Hamboards Huntington Hop Review ! 45 Inch Surfskate Longboard

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Hamboard is a very special brand. Similar to the current Longboard and Skateboard but slightly larger in size, the Humberboard brand has been working in the market since 2003. The boards look much more special and classic and much larger than ordinary boards. And running these boards will make you feel like the beginning of the discovery of that longboard. Suppose the surfing scene of ’50s and ’60s will come to your mind later. Every product of this brand is awesome but today we will talk about Hamboards Huntington Hop Review. With this article, you can find out more detail about it.

hamboards huntington hop review

History of Hamboards Longboard Skateboard!

This Hamboard was created by Pitt Hamburg, the father of five sons. He was a beach fireman from Huntington, California. The Ham Bord family really stopped after ABC TV’s famous show Shark Tank which aired on October 12, 2013, gave a successful pitch. Since they started a local socket shop, they have worked hard to make this brand stand out and have emerged as a popular brand according to customer needs with creativity.

Why You Should Get Hamboards Huntington Hop Board?

  1. You can get a sea or land surfing experience by running this board.
  2. Like a normal longboard but you can use it to get the riding experience of a large size stylish longboard.
  3. These longboards with many beautiful designs and crafts are occupying the current market.
  4. It looks different than other boards and is a surfboard with wheels.

These humboards longboard are of different styles and categories which are given below:-

Hamboards Huntington Hop: enjoy the craving with mellow surf style.
Humbolds Pescadito: For the experience of pumping surfskate.
Hamboards Biscuit: Mini Longboard perfect for the radical turn.
Hamboards Logger: It’s perfect for nose riding and longboard cruising.
We will discuss humboards Huntington Hop from the list above. We hope this discussion will help you to know more about this board. So let’s start

Hamboards Huntington Hop Review

hamboards huntington hop 45 inch review

Hum board is a little bigger and stylish than a normal board and it has become famous because of its design. The main reason is that it has a well-balanced surround with beautiful round features. And for its perfect craftsmanship and design, many people like it, especially beginner level skaters.
Before we talk about the important aspects of Humboards Huntington Hop, let us know about every element of this board.

The Deck-

hamboards huntington hop

The design of this board deck is incomparable. It is made of durable 8 ply maple wood. The 16mm 9-ply-birch deck is the finest engraving and the very nice design and finishing is excellent. Like other deck boards, it allows you to ride barefoot and its grip cover makes your ride more comfortable. This 3 foot 9 inch long & 10.6-inch wide Huntington hop will give you some extra experience every ride. If you are new to longboarding and want to gain experience longboarding alone on the beach, huntington hop will be your companion. With it you can enjoy close surfboarding and it is perfect for this.

The Trucks-


The 24mm huge riser block-sized truck is made of a pair of 200mm HTS engraved aluminum that is very strong and very good for driving. A 50-degree reverse Kingpin and 30-degree board lean that allows the board to move and the board sleeves and final carving shots to the angel.

The Wheels-


The wheel is always an important part of a longboard, just like the hum board has used their signature chocolate brown 66mm & 80a cast polyurethane smooth and super grippy wheel that will help you ride better.
If the wheels are not of great size, they will not be able to rotate everywhere. For those who like racing and hiking, think about how the rollers perform well.

The Bearings-

Hamboard is famous for its bearings and wheels and its reviews are excellent. If you are familiar with longboarding, you should know about ABEC-7 bearings. These bearings are very well made and the finish is excellent and the performance is great. And these bearings have applied humboard which will help their riders to have a very fun ride.

What Makes a Perfect Hamboards Huntington Hop?

Its surface area is much larger than that of ordinary longboards:-


The most comfortable place for skateboarders is to put your feet and it should be big and smooth and the gripy board that has these options is even better. These benefits enhance the rider’s experience and make it more accessible.This large area of ​​the deck is perfect for your ride and your balance will be fine and you are perfect for tricks with free-riding and traveling.This large space is best for free-stylers so it is extremely comfortable to use. This Huntington Hop Board is 3 feet 9 inches long and 10.56 inches wide. It weighs 9 lbs and thickness is .6 inches.

There are no weight limitations that make it unique:-

One can think of a perfect longboard that will not have any age or weight problem to climb. People weighing 90 to 200 pounds can easily run this longboard. It is very common for a board to crash despite having a certain amount of weight limit because the excess weight goes over the wheel.

The Styles of Hamboards Huntington Hop Longboard:-

A skateboard or longboard rider will use these boards to move from one place to another in a very short time and fast but experience skateboarder or longboarder finds something else that brings some fun experience for him. Some of the best tricks, carving, nose riding, freestyle and more. A good board helps riders to shoot that perfect craft and riders get a lot of pleasure out of it and they put it in the first choice as a playmate.

The Exterior Site Of This Longboard:-

Each person evaluates his or her preferences first. In that case if his product is skateboard or longboard then there is no question. It must be beautiful and colorful externally. No one likes pale and colorless skateboards or longboards. That’s why Hum Board has come up with some of Huntington Hop’s cool colors that are suitable for boys or girls of all ages. I hope you will like it. These red, blue, green colors are perfect for young boys and girls and this color is at the top of their list of favorites. For middle-aged people, there are some colors that they will like, such as black and brown. This hum board with very beautiful and perfect craftsmanship and exterior design is becoming very popular in the current market.

Are Hamboards longboard Travel-Friendly?​

There is no skateboarder or longboarder who does not want to go fast from one place to another. If you think in terms of price, you can get an idea about its quality. Of course many reasons have been discussed above about this. Of course this is a travel friendly board.

You have to know about the pros & cons

Pros To Know

  1. Hum board tracks configured with HST.
  2. Protected with UV
  3. Perfect For Tricks
  4. No weight Limitation
  5. Perfect For Freestyle
  6. Perfect For Beginner

Cons To Know

  1. It is a problem that this board cannot be customized.
  2. Wheels are able to carry good weight but are very simple.

If you want to buy this board, I would suggest to buy from Amazon. Because their delivery system is good and extraordinary. They are providing lower prices than other marketplaces and their return policy is also very nice.

Humboard Huntington Hop: FAQ

  • Is Hamborads a good longboard brand?

    No doubt Humboard is definitely a good longboard brand. This is definitely a good longboard considering the design, exterior structure, color, deck space and gripping system. This Hamboards Huntington Hop is Perfect for beginner skateboarders and longboarders.
  • How much should I pay for a perfect longboard?

    Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first, because there were so many low-cost skateboards and longboards on the market. If we go for a good brand, it would be better to stay between 150$-450$.
  • Why are Hamboards longboards so expensive?

    Hamboard longboard tracks, hardware, wheels, exterior design, color, materials are a little expensive and not a little different like other general skateboards or longboards.

Final Verdict

From the hamboards huntington hop review above we can understand that hum board occupies a good place in the current market. Their skillful craftsmanship, construction style, and the variety of colors, the type of skateboard, the size have made them unique. This Humboard Huntington Hop is a great board and these look like classic surfing boards. Unlike other longboards or skateboards this board you can take which will enhance your experience.

If you are a pro level skateboarder then check out our another best longboard brand that calls Loaded vangra v2. I hope it will satisfy you.

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