How to Use a Packing Tape Dispenser ! A Complete Gride

Make your work easier with the Scotch packaging tape dispenser

Sealing boxes have never been so easier than before because of the invention of the packaging tape dispenser. Fortunately, a packaging tape dispenser is here to save your time and energy. Using the perfect tape dispenser, you can easily pack your goods and other products. But you have to know how to use a packing tape dispenser.

What are tap dispensers?

A tape dispenser is an excellent equipment that not only helps to apply and secure the tape but also comes with a mechanism that helps to shear the tape, making it one of the essential arsenals for your home, office, or shop.

A Tape gun hold the tape firmly and create a neat and clean-cut. There are several types of tape dispensers such as parcel tape or best Packing tape dispenser, box-sealing tape dispenser, label protection tape dispenser, multi-roll tape dispenser, hand help tape dispenser, Carousel-Style Tape Dispensers, Definite Length Tape Dispensers, Kraft Tape Dispensers, manual gummed tape dispenser and more.

How packaging tape dispenser works:

Among all types of tape dispensers, packaging tape dispensers are widely used for packing boxes and cartons. It makes heavy-duty packaging jobs easy and comfortable. Based on various packaging needs, the packaging tap dispenser varies and ranges from heavy-duty to economy tape dispenser. There are generally 8 different types of packaging tape dispenser:

  • 3 inch Heavy Duty packaging Tape Dispenser
  • 3 inch Premium packaging Tape Dispenser
  • 3 inch Standard Tape Dispenser
  • 3 inch Economy Tape Dispenser
  • 2 inch Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser  
  • 2 inch Premium Tape Dispenser
  • 2 inch Standard Tape Dispenser  
  • 2 inch Economy Tape Dispenser

However, your effort will be futile if you do not know the real usage of a packaging tape dispenser. You must know how to use a packing tape dispenser. 

How to Use a Packing Tape Dispenser

How to use a packing tape dispenser

Scotch is a trustworthy name in the field of industrial materials. Among other equipment, Scotch packing tape dispenser is a must-have element for your everyday work. It will make your work quick and easy. Despite its effectiveness, it is easy to load and use.

You can buy these from any retail shops or online. If you want to pack a box or carton, Scotch packaging dispenser will be a great choice as it secures the pack for moving and shipping.

No matter whether your parcel needs to take a long time for delivery or not, this packaging tape works great.

Luckily, dispensers are reusable and you can fill the empty dispenser with a new scotch tape refill. Here is a detailed description of the process of loading and using a tape dispenser:

Place the tape inside the dispenser:

At first, you have to find the end of the tape if you are using a new tape. If you are dealing with a used roll, you should mark the end of the tape so that the end can be found easily.

Next, you have to insert the packing tape into the large dispenser wheel. You can put the dispenser into the surface so that you can place the tape easily.

Then, position the tape in a way that the sticky side faces down while you pull the dispensers backward.

The non-adhesive side of the tape should be facing up while the sticky part should be facing down. On the other hand, the handle of the tape dispenser should be to your right side.

Insert the tape between the roller and the metal gate

There is a small space between the tape dispenser roller and the metal gate. Now pull the end of the tape roller between this slot. For threading the end of the tap smoothly, you can open the guide by pressing down the metal tab.

Cut the excess tape:

Now, time to test the dispenser. Pull the tape so that the tape reaches over the serrated blade or cutting blade. Finally, pull a small amount of tape and cut the excess tap.

Be careful; do not cut your beautiful fingers. 

Adjust the tension of the dispenser

Finally, you should adjust the tension of the dispenser so that you can work smoothly. If your tape dispenser unwinds too quickly, tighten the tension knob. On the other hand, decrease the tension helps you to unwind slowly.

By increasing or decreasing the tension, you can easily set your preferred unwind mechanism.

Now, you are ready to use the packing tape dispenser. Remember, the loading process for all the tape dispensers is not the same

At a glance:

  • Find the end of the tape
  • Place the tape inside the dispenser
  • Push tape on to the tape wheel
  • Pull the end of the tape (approximately 5-6 inch)
  • Place the tape between the roller and the metal gate
  • Pull the tape under the tape roller
  • Cut the excess tape
  • Tighten the tension

  • Place the tape dispenser on the box from 4-5 inches from the top. Remember to press the roller and tape firmly.
  • Now pull or glide the roller and tap around the box or where necessary.
  • For continuing sealing, the roller wheel and box should be in constant contact.
  • Continue pressing and pulling
  • Twist to cut the tape
  • Cut the tape using a serrated blade or by pressing the tape against the box.

how to load scotch tape gun

Top Packaging Tape Dispenser Brands and Models:

As we have mentioned earlier, markets are loaded with a great number of packing tape holder brands. Here we have jotted down the most used and popular brands used by the real users. All of these are utilized for home, office, and commercial purposes.

  1.  Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser
  2. Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun
  3. Rapesco’s Tape dispenser
  4. PROSUN Metal Handheld
  5. Mr pen packing tape dispenser
  6. BFO Industries Moving Kit
  7. Sparco 3″ Packaging Tape Dispenser
  8. Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser
  9. Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held
  10. JARLINK Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Top 5 Tape Rolls:

  1. Scotch Painter’s Tape 051141949635 (Scotch)
  2. AM-Ink 36 Rolls Clear Packing Tape (AM-Ink )
  3. Masking Tape (Huge Pack of 6) Each Roll is ¾” x 33 Yards(Tarvol)
  4. Multipurpose Double-Sided Mounting Tape (G-Wing)
  5. JAK Industrial 6 Rolls – 2 Inch Masking Tape ( JAK Industrial)

Bottom Line:

Though tape dispensers make your packing work efficient and save your time, your diligence will be absurd if you do not know how to use a packing tape dispenser. Sometimes, shipping companies will return your goods if they find them inappropriately packed. Fortunately, packing tape dispensers will not only help you to tape and seal the boxes perfectly but also saves a lot of your time.

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