Water-Activated Packing Tape: The Ultimate Solution for Hassle-free Shipping.

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Water-activated packing tape is a type of packaging tape that requires water for the adhesive to become activated and adhere to the surface of a box or package. This type of tape is made of a paper or fiberglass backing and a water-activated adhesive that is usually made of starch or natural rubber.

Water-activated packing tape is a popular choice for shipping and transporting items due to its strong bonding capabilities and tamper-evident features. The tape forms a permanent bond with the box, making it difficult to remove without leaving evidence of tampering.

Additionally, water-activated packing tape is environmentally friendly as it is made from renewable resources and can easily be recycled.

Water-Activated Packing Tape: The Ultimate Solution for Hassle-free Shipping.

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Understanding Water-Activated Packing Tape

Water-activated packing tape is a unique type of adhesive tape that comes in handy for a variety of packaging needs. Understanding the basics of how this tape works and the different types available is essential for any individual or business looking for efficient and reliable packaging solutions.

In this section, we explore everything you need to know about water-activated packing tape.

What Is Water-Activated Packing Tape?

Water-activated packing tape, also known as gummed tape, is a type of packaging tape that requires water to activate its adhesive properties. Unlike traditional packaging tapes, which use adhesives that stick on contact, water-activated packing tape relies on water to bond with the shipping carton.

The tape is made of kraft paper with a starch-based adhesive layer that remains inactive until it comes into contact with water.

How Water-Activated Packing Tape Works

The process of using water-activated packing tape is straightforward. To activate the adhesive, you only need to wet it using a sponge or dispenser. The adhesive bonds with the surface of the packaging material, creating a tamper-evident seal that enhances the durability and protection of your package.

Water-activated packing tape relies on the water to activate and create a secure seal. The starch-based adhesive bonds quickly with the corrugated surface and creates a permanent seal. The reinforced fibers in the kraft paper provide extra strength and structure to the packaging, ensuring that your items remain secure during transit and storage.

Different Types Of Water-Activated Packing Tape

Water-activated packing tape comes in different types and styles, each suited for different packaging requirements.

  • Reinforced gummed tape: This type of packing tape is the most durable and ideal for heavy-duty packaging and shipping needs. It is reinforced with fiberglass strands running the length of its paper backing, making it resistant to tearing and puncturing.
  • Non-reinforced gummed tape: This type of tape is the most common and suitable for lighter packaging needs. It is made with kraft paper and a starch-based adhesive, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tapes.
  • Colored gummed tape: This type of tape comes in various colors and is ideal for color-coding of different packages or to make your brand stand out. With various color options available, you can choose to use it for branding, to differentiate packages, or for product identification.

Material Composition Of Water-Activated Packing Tape

Water-activated packing tape is composed of kraft paper and a starch-based adhesive layer composed of potato, corn, or wheat. The tape’s kraft paper is made of virgin pulp and comes in different grades, offering various tensile strengths and thicknesses.

The virgin pulp creates a robust and sturdy paper backing that provides resistance to environmental elements while securing the contents of your packages. Because of the material composition, water-activated packing tape is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tapes used in packaging.

Water-activated packing tape is an eco-friendly, robust and tamper-evident packaging solution that ensures the safe transit and storage of your products. With its different tape types, you can choose the tape most appropriate for your packaging needs. So, whether you’re shipping products or moving to a new place, water-activated packing tape can provide a unique and reliable solution to your packaging needs.

Advantages Of Using Water-Activated Packing Tape

Water-activated packing tape is a simple and effective solution to ensuring that all your packages and boxes are securely packed. Investing in this type of tape comes with several advantages, including durability, tamper-evident properties, customizability, and environmental friendliness. We will explore each of these benefits further.

Durability And Strength

One of the most significant advantages of using water-activated packing tape is the strength and durability it provides. Because this type of tape is activated and bonded to the box’s surface using water, it creates an incredibly tight seal. This level of security reduces the risk of the box opening during transportation or storage, protecting the contents inside from any damage that may occur.

Additionally, this type of tape is incredibly resilient and can remain intact even when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Tamper-Evident Properties

Another benefit of water-activated packing tape is its tamper-evident qualities. This feature is essential for businesses sending valuable or confidential items. The tape forms an inseparable seal that cannot be opened without leaving behind visible damage, providing a clear indication if anyone has tampered with the package during transit.


Water-activated packing tape also offers customizability options. Businesses can personalize their packaging tape by adding their logo, company name, or any other meaningful design. Adding branding elements to your packing tape can help improve brand recognition and lead to increased customer loyalty, a vital aspect of any business.

Environmental Friendliness

Finally, water-activated packing tape is environmentally friendly compared to other types of tape, making it a sustainable option for businesses. This type of tape is made from paper, making it recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Moreover, the adhesive used is generally starch-based and thus, is free of any harmful chemicals.

Water-activated packing tape provides numerous benefits for businesses. Its durability and strength, tamper-evident properties, customizability, and environmental friendliness make it an excellent choice for any organization looking for a reliable, secure, and sustainable packaging solution.


How To Use Water-Activated Packing Tape For Secure Shipping

Water-activated packing tape, also known as gummed tape, is a reliable and secure way to package your items for shipping. This type of tape uses water to activate the adhesive, creating a strong bond that offers protection during transit. In this section, we will discuss how to use water-activated packing tape for secure shipping.

Choosing The Right Water-Activated Packing Tape For Your Packaging Needs

Choosing the right water-activated packing tape is essential for ensuring the safety and security of your shipment.

  • Tape material: Water-activated packing tape is made from reinforced paper or fiberglass. Choose the material and thickness according to your packaging needs.
  • Tape width: The tape’s width should be sufficient to cover the box’s seam entirely and leave a little overhang on both sides.
  • Adhesive strength: Look for water-activated packing tape with a strong adhesive to ensure it sticks to the box for the entire transit duration.

Packaging Techniques And Tips For Maximum Security

To maximize the security of your shipment, you need to package it correctly.

  • Use the h-taping method: Start the tape at the box’s center and extend it towards the box’s end, allowing the adhesive to overlap for additional strength.
  • Use more than one strip of tape: For added support, place two or more strips of tape around the box.
  • Reinforce corners: Use extra tape on all box corners to prevent them from splitting open.

Techniques To Ensure Appropriate Adhesion

Using the right packaging techniques is crucial, but appropriate adhesion is equally important.

  • Wet the tape: Use a wet sponge or dispenser to moisten the tape’s gummed side before applying it to the box. The moisture activates the glue, ensuring a sturdy bond.
  • Apply pressure: After applying the tape to the box, use a hand-held tape dispenser or roller to apply pressure, helping the tape bond to the surface.

With the proper packaging and adequate use of water-activated packing tape, you can ensure that your package arrives at the intended destination safely and securely.

Comparison Of Water-Activated Packing Tape Vs Other Packing Tape

Water-activated packing tape, otherwise known as gummed tape, has become more popular over the years as a go-to choice for secure package sealing. This type of tape offers better sealing on packages due to its adhesive property activated by water.

Water-activated packing tape is more effective than the traditional packaging tapes like filament tape and duct tape. Let’s dive in for a closer look at how these types of tape measure up against each other.

Water-Activated Packing Tape Vs. Filament Tape

  • Water-activated packing tape is made of paper reinforced with fiber filament, making it stronger than filament tape.
  • Filament tape is not easily torn, but water-activated packing tape is more reliable for long-term storage and transit.
  • Gummed tape forms a permanent bond with the carton, making it difficult and obvious when tampered with, while filament tape can be removed without damage to the box.

Water-Activated Packing Tape Vs. Duct Tape

  • Duct tape is made of polyethene and cloth fiber, which is not as reliable as gummed tape.
  • When used on corrugated boxes, duct tape can easily peel off, while gummed tape forms a strong bond that keeps the package secure.
  • Water-activated packing tape ensures a more professional finish and is also environmentally friendly, making it the better choice for packaging.

Water-activated packing tape is the superior choice for long-term packaging and storage over filament tape and duct tape. Its strong bonding properties, reliability, and professional finish make it the go-to option for secure package sealing. So next time you are looking to seal a package, make sure to choose water-activated packing tape for an optimal sealing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Water-Activated Packing Tape

How Does Water-Activated Packing Tape Work?

Water-activated tape bonds with the surface when moistened. It forms a strong, secure seal. The adhesive used in tape containers a starch-based glue which gets activated by water resulting in a secure bond. It requires dispensers for application, but it’s more eco-friendly than regular plastic tape.

What Makes Water-Activated Tape Better Than Regular Tape?

Water-activated packing tape offers enhanced security and tamper-evident qualities for shipping. It goes beyond regular box sealing tapes. The adhesive is activated by water, creating a strong bond with the surface that holds and seals even in extreme temperature conditions.

Secure packaging and protection is ensured with this tape.

Is Water-Activated Tape Eco-Friendly And Sustainable?

Yes, water-activated packing tape is more eco-friendly than regular plastic tape. The tape is made with a special adhesive that is plant-based. It is activated by water, resulting in a very strong bond. The paper material used in the tape is either recyclable or biodegradable.

It means less wastage and more sustainability.

Can Water-Activated Packing Tape Be Used With A Dispenser?

Yes, water-activated tape is applied with a dispenser. There are many options available for dispensers, including manual and electronic. The dispenser applies the water needed to activate the adhesive while also cutting the tape to size. It simplifies a lot of the packaging processes and speeds up packing for companies and individuals.

How Long Does It Take For Water-Activated Tape To Dry?

Water-activated packing tape is not required to dry completely. The starch-based adhesive is activated and bonds almost immediately to the surface of the box. The bond strengthens over time, creating an even more secure seal. The tape is more moisture resistant than other types of tapes, which ensures safer shipping.


From the discussion above, it is clear that water-activated tape is a reliable and sturdy solution for packaging needs. Its strong adhesive properties and resistance to moisture make it ideal for shipping products, especially in humid environments. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly option as it is made from renewable sources and is biodegradable.

This tape not only protects packages from damage but also assures customers that their products will arrive intact. It is essential to consider factors such as tape width, length, and grade when choosing the right tape for specific packaging needs.

Water-activated packing tape is a versatile and cost-effective option that can handle various packaging needs while being environmentally friendly. Any business that prioritizes sustainability and customer satisfaction should consider using water-activated packing tape.