Where To Place Cool Mist Humidifier in Room Guideline!

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where to place cool mist humidifier should be know before use

Who doesn’t love moisturized air?But use before you must know about where to place cool mist humidifier in room. Air that feels good on your skin, air that refreshes you! And a cool mist humidifier does just that. But many people are confused about where to place it. Maybe you are in the same boat too.

That’s why, when it comes to this gadget, we are always filling our Web Search with the most basic question! That is; where to place cool mist humidifier in room? After all, we want to get the best use out of it.

So, we’ve decided to answer that today to clear any doubts. Scroll down to put an end to your query, and start getting that refreshing, moisturized air in your room right away.

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Where to Place Cool Mist Humidifier?

Everything needs to be in the correct place to reap the best benefits, and so does the humidifier. You can put a humidifier anywhere in all your rooms but in a particular and correct place.

Nursery and Children’s Rooms

Some people argue that cool mist humidifiers can be too cold for a sensitive baby. But don’t worry, you can place one in your nursery without harming your baby. Just remember to keep the door slightly ajar to let out some of the moist air.

So, where to put humidifier in nurseries? When it comes to babies, keeping a four feet distance between the baby and the humidifier is the best. Because their skin is way too sensitive, taking a risk should not be the subject.

As for older children, remember to keep it out of reach. You do not want them to knock it down or trip over.

Living Room

Living rooms are where you relax and enjoy entertainment. And having a cool mist humidifier by your side to keep the air nice and the right amount of moisture might be the cherry on top.

However, remember, it should always be three feet away from you. Having it too close can cause unwanted harm.

Avoid placing it near vents or radiators as it can alter the hygrometer readings. You should also steer it clear from areas that are prone to water damage.


We already know that we should always keep our humidifiers at least three feet away from you. But where to place humidifier when sick? You can put your humidifier near the bed or where you feel comfortable when you are sick.

But that should only be temporary. You can put it back to its previous position once you start feeling better.

Are you thinking about putting the gadget on the nightstand? Then the answer is yes. Nightstands can be a much better option than the floor.

But some humidifiers are large, and you can only put them on the floor. So, it differs from humidifier to humidifier. And last but not the least, yes, you can use a humidifier and fan at the same time, unless you are not using a window fan. Otherwise, there are no downsides to it.

Different Surfaces

I know what you are thinking. That if the humidifier will ruin my floor if I keep it directly on my floor or not? Then The answer is a yes. It can ruin your floor.

That’s why you should always put your cool mist humidifier on a non-wooden surface. So that the leaking water from the humidifier won’t ruin your floor or wood surfaces.

Plant Rooms

Your plants need hydration too. And if they could talk, they would appreciate a little cool, hydrated air on a warm, sunny day.

If you have green babies in your home, you must be wondering where should I place my humidifier for my plants?

A good place to put a cool mist humidifier is in the center of the room. It should be equidistant from all the greens but still separated so that it doesn’t harm the plants.

Places Where You Shouldn’t Put a Cool Mist Humidifier

As I said before, you always must find the correct place to put a humidifier. Then there are places where you absolutely shouldn’t put a humidifier. Like —

  • Never place them near plugs or outlets as any potential leaks could be disastrous. Not to mention, it could cause rust.
  • Steer clear of technological devices to avoid mishaps or accidental electrical fires.
  • Do not place it under direct sunlight as it can create a bacterium breeding ground whose inhalation can cause respiratory illness
  • Placing them directly on carpets can create molds.

Side Effects of Using a Cool Mist Humidifier

As we know, everything in this world has both pros and cons. And so does a humidifier. Less humidity in our home can cause harm to us. Like that, too much humidity in a room can also be harmful.

  • Respiratory Illness

Unclean humidifiers can lead to respiratory problems. That is why we should always clean our humidifiers occasionally.

Humidifiers, especially dry humidifiers, can cause problems for asthma patients. So, when we can understand that the humidifier is causing problems for our health?

Humidifier sickness symptoms include flu-like symptoms like fever, runny nose, and weakness. Dirty humidifiers can also cause lung infections which is dreadful. That’s why we should always keep our humidifier and room clean.


Even though humidifiers have some side effects but if we learn to use them carefully, then it can be a blessing for us. Because all it creates is moisturized air, a cooler environment, and refreshment. And who doesn’t want that?

Not to mention, it works wonders for colds and allergy flare-ups. So, now that you know where to place cool mist humidifier in room, enjoy its benefits and relax in the best way.

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