How Do You Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

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If you have been using your Dyson vacuum cleaner for a long time without cleaning it, the chances are that it has started to smell funky. Also, without regular maintenance, your Dyson vacuum must have started to lose its suction power.

Chances are, it hasn’t been able to pick up the specks of dust in your home correctly, leading to many diseases. And an unclean home!

Now, you must be thinking, how do you clean a Dyson vacuum cleaner? It looks so complicated. You have to open it, clean it, and then put it back. It sounds very times consuming.

So, to make it easier for you, we will talk about cleaning a Dyson vacuum cleaner in very few steps.

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How Do You Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner


At first, to clean the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will need some cleaning tools. You can find them in your home or nearest store.

  • Compressed air
  • Trash can 
  • Sink
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors 
  • Water 


How Do You Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Steps on How to Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

These are quite easy to follow. Only one glance is enough to get the hang of these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect Your Dyson

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with a cord, you must remove the plug from the socket before cleaning to avoid any accident.

But if your Dyson is cordless, then there is nothing to disconnect.

Step 2: Unload and Clean the Dust Canister

Once you have disconnected your Dyson, you will have to unload the dust canister.

Locate the red-colored release button to remove the canister. When you press it, Dyson will swiftly release the bin container.

So, all you have to do is take the Dyson to your nearest trash can, press the red button, release the canister and empty it on the trash can.

If there is still dirt stuck in it, take it to your sink and wash it thoroughly with only water, as Dyson recommends against using any detergent. After cleaning it, dry the canister properly with a microfiber cloth. Ensure there is no wet spot because there is a possibility of mold growth if there is any wet spot.

Step 3: Clean the Cyclone

After cleaning the canister, remove the cyclone. Inspect for debris or dirt stuck in the cyclone, and use an air compressor to clean it if you see any fragments. 

If you do not have any air compressor nearby, you can use a hairdryer, but it will be much less efficient and effective.

When using compressed air, make sure to do it outside the house as it can get very messy.

Step 4: Remove and Clean the Filters

To prevent any bacteria, dust, pollen from getting stuck in the filter, you must clean it over time. The company recommends washing the filter every 2-3 months. But it also depends on your usage.

You could find it hard to locate the filter. Most of the Dyson filters are purple and situated near the cyclone. Many Dyson vacuum cleaners have two filters, and the other one is within the ‘ball’ or in the back of the vacuum.

Take the filter to your sink and run it under the cold water. Make sure not to use any detergent. Keep it under the water and keep squeezing it until the water comes out clean and clear.

After cleaning the filter, let the filter dry thoroughly before placing it in your Dyson. Do not use any dryer on the filter since using a dryer will destroy it. Keep it in a warm place for at least 24 hours before placing it back.

Step 5: Untangle and Clean the Brush Bar

Strings, hair, debris – they get collected by your Dyson brush bar. So, it would be best if you cleaned it regularly to prevent any build-up. You will need flat-head screwdrivers and a pair of scissors for this step.

For some Dyson vacuum cleaners, you need to remove the soleplate to clean the brush bar.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew this section. Now, grab a pair of scissors and use them to cut out any hair or dirt coiled around the brush bar. 

Then, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean and wipe it down. Make sure the brush bar is bone-dry before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner. 

Step 6: Clean the Hose

A clogged and unclean hose will reduce the vacuuming power of your Dyson. So, it is essential to clean it out.

At first, separate the hose from the wand. Then use compressed air to clean out the inside of the tube. After, if needed, submerge it in the water and clean it.

Then, take out your hose, and wipe and dry it properly before placing it on the wand again.

Step 7: Clean the Exterior

Use microfiber to clean the outer body of your Dyson vacuum cleaner and sanitize the wheel, handle, soleplate, and other external parts. Make sure to dry it properly.

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Final Words

How do you clean a Dyson vacuum cleaner? You do not have to be a cleaning professional to learn that. You can clean it simply by assembling some supplies. A clean house is a happy house, and your clean Dyson vacuum cleaner will help you achieve that.