Best Dewalt Cordless Drill

5 Best Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

Best Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

If you are already in the cordless drill market looking for a good quality drill machine, you probably have noticed quite a few from Dewalt. This yellow and black accent is a name for durability, performance, features, and ergonomics among professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether the projects require a heavy duty cordless drill or anything for occasional usage, this brand got a huge collection to choose from.

I considered reliability, performance, and convenience features to enlist products in this best Dewalt Cordless drill review article. You won’t miss out on the specs and features that higher-end models of other brands come with.

Why You Should Go for Dewalt?

Talking about brand value, Dewalt has a good reputation among its customers for manufacturing quality power tools with great durability. If brand value concerns you the most, you cannot go wrong with a Dewalt drilling tool.


When it comes to performance, Dewalt tools, including cordless drills, compete head to head with some of the most popular tools in the market. They have drills for every purpose and use. If you go with a heavy-duty tool, you won’t feel the tool lacks the power to handle your toughest drilling projects.


This is one particular aspect where Dewalt has the upper hand over other manufacturers in most cases. Their products are made of the best possible materials to ensure durability and a longer product lifetime. Investing in one power tool, you can rest assured about using it for years without facing many problems in it.

Also, most tools have ergonomic handles to make you feel comfortable to work with for a long time.

Battery Runtime

Dewalt doesn’t disappoint its customers in the battery department as well. Using the best Li-ion technology(lithium batteries), their batteries have overheated, overcharge, and other safety protection. The overall runtime and battery life is quite good compared to other brands of the same battery designed capacity and volt.

Best Cordless Dewalt Drill Review

Whether you are looking for a high end model or a just an entry-level dewalt cordless drill, you will find the right one from the list below.

1. Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit

For occasional or serious DIYers looking forward to getting a basic and entry-level cordless dewalt drill without spending much money, the included drill tool will be more than enough for most basic drilling applications.

The kit comes with lots of other tools and accessories to handle your professional or DIY projects smoothly and conveniently.

Using the drill unit is more than an average experience that most convenient tools offer. Even though it’s an entry-level drill tool, you won’t miss out much from the key benefits of using a higher-end model.

With its 300 unit watts out of power rating, you can rely on the tool to complete a wide range of drilling applications without taking too much time. The performance is quite fast, and its excellent chuck makes drilling a breeze.

Comes with a ½-inch drill driver, it handles most basic drilling projects without making it too complicated. Its ratcheting chuck is compatible with carbide inserts, which provides a great bit of gripping strength to drill without any difficulties.

Whether you want to drill for basic home repairing, building anything of wood, this drill model is all you need. The settings aren’t much overwhelming; thus, it’s easier to operate.

You can choose between two transmission speed settings according to fastening and drilling requirements. From 0-450 and 0-1,500 RPM transmission speed should be sufficient for most household and basic repairing projects.

The drilling tool weighs around 2.8 pounds, which isn’t the most lightweight option in the market, still, this should deliver you a great drilling experience. Due to its compact design, the tool feels comfortable on the hand and doesn’t cause much fatigue issues while using for a prolonged period.

Inside the package, you will also get an impact driver, a circular saw, compact size blower, oscillating multi-tool, reciprocating saw, grinder, and a Bluetooth speaker, which makes the deal worth considering if you want an all-in-one package for DIY projects.



  • Great entry-level cordless drill
  • Decent power rating handles applications faster
  • Compact drill and lightweight construction
  • Adjustable transmission speeds
  • Great gripping strength due to carbide inserts
  • Easy to use


  • Not for heavy-duty applications
  • Materials aren’t that durable

2. Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 5-Tool

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 5-Tool

When it comes to deal with heavy-duty applications, normal cordless drills don’t seem to perform efficiently. For this reason, you will need a hammer type drill tool like this one.

DCD985 model is the same 20V and powerful like all other tools in the set. Therefore, you can use the same battery to operate the drill as well. The runtime will be more than enough for most projects. You won’t probably run out of battery that easily unless you use its full capability.

To handle tougher projects, the tool features a ½-inch metal ratcheting chuck along with carbide inserts to make sure it doesn’t fail you when it comes to the durability factor.

Equipped with a power-efficient motor, the drill tool can deliver up to 535 unit watt out, assuring you of its superior performance while using it for heavy-duty drilling projects. With such a high power-rating, it can handle drilling applications seamlessly.

To add versatility, the tool features 3-speed all-metal transmission, which allows you to select a specific transmission speed depending on the applications. Different speeds for different workloads ensure efficient battery consumption and help to get a relatively longer runtime.

The overall compact construction makes the drilling tool quite comfortable to hold on hand. If you are to deal with projects that require hours of drilling, its ergonomic handle will not make you feel uncomfortable at all.

There is a built-in LED work light that helps you to have maximum visibility when you work in a tight or dim space.

Along with the drill, the set includes a handful of other power tools to do your DIY projects to finish more efficiently. For woodworking projects, you will get a reciprocating saw with 4 positions. There is also a ¼-inch impact driver to get access to tight spaces.

Similar to the previously reviewed kit set, this one also comes with a 7-¼-inch circular to cut max 2 x 4 ft. work pieces at 45 degrees. Apart from the integrated LED work light, Dewalt also provides a 20V flashlight of 110 lumens to illuminate dark and tight spaces.



  • Powerful hammer drill
  • 3 adjustable transmission speeds for different applications
  • Durably made
  • Comfortable to hold handle
  • Long runtime
  • Integrated LED work light


  • Bad wobbles
  • Not quite an efficient option for professional projects

3. Dewalt DCK720D2 20V Max Combo Kit, 7-Tool

Dewalt DCK720D2 20V Max Combo Kit, 7-Tool

It’s another heavy-duty drilling tool on the list. Even though it doesn’t come with a hammering feature, the drill is powerful enough for handling most projects, be it household, DIY, or professional.

Comes with a ¼-inch hex chuck, you can conveniently use 1-inch bit tips, and get quality drill-job on a wide variety of applications.

With its 535 Units Watt Out power rating, you can rely upon this power tool regarding both light and heavy-duty projects without compromising the quality.

Its dual-speed transmission makes it a versatile drilling tool that can be used on different applications. When a relatively low torque is necessary, set it to 600 RPM; for high torque power, the drill can deliver up to 2000 RPM to make drilling quicker and a hassle-free task.

Due to durable construction, the overall bit retention on this drilling tool is quite reliable. You can compare it with higher-end drills.

However, if you are looking for something to get into tight spaces, this might not be the ideal one to go for. Other than that, the overall user experience is quite satisfactory. Another drawback is that when drilling for a prolonged period, the machine overheats a bit.

To equip you with all the necessary power tools, the kit comes with a total of 7 tools. The included 6-½-inch circular saw can cut 2 x 4 inch work pieces at 45 degrees with great efficiency.

Also, you will get a reciprocating saw of a 4-position blade clamp. A powerful 4-½-inch grinder is also there to handle applications that have to do with grinding. When your projects require you to use an impact driver into tight spaces, you can use the included ¼-inch tool for the purpose.

All the power tools use 20V Li-ion batteries. You can use the same battery to power all these tools once. The runtime will depend on the intensity of projects. However, the runtime is quite decent for the drilling tool.



  • Power-efficient cordless drill
  • Variable transmission speeds for versatile work pieces
  • Durable ½-inch chuck
  • Handles heavy-duty projects well with its high rating motor
  • Decent battery runtime


  • Doesn’t get into tight spaces
  • Heats while using for a long time

4. Dewalt 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit

Dewalt 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit

If you don’t need an overwhelming number of tools besides a hammer drill, this deal from Dewalt will make much noise for you. It only includes an impact driver, which is the reason why it’s priced relatively lower than the previously reviewed ones.

Talking about the drill tool, the model is DCD996. It’s one of their high performing hammer drills that features some beneficial features and specs to complement your DIY or professional skills.

The overall performance, drilling time, and battery runtime are quite impressive, just like what an enthusiast and professional would want.

As having a brushless motor, the performance, as well as battery runtime, is much higher than conventional drilling tools. The motor is an 820 Units Watts Out one to make sure drilling tasks complete much faster without spending an overwhelming period of time, which makes it a perfect drill machine for professional projects.

From its three different transmission speed settings, you can set the right torque for the application type that you will deal with. The torque goes as low as 30 RPM and rises as high as 2,250 RPM.

To ensure durability, Dewalt used nitro-carburized metal made ½ inches ratcheting chucks. The bit’s gripping strength is unmatched and far more reliable compared to others in its class.

Whether your professional worksite has dust and moisture issues, the machine is durable enough to resist them. The dust contamination resistance ability on this one is truly admirable.

Like other high-end hammer drills, this one features LED light in 3 different modes to allow you to work even when the lighting condition isn’t favorable to you.

The given impact driver is a ¼-inch one and runs on the same 20V battery. With up to 1,825 lbs of maximum torque speed, it can deliver up to 3,600 impacts per minute. So, the impact tool is for serious enthusiasts as well.

Both the drill and impact driver got a compact and lightweight construction to get you maximum comfort while using them in large projects.



  • Powerful and fast drilling unit
  • Variable transmission speeds
  • Can be used for drilling on masonry materials
  • LED light
  • Compact drill and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durable materials


  • Speed switching mechanism doesn’t function that smoothly after a year or two
  • Chuck has some design flaws

5. Dewalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun and Impact Driver, DCK267M2

Dewalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun and Impact Driver, DCK267M2

The last deal doesn’t include any drill. If you already have a drilling unit and are looking for a good quality screw gun, Dewalt has it too. Also, the package includes an impact driver along with some essential accessories to get you a great DIY experience.

Both these tools spot brushless motors that assure increased performance with efficiency and great battery runtime. Being a cordless drill, it won’t run out of juice before you finish your projects in most cases.

The motor inside the screw gun can deliver up to 4,400 RPM of consistent speed. So, you can expect it to finish projects way faster than using any conventional screw gun. If you compare this one with higher-end corded screw guns, you will find DW272 to perform exceedingly well on various materials.

To make you feel comfortable while using the tool, Dewalt ergonomically constructed the handle. Holding in hand, the gun feels extremely well balanced. If you mostly deal with larger projects, the tool will not make you feel uncomfortable.

The impact driver tool, on the other hand, spots ¼-inch hex chuck to fit 1 inch bit with great gripping strength. With its compact and lightweight housing, you can easily fit it into tight spaces and reach hard to access applications with ease.

From 3 speed settings, it will be a great convenience to use the tool on versatile applications. Similar to the screw gun, the impact driver also feels lightweight and comfortable in hand, which makes it a great tool to use for a prolonged period without any issues.

For easy visibility in dark and low lighting conditions, both the tools feature LED lights. This adds convenience to the overall user experience be it for occasional or regular usage.



  • Higher torque screw gun
  • Ergonomic handle
  • LED lights
  • Long runtime
  • Versatile impact driver
  • Durable construction


  • Overpriced for occasional using purposes

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Features to Look for Before Buying

If you are a beginner, who doesn’t have any drilling experience before, with your little knowledge, you might not be able to say which one would be the best for your needs.

Like every other tool and machine, drill units come with different specs, features, and benefits that serve different drilling purposes. All you need is to determine the purpose of using the drill and then look for one that comes with features and specs that will finish your type of drilling requirements efficiently.

Be sure to check the following aspects before you decide to purchase one.

Using Purposes

Not all drilling tools are equally powerful. Different models come with different motors of a different caliber. If you are to use the tool for heavy-duty projects, buying a light-duty drill machine wouldn’t make the investment worth it. Rather, it would negatively influence the productivity and efficiency of your work.

  • Light-duty Application

For light-duty applications, a 12-volt drill will be able to easily drive quite a few hundreds of decking screws without requiring to recharge the battery. Most household needs don’t exceed this work intensity.

These drills come with ¼-inch socket design to hold ¼-inch hex bit. Even though the size is quite small, it’s more than enough for light fixtures, assembling furniture, drilling into drywalls, and other most common drilling applications.

  • Medium Duty

For medium-duty drilling applications, be sure to get a machine of 12-20 volt. You can easily drive screws in wood and other materials in a relatively short time. With a single charge, one of these drills can drive a pouch of fill screws with ease.

Also, you can use the drill for heavier jobs once in a while, when you don’t have other options.

  • Heavy-duty

When it comes to picking a drill for heavy-duty projects, be sure to get a unit with a 20-24V battery. I have included 20V units from Dewalt, and all the drills handle heavy-duty projects quite well. These drills come with ½-inch chucks, which allows you to use the drill into brick, concrete, and more solid materials.

Keep in mind that heavy-duty drills are the most expensive and bulkier as well. So, be sure to get a relatively compact drill and lightweight model if you are overly concerned with weight and using the convenience factor. If you also required customer support you can feel free to contact with service & support department their available 24/7.

Regular Drill Drivers or Hammer Drills

Most people will either go for a regular drill machine or a hammer drill. Although there are some other types, these two are the most commonly used.

Drill drivers are great for regular and occasional household and DIY projects. You can use one of these machines to put up shelves, hanging picture frames, and furniture assembling purposes.

Regular Drill vs Hammer Drills

These drills drill holes into both wood and metal applications with great results. Also, you can loosen or tighten screws using the same machine.

If you are to buy a drill machine for drilling into heavier and harder materials such as concrete, masonry, etc., a hammer drill function machine is all you need. These machines offer multiple torque settings to be able to use on versatile applications. Unlike drill drives, hammer drills don’t have a reverse screwdriving function.

Units Watts Out – UWO

This particular rating indicates the power of the drill. UWO number is a combination of torque and speed. The higher the number, the more powerful and efficient the drill unit is.

Chuck Size

Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

In drilling machines, chucks are available in ¼, ⅜, and ½-inch sizes. This is the part that holds the bit.

If the drill is mostly used for light-duty tasks, a ¼-inch chuck size will be more than enough. ⅜-inch chuck size is a versatile one, which allows you to use a wide range of bits. When it comes to deal with heavier drilling applications, a ½-inch chuck is the one you will need.

So, basically, a bigger chuck can accommodate wider shanks. Chuck size also determines the power of the tool. Powerful drills come with relatively larger chuck size, whereas less powerful ones have smaller sizes.

Variable Speed Control

Not all the materials require the same torque and rotational force speed. To deal with harder materials, you will need larger bits with high torque and low rotational speed. Oppositely, for drilling into soft materials, you will need smaller bits with high rotational speed and low torque.

Having a variable or transmission speed feature allows you to adjust the right settings according to the material you are about to drill into. This makes the drill a versatile unit. Furthermore, it prevents driving screws too deep and chances of stripping the screw head.

Don’t get confused between clutch and gear settings. Clutch is the one that allows you to select how deep the screw will drive into the material. Whereas gear determines the torque-speed.

Keyless Chuck

dewalt cordless drill Keyless Chuck

In many units, chucks require tightening and loosening using a key. When you need to switch between drill bits and driver bits, a keyless chuck will make the job easier and simpler.

If your projects need to change between bits, be sure to get a drill tool that doesn’t require any key. You can use your hand to tighten and loosen the chuck when required.

Brushless or Brushed Motor

The review list includes both brushed and brushless drills. If you don’t know the differences between them yet, you are about to get it.

Unlike brushed motor powered drills, brushless motors do the drilling while reducing friction and sense resistance from the work piece. The work material doesn’t need the same amount of force throughout the entire drilling time.

This motor senses the amount of required power and just delivers the right amount of force, which results in more efficient drilling. Compared to a brushed motor, a brushless on gets almost 2x runtime and also has a longer product lifetime.

Note that these benefits and conveniences come with extra money. A brushless drill costs almost 50% more than the money of a brushed models drill.


Cordless power tools, including drills, come with Lithium-ion batteries. Typically a 14-volt unit is more powerful than a 12-volt unit. However, if that 12-volt drill comes with a 4-amp battery, and the 14-volt model comes with a 2-amp battery, then the 12-volt drill unit will perform much better than the counterpart.

Therefore, check the ampere rating of the battery and battery life. For heavy-duty projects, a 4-amp battery powered drill would be the right option to go with. Otherwise, a 2-amp battery will perform great when it’s about drilling on light and medium-duty applications or work materials.


Newer charger models come with features that make charging power tool batteries more convenient and safe. These chargers prevent overheating, overcharging and require to fully drain once in a while to ensure the best possible battery life. If you get an older model, you will miss out on these useful features.

Also, advanced chargers come with a charging indicator light that tells you about the charging state.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

When it comes to durability and quality material construction, Dewalt doesn’t disappoint its customers. Furthermore, be sure to get the exact information regarding the quality of the materials of the drill and its components.

The chuck should be made of strong carbide material to ensure both durability and superior gripping strength.

For those who will be using the drill for hours, having a comfortable to hold handle is a must. The ergonomically constructed handle feels great in hand and causes less fatigue while working for a prolonged period.

Cordless vs. Corded

It’s true that corded drills are more powerful and able to drill through materials with efficiency. But still, some people prefer using cordless ones. If you are confused about which option to go for, this section has all the answers to your queries.

Cordless vs. Corded


Corded drills outperform most cordless drills in the market. These require much less time to finish drilling projects, which is the reason why a number of professionals prefer using corded models.

But most household and DIY projects hardly need that much power, where cordless models shine.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You cannot move freely around the work materials as well as the worksite holding a corded drill. Also, if there is no power outlet, you cannot use the drill whatsoever.

Having a cordless model gives you the ultimate freedom to move wherever you want for drilling. This is the primary reason why people end up buying a cordless drill.


With a corded model, you get pretty much-unlimited runtime. You can drill for hours with its full potential without worrying about the machine to stop.

This is something that cordless drills don’t offer. There is a battery that will provide you limited hours of runtime depending on the battery capacity and drilling intensity. However, there are some cordless units with larger batteries to work for prolonged hours. A bigger battery adds more to the overall weight of the machine.


Cordless models feature variable speed control that allows the users to set precise input and output as per the work materials require. This is something that you won’t find in corded ones.


When it comes to price, most people tempt to go for a corded drill due to the higher price tags on cordless models.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you drill in metal work pieces using a cordless drill?

Drilling into metal objects isn’t that difficult for an average cordless drill. As long as the drill can deliver the necessary torque and force required to drill into the object, you are good to go. For this, you might need to use a bit larger chuck.

  • Are Dewalt cordless drills any good?

Dewalt has both low, mid, and high-end compact cordless drills on their product lineup. Performance-wise, these are pretty solid machines that are engineered for specific drilling projects. The features, specs, and convenience will make your drilling experience smooth and hassle-free.

In terms of durability, there are only a few manufacturers that can compete with Dewalt.

  • What’s the difference between Dewalt 20V Max and XR?

When it’s about XR tools, XR refers to the tool having a brushless motor that assures efficient runtime and operation.

XR batteries are totally different things. These batteries provide 33% more runtime compared to a standard 20V battery.

  • Which is a better 12v or 18v cordless drill?

For some specific applications, both the tools work quite well. However, when it comes to higher torque, 18v drills have an upper hand. 12v ones still provide enough power to handle most household projects. If you need a unit for heavy-duty and professional projects, the18v option would be the right one to go with.

  • How to cut back on charging time?

The best practice would be to charge the drill in between drilling when you put the drill aside for a long time while working on a project.

Final Words

Although in this best Dewalt cordless drill review, the drill set comes with other tools, which increase the price, you can always get only the drill searching by the model number. If you want everything for your DIY woodworking, these deals would be the best bang for your money.

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