6 Best Uses for Smart Plug in our Daily Life

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Now a day we cannot imagine our life without the use of the electronic device. From home to the office, this device can control our lives and makes us smart. Now we discuss the best uses for smart plug.

Smart technology and Smart home automation popularity are rising day by day. Can you imagine your home appliance is run or off automatically when you are not home? It’s unbelievable! No friend, it’s possible and Smart Plug can make this possible. If you are not familiar or quite familiar with Smart home world technology, then follow me, I can give you accurate information about Smart Plug and its uses.

Best uses for Smart Plug

What is Smart Plug?

Smart plugs are the first step to makes your home and life smarter. It is a cost-effective and updated device to make your home smarter within a short time. It’s like a power pint adapter or electrical outlet that contains integrated technology. If the Smart plug fit to power socket or any appliance than its show its smartness. Smart Plug functions with scheduling, remote control, power usage monitoring, and so many things through mobile apps (like carbon tracks) in your device.

Best uses for Smart Plug

So a Smart plug is not a power socket only it can smartly manage our daily life. There is some home appliance such as Apple home kits, Nest driven ecosystem, or Amazon Alexa, can operate through voice by connecting with Smart Plug. Smart Plug has much excellent use, follow me I can tell you detail how A Smart plugs can makes our life easier in smart way

Cool Uses for Smart Plug

Smart Plug makes our life comfortable:

Best uses for Smart Plug

  • After finishing office, everybody is worried about prepare dinner at home. A solution is that when anyone has a smart plug and slow cooker he can quickly start the slow cooker from office and the food is almost ready before he arrives from office. That is amazing.
  • When a home appliance is connected with smart Plug, anybody can control it’s through the bed. E.g., morning tea or coffee in coffee maker, breakfast such as pancakes or waffles in griddles and so many kitchen appliances can control through mobile apps.

  • If anybody has a hurry to wake up in the morning, but Alarm cannot help them, then smart Plug can help them by turning light on along with Alarm. This process can wake them more easily.
  • Radio that plugs with Smart plugs can give signals in set hours of any particular program that nobody misses their program in a busy life.

smart plug

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Smart Plug can ensure security & safety:

  • Common uses of Smart Plug are heating or cooling Fans, AC units, Heaters. Any lights can control through customized scheduling when connecting with Smart Plug. When you are in a vacation, crate a lighting schedule by smart Plug in your home. Smart Plug can turn on/off your light as per your schedule that ensures the security of your house by indicating the presence of you at home. 
  • This smart plugs can control your energy usage by maintaining the program on/off of the space heater and prevent excessive uses of energy.
  • Smart plugs can schedule the power on /off in ceiling fan in home and conserve energy during applications of Air condition by automatically turns off the ceiling fan.
  • Electrical appliance tends to cause an electrical fire at any time. In case of Smart Plug, it turns off the machine according to set hour after finishing work and then the possibility of fire attack is lower.

How Smart plug manages our Kids

How Smart plug manages our Kids:

  • Smart Plug decrease the screen time of any child by automatically play the TV according to set hour through remote control and turn off when the watch time is over.
  • Every child is wanted to spend more times in online. By connecting smart Plug in your router, you can easily control the time for internet use.
  • By Plug-in Smart Plug (IFTTT integration) in a child washroom or child room anybody can control the light, sound machine in their emergency period.

Save the Battery life of any Smartphone:

Smart Plug can ensure security & safety

As you know, we have a hectic schedule through the whole day, so don’t have sufficient time to Charging our Smartphone battery. So everybody charges the phone for overnight and make them ready to use for the next day. Whole night excessive charging can destroy our battery life slowly. By Plug in the charger through Smart Plug, we can set the charging time and after charging the charger is off instantly that save our valuable smartphone battery life. That is expecting!

A smart plug can save power that affects the environment:

A smart plug can save power that affects the environment

In our daily life to make our life convenient, we use several electronic devices such as computer, heaters, Wi-Fi modems, Printers, TV, set-top box, kitchen electric appliances. The power that uses by this device is the vampire or standby power. This vampire power can make up to 10 % of bills or responsible for 1% global CO2 emissions. An easy solution is when we connect this appliance or device through Smart Plug that schedule the on/off time, when not in use and save excessive power consumption or electricity bill. This set up for less vampire power and less Environment CO2 emission.

Control of Temperature:

Smart Plug can control the desired temperature of any heater or Air conditioner by turning off/on the device at the perfect time. Anybody can enjoy the cold weather at summer by adjusting the Air condition temperature in smart Plug by mobile apps. In winter the heater also turns on automatically by clicking your mobile apps and gets the hot room before coming into the house. It is interesting!

So from above, there is no doubt how smart plug manages our daily life smoothly. If you have it already, then enjoy its benefit. If anybody not buys Smart plug yet or confused to buy, then why late? The smart plug is so affordable for all. It has many shapes; Size and price. Just go to the shop or grabs your desired one. This small device can add significant value to your life.