Bell Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller In 2022 | A Complete Buying Guide

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You need a good quality ultrasonic pest repeller to effectively repel mice, rats, roaches, spiders and ants from home or other spaces. There are a lot of pest repeller brands in the market. But choosing the best quality brand of ultrasonic repeller is a very difficult thing. In this post, we will discuss bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller reviews which is the top brand of electromagnetic pest repeller industry.

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What Is Bell Howell?

Basically Bell and Howell is a US-based manufacturer organization which produces top-quality motion picture machinery, tech device or other products. The organization was founded in 1907 and headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois.

bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller

Does bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller really work for bed bugs?

Bed Bugs is a dangerous inset for us. An ultrasonic device emits waves that are above that a human cannot imagine.
The waves emitting is not equal to the animal. Humans can hear sounds between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz with no color.

Color is one kind of sound that only animals can hear. An animal like bees can hear sound the ultrasonic color that humans cannot hear.

The ultramagnetic sound can hear the dog, dolphins also. These animals hear the sound and effectively work for them.

So The bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller works for bed bugs there is no doubt.

But, according to a soon-to-be-published article in the Journal of Economic Entomology, In The effectiveness of commercially available ultrasonic disinfectants affects bed bug behavior (Hemiptera : Cimicidae),

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Bell Howell pest repeller red light

What is the red light of the Bell Howell device? This is a very simple question and the answer is also simple. Red light is a device indicator.

When you plug in red light indicates that the ultrasonic sound waves are working. That’s why you can ensure that the device is actually running and working.

So I will recommend you should buy such a device that has a red light or green light indicator or signal.

Is a Bell + Howell ultrasonic pest repeller safe for dogs?

There are many ultrasonic repellers repel annoying pests. Some pest repeller works for dogs or other animals. But it depends on the devices. Normally most of the device used to repel annoying insects in that case dog is not affected directly.

ultrasonic pest repeller safe for dogs

So there are many manufactures is made ultrasonic device to repel insects from home but not dangerous for human and dog.

Bell Howell pest repeller is one of the devices that is not harmful for the dog.

One the other hand, if you want to use other brands, you should consult with experienced persons before buying.
Because all ultrasonic pest repellents are not safe for dogs.

For the safe dog and cat, you should not use an ultrasonic device very closely to the dog, you should keep enough distance to plug in it.

Bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller safe for birds/cats

There is no evidence that bell and Howell repeller unsafe for birds. But one thing is that you should plug in this device away from the birds. So it is not harmful to the bird’s bad effect.

Is It works for mice/rats?

In this case, I will not recommend to use it. You can use Emerson brand Instead of Bell Howell pest repeller.
In our research, most of the Amazon customers have mentioned that Emerson brand works well for repelling mice/rats.

Bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller how does it work

Can you imagine how does a pest repeller works?

In theory, An ultrasonic pest repeller works through the emit ultrasonic magnetic sound. The sound only can hear animals or pests but the sound cannot hear humans.

Mainely pest behavior can be affected by the specific ultrasound.

Some ultrasonic devices emit waves for a short time of period that is no longer effective for repelling insects/pests.
If you want to repel insects permanently, you can use a repeller device for a long time like 3 or 4 weeks.

In that case, bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller works very well.

How Long Do Pest Repellers Last?

Truly speaking this device good works for 1 year. In our research, we have seen most of the customers have used less than a year.

What kinds of packs are available for this brand?

There are many packs available of Bell + Howell ultrasonic pest repeller. The available packs are

  • 2- pack (Home and small are use only)
  • 3-pack (Home and yard area)
  • 4-pack ( Bugs spiders and other rodents with any insects and for big area)
  • 6-pack (All insects and for big area)
  • 10-packs (All insects and  for home and garage)

Bell Howell ultrasonic electromagnetic pest repeller 3-pecks reviews

In this post, we will discuss only bell Howell 3-pack ultrasonic pest repeller. This is perfect for home and yard area and for all types of insects.
Bell Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller In 2022 | A Complete Buying Guide 1


This ultramagnetic device emits waves that drive inset quickly. This device can safe your home, garage and any places where found mice, rats, roaches, spiders and ants.

The AC extra outlet power plug in system will help you to connect into AC electric socket board safely.

 Bell Howell help protect your home from the disease-carrying rodents.

From the moment this device is simply plugged into the AC electrical socket board the ultrasonic sound waves will start working against the rats, insects mice, rodents, roaches, spiders, ants, and any types of pests. Also, the red light signal indicates the device works well.

The weight of the product is only 1.15 pounds and manufacturer by the Naturally Home LLC. It can be shipped within U.S.

One thing is that it is a best seller product of Amazon. The price is very reasonable at around $25 to $30.


  1. Good for small space.
  2. It repels all types of insects.
  3. Working signal (Red light)
  4. No harmful chemicals; chemical & odor-free; pet safe
  5. Does not harmful for dogs, birds, and cats


  1. Some of the customers say, don’t work against mice.
Bell Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller In 2022 | A Complete Buying Guide 2


Warranty & Support:

The warranty process is the same for all models of this brand. So If you find any problems after purchasing this pest repeller, you can directly contact with the seller.
But Bell & Howell pest repellers are protected under a 90-day limited warranty.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy it from a local or online marketplace. One of the best online marketplaces is Amazon that we recommend. But you can find it also eBay, Home depot, Etsy, etc.

Last Words:

We have written this post, especially for the Bell and Howell brand. Not only this brand for driving insects, but you can also use any other brand. But according to customer reviews, this is the best brand for ultrasonic pest repeller. We hope this bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller reviews post will help you to understand of Bell & Howell brand.