Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive?

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Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive? Dyson is well known for its expensive household appliances, which distinctively sets them apart from other brands. Their products, such as their vacuum, air purifier, curling wand, etcetera, have gained a wide array of popularity throughout the years.

An individual who is newly introduced to this brand might not understand the pricing tier and ask, why are dyson vacuum cleaners so expensive? The high pricing of the products can range from $400 (USD) to as high as $900.

This steep pricing may be enough to pay the rent of an apartment. Yet despite their cost, Dyson continues to thrive in the marketing world. Wonder why? The possible reasons have been discussed in this article briefly.

why are Dyson so expensive

What Distinguishes Dyson from Other Companies?

Dyson, with its growing opulence, has proven to be one of the most successful companies. Its innovative technology has been recognized by people worldwide, which has been the key to their success.

Through James Dyson’s several years of research, the company was able to produce the first bagless vacuum in the world. This was the most notable invention of the company that set it apart from its competitors.

 The Reasons for Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaners Prices

There are several reasons why Dyson machines are so highly-priced. You, as a consumer, may initially be discouraged from trying out their products. But positive reviews worldwide have highly encouraged many to do so.

Dyson mainly focuses on its product development and utilizes a great portion of the profit for further product research and enhancement. In addition to this, several other key factors contribute to the reason for the pricing.  

  • The Invention of Bagless Vacuum

As mentioned previously, Dyson was the first company to completely omit the collection chamber from the structure of a vacuum cleaner. In a regular vacuum, clogging of dust in the bag diminishes the machine’s performance substantially with time.

Thus, consumers decided that it would be more profitable to invest in a vacuum that functions well and lasts for several years than to invest in a cheap alternative that needs to be replaced approximately every 2 years.

  • The Quality of Its Products

Undoubtedly, Dyson continues to be the huge success it is today due to the impeccable quality of its products. All their machines contain several features and technological aspects that are absent in cheaper alternatives present in the market.

Most customers who have questioned their pricing in the beginning, have been greatly satisfied after using their products. Positive feedback from initially skeptical consumers greatly contributed to motivating others to make a purchase from Dyson. 

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Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive? Lets Find Out!

Consumers’ Reaction to the Prices

While other brands can offer products with the same functionality at much lower prices, the quality and benefits of a Dyson positively set apart their products from other brands.

The stylish and lightweight feature of Dyson machines automatically catches the consumer’s eye. Despite numerous positive feed backs, the response to the justification of Dyson’s prices is ambiguous. To many, their pricing seems rational, whereas to others, cheaper alternatives seem to suffice. 

Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Worth the Price?

A customer seeks to purchase a product whose benefits and functionality are proportional to its price. For example, some argue that the highly-priced Dyson fan is not up to par with its capabilities.

People instinctively tend to look for the best deals. But as in most cases, the advantages of owning Dyson outweigh the few limitations of the machines; people are encouraged to make a purchase. Any consumer investing in Dyson almost never regrets their decision.

 What Draws Customers to Dyson?

The quality of Dyson products shifts the consumers’ attention from the price to the benefits of the machines. Additionally, all Dyson machines contain free shipping and a money-back guarantee.

Although the products are known to last very long, they still come with 2-5 years of warranty. The guaranteed repair and replacement of the product surely draws consumers to the brand.

In addition to this, Dyson products are extremely user-friendly. Such as, the vacuum being cordless and lightweight makes the tedious job of cleaning easier. The overflow of positive feedback motivates consumers to invest in Dyson products.

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 Final Words

Dyson are undoubtedly popular amongst many, despite their high prices. When one wonders – why are dyson vacuum cleaners so expensive, one has to remember that Dyson has revolutionized the way people think while purchasing everyday products.

They are no longer bought only for their functionality. Nowadays, consumers also tend to focus on several other attributes such as reliability, ease of storing, etc.

Therefore, Dyson has outshone itself in the field of competitor comparison and has been rated high in the area of customer satisfaction. If you are willing to invest in Dyson, give it a go, and you might be pleasantly surprised!