Loaded Bhangra V2 Review ! Still the Best Dancing Longboard

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Since you are searching for loaded bhangra v2 review you want a great quality board from which you want great performance so that you can dance, freestyle, and commute as you wish. For that loaded bhangra v2 will be the best choice.

The loaded bhangra v2 has been updated with a new feature basalt and bio-epoxy that allows it to adapt to the lighter weight, higher strength, a new damp flex, and a continued friendly environment. This board is one of the best boards on the market since its launch.

The Bhangra V2 is one of the best bamboo longboard in the current market. Loaded Bhangra V2 This model has enough space to keep your feet.

As a result, you can dancing and freestyle tricks and riding very comfortably on the both floor and the hills. It has a very nice flex with a length of 48.5 inches.

Here is a complete review of your favorite loaded bhangra v2 from which you can get a clear idea about loaded bhangra v2.

So let’s start to read the loaded bhangra v2 review …

Loaded Bhangra V2 Review

loaded bhangra v2 review

Loaded Bhangra v2 manufactured by Loaded Boards. Loaded Board was founded in 2000. Since then Loaded Board has been making extraordinary longboard skateboards. Some of the best-loaded boards are loaded dervish sama, loaded tan tien, loaded bhangra, loaded icarus, loaded tarab. And Loaded Board Bhangra V2 was first made available on January 10, 2018.

An excellent choice for experienced riders is loaded bhangra v2. Experienced people will be able to do freestyle riding and dancing very easily.

Loaded Bhangra v2 is not only good quality it is very nice to see. Its finishing has been done in a very perfect way. The graphics below are nice which seem to be in a burning state which is really awesome. This board is very long but its long bend is very stiff and strong which is perfect for long-term use.

Note that the Bhangra is never a drop-through longboard, it has a top mount truck (Paris V2) which contributes to the high resilience of the board despite the long wheelbase.

First, let’s look at its features.

  • Width: 9.5” / 24 cm
  • Length: 48.5” / 123 cm
  • Weight: 9.4 – 10.1 lbs (Complete) 5.5 – 63 lbs (Deck)

  • Wheelbase : 32.75” / 83.19 cm (Inner Hole)
  • Flex: 90-190+ lbs 
  • Concave Depth: 0.375″ (3/8″) / 0.95 cm
  • Rear Kick Length: 6.25″ / 15.9 cm
  • Front Kick Length: 5.25″ / 13. cm
  • Shape: Rocker, Concave
  • Trucks: Paris 180mm Black ProRide Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • Wheels: Orangatang 70mm 83A Yellow Pro V2 Longboard wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Performance Bearings

Details Info About Loaded Bhangra V2

Spacious Dancing Platform:

In Loaded Bhangra V2 new features updated basalt and bio-epoxy construction for higher strength, lighter weight, and a new damp flex, continued eco-friendliness. So it makes a high-performance longboard for dancing, freestyle, and commuting. It has enough space to keep your feet for advanced freestyle tricks and steezy slides. It’s Width: 9.5” / 24 cm and Length: 48.5” / 123 cm. So you can feel better while you are dancing.

Best Dancing longboard

Functional Design:

There is a large platform with rocked profiles which is great for comfortable dancing, freestyle, and general riding. Its light concave can move smoothly by controlling the edges without interfering with the foot. Its CNC alloy wheel reduces the risk of wheel bite. That is really awesome.

Its aggressive 50-grip tape encourages large nose and tail-like techniques. And the 80 grip top boosts confidence during strategic pattern sliding and hand engraving.

High-Performance Flex:

The bamboo and basalt construction has fancy footwork that is designed to fit comfortable flex for style tricks.

Flex 1:

Perfect for heavy riders and aggressive hardcore freestyle tricks or sliding. Its deck is very strong. As a result, it guarantees superior hardness, durability, and resilience.

Flex 2:

Perfect for light riders, it provides a damp but flexier feel. It’s really perfect for those who love a more responsive deck for deeper carving, bouncy dancing, and springy type tricks.


This model features works of art by Mexican artist Tomas Guereña (a.k.a. “œscrew”�) who designed the graphic design for Poke. Each line of the graphic is meant to symbolize the movement and flow of the longboard riders.


Paris Tracks:

Paris V2 180mm, 50 ° matte black longboard truck used. Which promises smooth and controlled turning feedback [making it suitable for dancing, freestyle, and engraving.

Paris Tracks


It uses the Orangatang Stimulus 70mm, 77A4 wheel which gives you a smooth and grip ride for perfect dancing, carving, and lightweight design. And it includes loaded Jehu V2 bearings.

loaded bhangra v2

Why You Should Choose Loaded Bhangra V2

User friendly:

The Loaded Bhangra V2 combines rocker, concave, kicktails, and nicely strategically placed grip tops to create an elegant and extraordinary platform for foot walks and the craziest freestyle dancing.

Damp and Durable:

It has a thin layer sandwich with two bamboo core corks for high durability and vibration damp. That binds the layers of epoxy bio-resin wood together and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional adhesive adhesives.

Now we discuss the pros and cons of loaded bhangra v2


  • Eco-Friendly Build
  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect Flex
  • Used Good Quality Truck and Wheels
  • Perfect for Dancing, carving, cross-stepping, and pushing
  • Durable
  • Nice Design
  • Perfect Weight.


  • Cutouts in the tape are much bigger
  • The tail of the board is much longer than the nose of the board

From Where You Can Buy Loaded Bhangra V2

loaded bhangra

You can buy online or offline loaded authorization from any point. But if you buy online then I would suggest you to buy from Amazon. Because Amazon is giving you the benefit of free shipping. Also from other sites, you will get this best Loaded Bhangra V2 of your choice at a slightly lower price on Amazon.

Setup Trips Loaded Bhangra V2:

The Bhangra V2 is powered by a 180mm Paris V2 truck which is an amazingly responsive and powerful truck. You can see those video trips here.

It also uses the fast-rotating 70mm orangutan wheel using the renowned quality urethane. And the CNC-machined wheel wells at the bottom of its deck give enough clearance for these wheels.

It has a soft (77A) 4 expatriates in the engraving-centric setup that gives them a smooth and grippy twist with sharp lips and wide contact patches. The freestyle setup gets slightly stiffer (86A) and the rounder gets stimulus, more suitable for sliding and tricks. You can also view their setup guide on the official website of the Loaded Board.

If you are wanna know the Loaded Board buying guide on their own website you can check here.

Frequently asked questions:

What’s the difference between Bhangra v1 and v2?

The V1 is suitable for both heavy drivers and offensive freestyle tractors of any size who prefer high enough firmness, durability, and resilience. V1 flex 1: 150-270+ lbs / 75-122+ kg.

But V2 is perfect for a wide range of riders or those love more playful and responsive board. v2 90-190+ lbs / 40-86+ kg.

Is the Bhangra V2 a drop-through board? A drop-down?

Bhangra V2 is not a drop-through board. it has top mount trucks (Paris V2) that also contribute to the board’s high resilience of the board despite the long wheelbase. It’s perfect for both the floor and the hills

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Final Verdict:

This is our loaded bhangra v2 review. We are trying to present here all aspects of loaded bhangra v2. We hope we have been able to satisfy you in your search. If you have any questions about our review you can comment on our comment box.

Also, we want to tell you, when are you riding a longboard or skateboard then you should take a little caution. Although you are a good rider, accidents happen suddenly. So if possible, try to take the safety equipment later. And before buying any types of skateboard or longboard try to know details info about this product. Whether it can meet your needs. Loaded Bhangra V2 is one of my best choices and my other favorite one is Hamboard Huntington Hop that a really good quality board.

Thank you very much for reading our full articles.


Enjoy Riding Loaded Bhangra V2

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.