeride longboard, you are looking for a top-quality longboard for the best dancing or freeriding. This longboard from Volador is really the best for freeriding and dancing compared to other longboards on the market. I don’t think anyone buys a longboard or a skateboard just to run. Longboarding … Read more

White Wave Bamboo Longboard ! A Complete Guide for You

white wave bamboo longboard review

White wave bamboo longboard is one of the best budget-friendly longboards. Also, these longboard is great for cruising for both apprentices and professionals. It is very easy to use and control so it has become very popular with every apprentice and has become one of the best longboard brands. Since you are looking for a … Read more

Loaded Dervish Sama ! Should Be Your Worth Choice

loaded dervish sama review

Especially, Dervish Sama, I recommend for, those types of riders, who wanna ride for easy commuting, also who like to (slow) sliding, dancing, and freestyle. This board can be the best choice for everyone from beginners to expert riders. But especially for beginners, this Dervish Sama will be the best choice for learning dancing & … Read more