Share Instagram Post to Facebook Story: Boost Your Social Media Reach!

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How to share instagram post to facebook story? To share an instagram post to your facebook story, simply tap on the share button below the post and select “share to your story.” Have you ever wanted to share an interesting instagram post with your facebook story?

Luckily, it’s a simple process. With just a few taps, you can quickly share an instagram post with your facebook story. This allows you to showcase your favorite posts or moments on both platforms simultaneously. We will guide you through the steps to seamlessly share an instagram post to your facebook story.

Whether you want to share a funny video, a stunning photo, or an inspirational quote, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and discover how easy it is to share instagram posts to your facebook story!

Share Instagram Post to Facebook Story: Boost Your Social Media Reach


Table of Contents

How To Share Instagram Posts To Facebook Stories

Step 1: Connect Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts

  • Go to the instagram app on your smartphone and tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From there, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner to access the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and tap on “settings”, followed by “account”.
  • On the “account” page, you will find the option to connect your facebook account. Tap on it and follow the prompts to link your instagram and facebook accounts together.

Step 2: Select The Instagram Post You Want To Share

  • Open the instagram app and navigate to the post that you want to share to your facebook story.
  • Once you find the post, tap on the three dots (…) located at the top right corner of the post.
  • In the options that appear, select “share to” and then choose “facebook” from the available platforms.

Step 3: Tap On The Share Button And Choose “Share To Facebook Story”

  • After selecting facebook as the platform to share to, you will be taken to the facebook app.
  • In the facebook app, you will see the instagram post that you want to share to your facebook story.
  • Underneath the post, you will find the “share” button. Tap on it to proceed.
  • From the options that appear, select “share to your story” to share the instagram post directly to your facebook story.

Step 4: Customize Your Facebook Story With Stickers, Text, And Hashtags

  • Once you have shared the instagram post to your facebook story, you can now customize it to make it more engaging.
  • Tap on the “aa” icon to add text to your story. You can change the font style, size, and color of the text.
  • To add stickers, tap on the smiley face icon and choose from a variety of stickers available.
  • If you want to add hashtags, type the ‘#’ symbol followed by the keyword or phrase related to your story. This will help increase its visibility to a wider audience.

Step 5: Publish The Shared Instagram Post To Your Facebook Story

  • After customizing your facebook story, you are now ready to publish it.
  • Tap on the “your story” button located at the bottom center of the screen to make your facebook story live.
  • Your instagram post will now be displayed on your facebook story, visible to your facebook friends and followers.

By following these steps, you can easily share your favorite instagram posts to your facebook story and engage with your audience on both platforms. Enhance your storytelling skills by customizing your facebook story with stickers, text, and hashtags to make it more appealing.

Enjoy the seamless integration between instagram and facebook, and let your creativity shine through your shared content.

Tips To Optimize Your Instagram Posts For Facebook Story Sharing

Use Eye-Catching Visuals And Captions That Resonate With Your Audience:

  • Select visually striking images or videos that grab the attention of your audience.
  • Use engaging and compelling captions that resonate with your target-audience.
  • Focus on creating content that tells a story or evokes emotions to drive engagement.
  • Experiment with different formats such as quotes, product highlights, behind-the-scenes shots, and user-generated content.
  • Incorporate branding elements like logos or colors to maintain consistency across platforms.

Incorporate Relevant Hashtags To Increase Discoverability:

  • Research and include relevant hashtags that are popular and widely used in your niche.
  • Use a mix of general industry hashtags and specific ones that relate to your content.
  • Experiment with different hashtag densities, but don’t go overboard or make your captions look spammy.
  • Analyze the performance of your posts with different hashtags and refine your strategy accordingly.
  • Encourage your followers to use your branded hashtags in their content to increase reach and user-generated content.

Keep The Post Dimensions In Mind To Avoid Cropping Or Distortion:

  • Facebook stories have different dimensions compared to instagram posts (9: 16 aspect ratio on instagram vs. 9:16 or 16:9 on facebook stories).
  • Optimize your instagram posts by ensuring that important content is within the safe zone for both horizontal and vertical formatting.
  • Use tools like canva or adobe spark to create properly sized graphics or videos for facebook stories.
  • Avoid using text or crucial elements near the edges, as they may get cutoff or distorted during the sharing process.
  • Always preview your instagram posts on a mobile device before sharing them to your facebook story to ensure they display correctly.

Ensure That The Instagram Post Content Aligns With Your Facebook Stories’ Style And Tone:

  • Maintain consistency in terms of visual style, tone, and messaging between your instagram posts and facebook stories.
  • Adapt your instagram content for facebook stories by customizing it to fit the platform’s ephemeral nature.
  • Consider using stickers, gifs, or interactive elements that are popular on facebook stories to enhance engagement.
  • Pay attention to the overall aesthetics and design elements to create a seamless experience for your audience.
  • Tailor your captions and text overlays to suit the shorter and more casual storytelling format of facebook stories.

Monitor The Performance Of Your Shared Posts And Adjust Your Strategy Accordingly:

  • Regularly track the performance metrics of your shared instagram posts on facebook stories.
  • Analyze engagement metrics like views, taps, and replies to assess their effectiveness.
  • Identify which types of content, visuals, or captions perform best on facebook stories to inform your future instagram posts.
  • Test different posting times, hashtags, and content formats to find the optimal strategy for maximizing reach and engagement.
  • Stay updated on facebook’s algorithm changes and adapt your approach to ensure your shared posts continue to receive visibility.

Remember, optimizing your instagram posts for facebook story sharing involves using eye-catching visuals and captions, incorporating relevant hashtags, considering post dimensions, aligning content with facebook stories’ style, and monitoring post performance. By following these tips, you can enhance your instagram-to-facebook story sharing strategy and drive better results.

Benefits Of Sharing Instagram Posts To Facebook Stories

Expand Your Reach And Engage With A Wider Audience:

  • By sharing your instagram posts to facebook stories, you can reach a larger audience and connect with users who might not follow you on instagram.
  • Facebook stories have a broader reach as they appear at the top of the news feed, making them highly visible to your facebook friends and followers.
  • Engaging with a wider audience allows you to tap into new demographics, expand your network, and potentially gain new followers.

Increase Brand Visibility And Recognition Across Platforms:

  • Sharing your instagram posts to facebook stories enables you to showcase your brand across multiple platforms.
  • By leveraging both instagram and facebook, you can reinforce your brand’s image and increase online presence.
  • Consistent sharing of engaging content across platforms helps in creating brand association and building brand recognition among the audience.

Drive Traffic Back To Your Instagram Profile And Gain New Followers:

  • When you share an instagram post to your facebook story, you can provide a direct link back to your instagram profile.
  • By enticing facebook users with your instagram content, you encourage them to visit your profile, explore your feed, and potentially follow you.
  • This cross-promotion strategy allows you to leverage your existing facebook audience to grow your following on instagram.

Leverage The Interactive Features Of Facebook Stories To Enhance User Engagement:

  • Facebook stories offer various interactive features, such as polls, quizzes, stickers, and question stickers, which can-captivate and engage your audience.
  • Utilize these features to create interactive experiences, encourage user participation, and gather valuable insights from your audience.
  • Enhanced user engagement helps to create a deeper connection with your followers and increases the likelihood of them interacting with your content.

Boost Social Media Presence By Cross-Promoting Content On Different Platforms:

  • Cross-promoting your instagram posts on facebook stories helps to diversify your content distribution strategy.
  • By sharing content on multiple platforms, you increase the chances of reaching a broader audience and maximizing your social media presence.
  • Additionally, cross-promotion allows you to repurpose content that performs well on instagram and extend its lifespan on facebook.

Take advantage of the benefits that come with sharing instagram posts to facebook stories. Expand your reach and engage with a wider audience, increase brand visibility and recognition, drive traffic back to your instagram profile, leverage interactive features to enhance user engagement, and boost your social media presence through effective cross-promotion.

Implementing this strategy will help you grow your online presence and connect with a broader range of potential followers and customers.

Additional Ways To Maximize Social Media Reach

Collaborate With Influencers Or Industry Experts For Cross-Promotion:

  • Collaborating with influencers or industry experts can significantly boost your social media reach. Here’s how you can maximize their influence for cross-promotion:
  • Identify relevant influencers or experts in your industry with a large and engaged following on instagram and facebook.
  • Reach out to them and propose a collaboration where you can share each other’s content on your respective platforms.
  • This cross-promotion strategy allows you to tap into their audience, exposing your brand to a wider demographic.
  • By collaborating with influencers or industry experts, you can leverage their credibility and authority to increase your social media reach and gain new followers and customers.
  • Remember to choose influencers or experts whose niche aligns with your brand values for maximum impact.

Use Instagram And Facebook Ads To Target Specific Audiences:

  • Instagram and facebook ads offer a powerful way to reach a specific audience that aligns with your target market. Here’s how you can utilize these advertising platforms to maximize your social media reach:
  • Define your target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, or other relevant parameters.
  • Create visually appealing and engaging ad campaigns tailored to your target audience.
  • Optimize your ad content to grab attention, convey your message effectively, and include a strong call-to-action.
  • Use the ad targeting options provided by instagram and facebook to ensure your ads are seen by the most relevant audience.
  • Regularly monitor and analyze the performance of your ads, making adjustments to optimize their effectiveness and reach.

Encourage User-Generated Content By Running Contests Or Challenges:

  • User-generated content can generate organic reach and engagement while building a sense of community around your brand. Here are some ways to encourage user-generated content through contests or challenges:
  • Organize creative contests or challenges that prompt your followers to create and share content related to your brand or products.
  • Set clear guidelines and rules for participation, ensuring the content aligns with your brand’s values.
  • Offer attractive prizes or incentives to encourage participation and motivate your audience to create high-quality content.
  • Promote the contests or challenges through your instagram and facebook pages to generate interest and reach a wider audience.
  • Share the best user-generated content on your social media platforms, giving credit to the creators, and engaging with your audience.
  • User-generated content not only expands your social media reach but also builds trust and authenticity around your brand.

Utilize Analytics Tools To Track Performance And Optimize Your Social Media Strategy:

  • Analytics tools provide valuable insights into the performance of your social media posts and campaigns. Here’s how you can leverage these tools to maximize your social media reach:
  • Use tools like instagram insights and facebook analytics to track key metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Analyze the data to identify the types of content that resonate most with your audience and drive the highest reach and engagement.
  • Monitor the performance of your hashtags and determine which ones are most effective in reaching your target audience.
  • Identify peak posting times and frequency by analyzing when your audience is most active and engaged.
  • Adjust your social media strategy based on the insights gained from analytics, ensuring that you optimize your content for maximum reach and engagement.

Engage With Your Audience Through Comments, Messages, And Live Videos:

  • Active engagement with your audience is crucial to building a loyal and engaged community on instagram and facebook. Here’s how you can effectively engage with your audience to maximize your social media reach:
  • Respond promptly and authentically to comments on your posts, encouraging dialogue and fostering a sense of connection.
  • Use direct messages to engage with your followers on a more personal level, addressing their queries or concerns.
  • Utilize the live video feature on instagram and facebook to interact with your audience in real-time, creating a sense of exclusivity and immediacy.
  • Encourage your followers to ask questions or provide feedback during live videos, making them feel valued and involved.
  • By actively engaging with your audience, you not only increase your social media reach through shares and mentions but also build genuine connections that can lead to brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Share Instagram Post To Facebook Story

How Do I Share An Instagram Post To My Facebook-Story?

To share an instagram post to your facebook story, go to the post you want to share, tap the share button, and select “share to facebook story. ” Add any desired edits, and then tap “share. “

Can I Share Someone Else’S Instagram Post To My Facebook-Story?

No, you can only share your own instagram posts to your facebook story. You can’t directly share someone else’s post.

Why Can’T I See The Option To Share My Instagram Post To My Facebook-Story?

Make sure your instagram and facebook accounts are linked. If they are, try updating both apps to their latest versions. If the problem persists, contact instagram support for assistance.

How Long Does An Instagram Post Stay On My Facebook Story?

An instagram post will stay on your facebook story for 24 hours, just like any other facebook story. After that, it will automatically disappear.

Can I Share An Instagram Post Directly To My Facebook Feed?

Yes, you can share an instagram post to your facebook feed by tapping the share button on the post and selecting “share to facebook. ” Make sure your instagram and facebook accounts are linked.

Can I Share An Instagram Post To My Facebook-Story From A Computer?

No, currently you can only share an instagram post to your facebook story from the instagram mobile app. The feature is not available on the desktop version.


Sharing your instagram posts to your facebook story is a powerful way to increase your reach and engage your audience. With a single click, you can effortlessly showcase your stunning visuals and captivating content to a wider audience on both platforms.

By leveraging the unique features of each platform, such as instagram’s filters and facebook’s interactive stickers, you can create an even more immersive and engaging storytelling experience for your followers. Moreover, this cross-promotion strategy can help you build a strong online presence, attract new followers, and strengthen your brand image.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your social media impact. Start sharing your instagram posts to your facebook story today and watch your engagement and reach soar to new heights. Together, instagram and facebook can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

Harness their potential and take your online presence to the next level.