Best Tape To Hang Pictures On Wall: Strong, Easy & Damage-Free.

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Are you looking for the best tape to hang pictures on wall without causing damage to your walls? Hanging pictures can be a great way to add a personal touch to your living space, but it’s essential to choose the right tape to ensure a secure hold without leaving any marks behind. In this article, we will discuss various types of tapes suitable for hanging pictures and provide you with tips to make the right choice.


When it comes to hanging pictures, using the right tape is crucial. It not only helps in securely mounting the pictures but also prevents any damage to your walls or surfaces. In the market, you’ll find several options, each with its unique features and advantages. Let’s explore the factors you should consider before selecting the best tape for hanging pictures

Importance of Tape

Tape plays a significant role in the process of hanging pictures. It provides support and ensures that the pictures stay in place, even in high-traffic areas. Moreover, using the right tape reduces the chances of accidental falls and breakage, protecting both the pictures and your walls from damage.


best tape to hang pictures on wall


Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Best Tape To Hang Pictures On Wall

Hanging pictures on walls is an excellent way to add character to your home décor while preserving cherished memories. However, using improper tape when hanging pictures can damage your walls or even cause the picture to fall and break. That’s why choosing the best tape for hanging pictures is crucial.

Before you choose a tape for hanging pictures, consider the following factors:

Weight Of The Picture

The weight of your picture determines the type of tape suitable for hanging it. You should use high-quality tape strong enough to hold up your picture without falling off.

  • Light pictures (up to 1 pound): Double-sided tape or clear mounting tape
  • Medium pictures (1-10 pounds): Foam mounting tape or heavy-duty mounting tape
  • Heavy pictures (over 10 pounds): Velcro strips or picture hangers with nails

Type Of Wall Surface

Not every tape is suitable for all wall surfaces. The type of surface may require specific tape to prevent wall damage.

  • Painted walls: Removable or easily removable tape (low tack) to prevent wall damage
  • Textured walls: Foam mounting tape, damage-free hanging strips or sticky putty
  • Wallpapered walls: Removable tape with gentle adhesive or hanging strips designed specifically for wallpaper
  • Concrete, brick or stone walls: Brick clips or adhesive strips and hooks

Temperature And Humidity Conditions In The Room

High temperatures and humidity can significantly impact the adhesive quality of some tapes; thus, it is essential to consider the environmental conditions when selecting tape for hanging pictures.

  • High humidity: Moisture-resistant tape or heavy-duty mounting tape
  • High-temperature areas: Use tape specifically designed for high-temperature areas.
  • Cold temperature areas: Use heavy-duty mounting tape or picture hangers

Durability And Residue-Free Removal

The durability of the tape adhesive is essential, and you need to consider how easy it is to remove residue-free. If you plan to hang pictures temporarily, consider using a tape that won’t leave residue or damage your walls when you leave.

  • Damage-free hanging strips
  • Removable mounting tape
  • Command strips


The cost of the tape is a vital factor to consider when selecting the best tape for hanging pictures. Some tapes may be more expensive than others, but this doesn’t always guarantee that they will be the best option. Command strips, for instance, are more expensive but are also generally more secure than less expensive tapes.

Making the right decision when selecting the best tape for hanging pictures can be challenging. However, by considering factors such as the weight of the picture, type of wall surface, temperature, and humidity conditions in the room, durability, residue-free removal, and cost-effectiveness, you’re sure to find a tape that will hold your pictures safely and securely.

Types Of Tapes For Hanging Picture

When it comes to hanging pictures on walls, you need to use the right type of tape to ensure proper adhesion without damaging the wall or the picture frame.

Removable Adhesive Tapes

If you like to frequently change the placement of your pictures or want to avoid the damage caused by piercing holes in the wall, then the removable adhesive tape is the best solution.

  • Removable adhesive tapes are easy to use and do not require any special tools or equipment.
  • These tapes do not leave any marks or residue when removed from the wall or picture frames.
  • Removable adhesive tapes work best for small to medium-sized picture frames.

Double-Sided Foam Tapes

For a more secure hang, double-sided foam tapes are an excellent option.

  • Double-sided foam tapes are strong enough to hold heavy picture frames.
  • They can be cut to the desired size and easily adhered to both the frame and the wall.
  • Foam tapes work best for flat-backed picture frames and will not work well with curved frames.

Heavy-Duty Mounting Tapes

If you have big, heavy picture frames that require a sturdy hold, then heavy-duty mounting tapes are the way to go.

  • Heavy-duty mounting tapes are designed to hold large and heavy picture frames securely in place.
  • They are weather-resistant and can be used for both indoor and outdoor picture hanging.
  • Mounting tapes can be easily cut to size, allowing you to customize according to the size of the picture frames.

Choosing the right tape for hanging picture frames is crucial in ensuring that your pictures stay on the wall and in good condition. Whether you prefer removable adhesive tapes, double-sided foam tapes, or heavy-duty mounting tapes, always make sure to follow the instructions carefully and remove them correctly to maintain the integrity of the wall and the picture frame.


Best Tape For Hanging Pictures On Wall Based On Specific Requirements

Hanging pictures on walls can be a tricky task, especially if you are unaware of the best tape available for the job. There are a variety of tapes suitable for different applications, depending on the weight of the picture, the type of wall, and surrounding temperature and humidity conditions.

To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the best tape to hang pictures on a wall based on specific requirements.

Based On Picture Weight

The weight of the picture plays a crucial role in determining the tape required to hang it.

  • Light pictures (up to 5 pounds): Double-sided strips such as command picture hanging strips or scotch mounting squares are best suited. They are easy to use, leave no residue and are perfect for small and lightweight frames.
  • Medium pictures (between 5 and 20 pounds): For larger and heavier frames, consider using a foam tape such as 3m scotch heavy duty mounting tape. It provides superior hold and is perfect for hanging larger frames on smooth surfaces.
  • Heavy pictures (more than 20 pounds): High-quality adhesive tapes such as gorilla heavy duty mounting tape or 3m command large picture hanging strips provide an excellent grip on heavy frames. They work well on many surfaces, including painted and textured walls.

Based On Wall Type

Different types of walls require different types of tapes to hold picture frames.

  • Painted walls: Double-sided tapes such as 3m command picture hanging strips or scotch mounting squares are ideal for painted walls. They are easy to use and leave no residue, making them ideal for rented properties.
  • Wallpapered walls: If you are hanging a picture frame on wallpapered walls, avoid double-sided tapes as they might damage the wallpaper. Instead, use adhesive strips such as gorilla heavy duty mounting tape or 3m scotch heavy duty mounting tape.
  • Textured walls: Foam tapes such as 3m scotch heavy duty mounting tape or gorilla heavy duty mounting tape are perfect for hanging frames on textured walls. They can fill indentations in textured walls, providing a smooth surface for sticking.

Based On Temperature And Humidity Conditions

In some areas, temperature and humidity conditions can affect the tape’s performance.

  • High humidity or moisture: Consider using tapes such as scotch indoor mounting tape or gorilla heavy duty mounting tape. They offer a strong grip on waterproof surfaces and can withstand moisture and humidity.
  • Low temperatures: At low temperatures, some adhesives might become brittle, lose their holding power, or even crack. Consider using tapes such as 3m scotch extreme mounting tape or gorilla heavy duty mounting tape, which are designed for extreme conditions.

It is essential to choose the right tape when hanging picture frames on your wall. By considering the specific requirements based on picture weight, wall type, and temperature and humidity conditions, you can ensure a long-lasting and reliable attachment that will keep your pictures safely displayed.

Tips for Hanging Pictures

Here are some helpful tips to ensure successful picture hanging:

  1. Clean the Surface: Before applying any tape, clean the surface to remove any dust or dirt that could hinder the tape’s adhesive properties.

  2. Test the Tape: If you’re unsure about the tape’s suitability for your wall, test it in a discreet area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the paint or wallpaper.

  3. Proper Alignment: Use a level or measuring tape to ensure your pictures are aligned correctly before securing them with tape.

  4. Weight Distribution: For larger or heavier pictures, use multiple strips of tape to distribute the weight evenly and provide additional support.

  5. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results and to prevent any mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Tape To Hang Pictures On Wall

1. What Is The Best Tape To Hang Pictures On Wall?

The best tape to hang pictures on wall is the command picture hanging strips. They are easy to apply, can hold heavy frames, and don’t leave behind sticky residue.

2. Can I Use Double-Sided Tape To Hang Pictures On Wall?

Yes, you can use double-sided tape to hang pictures on wall. However, it’s not recommended for heavy frames as they could fall down and damage your walls.

3. How Do I Remove Tape Residue From My Walls?

To remove tape residue from your walls, you can use rubbing alcohol or a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Apply it to the area, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away with a cloth.

4. How Many Pounds Can Command Picture Hanging Strips Hold?

The weight that command picture hanging strips can hold varies depending on the size of the strips you use. However, they are designed to hold up to 16 pounds.

5. Can I Use Tape To Create A Gallery Wall?

Yes, you can use tape to create a gallery wall. However, using command picture hanging strips is a better option as they offer a more secure hold and can be easily adjusted or moved without damaging your walls.

6. Can I use regular scotch tape to hang pictures?

Regular scotch tape may not provide enough adhesive strength to securely hold pictures. It is better to opt for tapes specifically designed for hanging pictures.

7. Will the tape damage my walls?

If you choose the right tape and follow proper removal techniques, the chances of wall damage are minimal. Removable tapes are usually designed to leave no residue or marks.

8. Can I reuse the tape for hanging pictures?

Some tapes allow for reuse, while others may lose their adhesive properties after removal. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if the tape is reusable.

9. How can I ensure my pictures are level and straight?

Use a level or a measuring tape to ensure accurate alignment. You can also consider using picture hanging templates or guidelines for precise positioning.

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Choosing the best tape to hang pictures on wall is essential to ensure a secure hold without damaging your walls. Consider factors such as adhesive strength, removability, surface compatibility, weight capacity, and aesthetics. By selecting the right tape and following proper picture hanging techniques, you can showcase your favorite memories and artworks with confidence.

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