Best Packing Tape Gun For Commercial Use & Buying Guide 2023

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Today we will discuss the best packing tape gun for commercial use. Once you start packing different things, you will need to have tape to cover the carton or any other thing that you are covering. The question arises of what sort of tape should use.

We will learn about some of the best packing tape guns that we can use to cover our cartons and feel no difficulty while managing our things. A tape is rolling into the tape gun, and we can use a spindle to hold the packing tape gun. Now the question arises how to use a packing tape gun? Or  load scotch packaging tape dispenser.

Once you hold the carton sealing tape roll it around the carton or the object you want to seal. A sharp blade on the best tape gun cuts it off when you have used it. This is a handheld tape gun, so one has to cut the tape with the blade manually.

 How Do You Use a Tape Gun?

Does a general question arise on how to use packing tape guns? The tape guns provide easy use and handling.Also, It is a very simple machine. One must press the roller and the tape firmly against the box. Now start gliding the roller and the tape along with the box.

Keep on moving the roller in the direction you want to tape. When you are done with taping, tilt the tape a little onto the roller and the sharp cutters to cut the tape for you.

10 Best Packing Tape Gun For Commercial Use

01.  Uline H-150 Uline

best packing tape gun

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H-150 is a 2-inch packing tape. This packing tape dispenser is made of plastic and has 11.1 x 2.4 x 8 inches dimensions with length, width, height, respectively. The weight of the hand tape gun is almost 1.1 pounds, and its core size is about 2 inches.

The tape dispenser gun is mostly used for office work. This packing tape gun originated  in China and has an amazing quality as it has a durable plastic and metal material. Also,this makes it the best packing tape gun ever.

As you open the packing tape gun, you can insert the tape directly into it from one of its sides. Put the lid of the packing tape gun after adjusting the tape in it. Also, it is very easy to use and has a special feature of it being that it adjusts the brake of the tape gun to control the tension.

We can use one of the best tape dispensers for many commercial activities. Uline H-150  is considered  for industrial use on a vast range of different products.

The price of this packing tape gun by Uline varies a lot. Mostly it ranges between $19.99 to $16.25. Originally it was just for 19.99 dollars, but it is now available at a rate of 16.25 dollars. This can be one of your best packing tape dispensers, as you can save 19 percent from the actual amount.

Uline Packing tape gun reviews vary from customer to customer. Some have an amazing experience buying them while others are not satisfied to some extent. Sometimes some parts of the tape gun are missing, but it is a good experience if you get all the parts. Also, It is easy to use, and its handling is not too difficult.

Mostly packing tape gun reviews are positive, and customers are happy to use tape dispensers by Uline.


  • Durable quality
  • Easy use
  • Low price
  • Comfortable hand grip


  • Fixed cutter

02.  JARLINK Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

best tape gun dispenser

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Another best packing tape gun is the one by Jar link. We can use JARLINK packing tape dispensers for industrial purposes. These tape dispensers hand held guns are for shipping packaging. It is a 2-inch packing tape gun with two rollers giving it a special quality and counting it as the best tape dispenser.

JARLINK packing tape dispensers have 10.5 x 10.3 x 2.7 inches dimensions, giving the product’s length, width, and height, respectively. The weight of the JARLINK packing tape dispensers is about 2.8 pounds, with a core size of 2 inches.

The best packing tape gun gives you the advantage of having a heavy-duty quality, and one can use the packing tape dispenser for years, and we can protect the sealing for a longer time than usual.

However, this tape serves as the best box sealing tape as we can use it in homes, offices, and warehouses to pack many items. It is the best heavy-duty packing tape as we can use it for high volume transportation and improve work efficiency.

The better tape dispenser comes with many qualities. One of them is that it has a long handle and reduces overall hand fatigue for anyone. Adjustable brakes control the tension and provide you with the best box sealings.

There is a compatible roll of box sealing tape, which gives a wide application of the tape. It has two tape dispenser guns along with two transparent rolls of tape. Adjust the tape roll in the tape gun and pull the tape out. There is a knob use  to tighten the brake tension. Check actual users review.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Easily adhered


  • Flimsy plastic guard
  • Sometimes the tape does not stick.

03.  Tape King Packing Tape Gun

best packing tape dispenser

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One of the best tapes for heavy shipping boxes is a king packing tape gun. The material used in this tape gun is steel and plastic. It has 10 x 6.5 x 6 inches dimensions having length, width, and height, respectively. The tape gun comes in mostly blue, white, and black colors.

The knob of the tape gun and outer sides are often blue, whereas all the remaining parts are white. The weight of the tape gun is around 26 ounces.

A 2-inch packing tape dispenser is the best tape for moving boxes. The best packing tape gun comes with a bonus role and provides the best sealing. Also, we can use it for storing and moving heavy-duty boxes.

It is one of the best cheap tape guns near me as it comes with many functionalities. It is a commercial packing tape gun using for shipping storage. Also, we can use it for wall taping. Before you paint your wall, you can easily apply tape on your walls and save maximum time.

The best thing about this packing tape gun is its long pistol grip handle that makes it easy to use. This commercial tape gun comes with adjustable brakes for controlling tension and gives a clear, smooth packing without the worry of tearing apart while using it. Check real users review.


  • High quality
  • Durable material
  • Sharp blades
  • Blade covers


  • Less tape diameter

04.  Mr. Pen Packing Tape Dispenser

best tape gun

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Pen packing tape is a tape dispenser handheld gun with a 2-inch roll. The package gives you one packing tape gun and one free tape roll. We can use the packing tape gun commercially as well as industrially. Also, we can use it in offices, homes, markets for all the packaging.So, it is a cheap carton sealing tape that we can use to pack the heavy-duty shipping boxes.

We can consider it one of the best packing tape guns as it provides easy use by a strong, comfortable grip handle with lightweight tape to avoid hand and arms fatigue.

An amazing thing about this tape gun is that it provides much ease to the people in the education sector. Most teachers, students, and admin staff prefer Mr. Pen packing tape gun because it is lightweight and comfortable handgrip.

The blade is made up of steel, while the average size of the rolling tape is 2 inches and is also available in 3 inches. Check customers review.


  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Used by teachers and students as well


  • They sometimes tangled messy tape.
  • Adhesive roller

05.  Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun

professional tape gun

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The best packing tape gun by Duck is made of steel and comes with a foamy handle. This tape gun mostly comes in two colors,  green and black. It has a 2.44 x 6.25 x 9.25 inches dimension with its length, width, and height. The weight of the product is about 12 ounces.

Best tape gun is the duck brand packing tape gun. It is designed so that we can use it for any packing materials. Also, we can use cheap carton sealing tape for packing, moving boxes, and mailing.

There is an adjustable knob for controlling the tension. Moving the knob to the right side will tight-tap the material, whereas for smoother dispensing, we should rotate the knob in the left direction.

The roll of the Duck brand packing tape gun is about 1.88 inches x 54.6 yards. Once you fix the tape onto the roll, take out a few inches of tape outside it. There is a metal gate on the packing tape gun; put the tape between the roller and the metal tape and cut off the extra tape.

If the tape is unwinding quickly, tighten the knob to control the tension. In this way, you have loaded your best packing tape for moving.

A Duck Max packing tape gun provides a premium seal and most adhesion for heavy-duty moving or storage. This is one of the best packing tape guns because they provide an easy and strong seal to the heavy boxes that have fragile items in them during the delivery of the boxes.

This packing tape dispenser is the go-to tool for packing, mailing, and storing needs in homes and offices, providing easy grip and comfort while packing many boxes. Check real users comments.


  • Foam handle
  • Easy grip
  • Adjustable knob


  • Thin tape
  • Dispenser and tape tangles
  • Unsharp blades

06.  Duck Brand Foam Handle Tape Dispenser

best packing tape gun for commercial use

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One of the best packing tape guns in Deck brand foam handle tape dispenser comes with the clear HD packing tape. The best clear packing tape is 1.88 inches x 50 yards.Also, It comprises the adhesive material that comes with one roller and a dispenser.

This sticky tape dispenser is for all types of packing tape rolls. Also, It is easy to apply the tape on the boxes as it has an adjustable knob for tension control.

Also, it is the best packing tape gun that we can use around the offices and house.So, Its foam handle provides great ease for everyone to pack many heavy boxes. Check customers review.


  • No splits
  • Easy to apply
  • Foam handles


  • Nonstick
  • Tape pulls up
  • Loose strength

07.  Scott H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser

Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser

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Scott H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser is a commercial packing tape gun that is lightweight and portable to use. Also, It is a cheap carton packing tape gun made of plastic and metal. As per my knowledge, the only color in the Scott packing tape gun is gray.

The qualities that make it the best packing tape gun are that we can easily use it with its pistol hand grip. Also, We can use the tape and then cut it off in one go. Another thing about the box tape gun is that it is buff tape. So, It resembles the carton boxes and gives them a uniform look without creating an odd appearance.

However, It is a cassette gun that gives easy application and portable use.Also,  It is a durable tape gun that has a long-lasting quality. There is an adjustable hub-mounted tape brake to control the tension in it. This provides less tape wasting and optimal sealing of the boxes.

For shipping areas, the tape gun dispenser is very versatile and flexible to use. All the actions on the heavy-duty boxes are possible in one go making it the best tape gun ever. One can use the tape gun to pack commercial and industrial boxes and literary material boxes. one can use a scotch tape gun. Check customers review.


  • One goes application
  • Long-lasting, durability
  • It has Slightly moving cutting teeth.
  • Very sharp blades


  • Not durable

08.  Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

heavy duty tape gun

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Scotch heavy-duty packaging tape is one of the best packing tape dispensers. It is 1.88″ x 54.6 yds. The best tape gun dispenser design is for all sorts of mailing, shipping, and packing and gives them all a strong seal.

The material using to make the tape gun is plastic and metal. Additionally, there is wood added to the material. It is a cleared shape tape with two rolls.

The best thing about this box tape gun is that it provides a very strong sealing. Also, if there is no proper sealing, you can report to the brand, and they will give you another piece only if you provide the proof of purchase.

This packing tape roller gives immediate adhesion to your boxes. Even if you use the tape on the recycled boxes and give amazing adhesion. Also, they are durable solvent-free hot melt adhesion.

The best quality about the Scotch heavy-duty packaging tape is that it resists all kinds of slivering, tearing, and splitting, making it easy to get hassle-free packaging. Also, the release coating on the packaging makes it easy to unwind when you need it.

There are two rollers attached for all kinds of shipping and heavy-duty packing. There is a full-time guarantee for strong and adhesive sealing of all the materials, even shipping delivery materials.

We all know that we have to use strong sealing while shipping and delivering the materials (also fragile). Scotch packing tapes provide the best packaging tape dispensers that assure you of any kind of rough dealings for all such sealing.


  • Good quality
  • Solvent-free adhesion


  • Very large roller (it causes mismanagement )
  • Unsharp blades
  • Poor cutting mechanism

9.  Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser

commercial tape gun

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One of the best packing gun tapes is the Scotch desktop tape dispenser. It is made of plastic and has 3 x 2.25 x 6.25 inches dimensions with length, width, and height, respectively. The weight of this packing tape gun is 0.99 pounds with a core size of 1 inch.

However, It counts as the best tape cutter with silver and black tones accompanied by a heavy base. The high-quality cutters give them a different quality with long-lasting use. The hub is directly attached to the Scotch desktop tape dispenser lessening the chances of losing or misplacing.

The desktop tape dispenser is mostly using in offices or homes. If we keep this desktop tape dispenser in the offices of home tables, it will destroy the overall room décor. The Scotch desktop tape dispenser gives another quality to this query: it has a sleek wave design that will complement all the decors.

A one-handed desktop tape dispenser can slip down because one hand is used. A slip-resistant rubber mat is at the bottom of the tape gun dispenser to avoid any slip and damage to the tape gun machine. This keeps the machine safe in case of any slippery surface. Check customers review.


  • Sleek wave design
  • Heavyweight for one-handed dispensing
  • Fixed tape spindle
  • Slip-resistant rubber mat


  • Tape is not cut evenly.

10.  Officemate Recycled 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

Officemate tape gun

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One of the best packing tape guns is the officemate recycled heavy-duty tape gun because it comes with many qualities that can help you make your packing or office work easy.

This heavy-duty tape dispenser is made of plastic and has a 10.3 x 6.22 x 4.7 inches dimension with length, width, and height. The core size is about 2 inches, and the weight of the best box sealing tape gun is 454 grams.

There is a weightless base that allows easy one-handed dispensing. This tape gun can hold a roll of 2-inch packaging tape and a ¾ inch tape. One of the highly admirable things about this best packing tape gun ever is its holders.

These holders can hold pencils, scissors, etc., this makes it more attractive to use in the offices. Also, their use is ideal in the shipping departments, sample rooms, and mailrooms.

In terms of using recycled items, which is a very admired thing, the officemate packing tape dispensers are made of 30% post-consumer materials, already used by the customers.


  • One-handed dispensing
  • Non Skid rubber at the bottom
  • Multiple sizes


  • Sometimes unsharp blades
  • Hard to rip the packing tape

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Best Packing Tape Gun Buying Guide

While buying one of the best packing tape guns, selecting one of them is a tough decision because many brands provide the best packing tape guns ever. But some other qualities in some packing tape dispensers highlight them, and one can select a packing tape dispenser according to their needs and budget.

One should consider the following things while buying a packing tape dispenser.


When you buy a tape gun, look for the best possible quality. The material one should prefer is plastic and steel blades. If you get a tape gun that is low in quality after some time, you are going to question your choice, which will result in regret for wasting that investment. Do not compromise on the quality if you have a daily use for the tape guns.

The major issue one faces in low-quality packing tape dispensers is unsharp blades. This is the major use, and if they come out to be unsharp, you will have to suffer a lot of mess and tangled tapes.

Tape size:

Always know the size of the packing tape dispenser and what diameter of tape it can fix. If you need ¾ inch tape to pack your boxes and you get one that can hold only 2 inches of tape, it can cause a problem for you. Look for the core size of your preferences, and then select accordingly.

Adjustable Knob For Controlling Tension:

You got such dispensers that have an adjustable knob. This will help you control tension in the machine, and you can adjust how much tape you want to come out of these automatic tape dispensers.

Weight and Resistivity:

While selecting one of the best packing tape guns, know that they have a heavy base. Also,this will make it easy for you, and you can have one-handed dispensing. There are resistive mats at the bottom of these tape dispensers that allow them to stay in one place.

Best Packing Tape Gun {FAQ’s}

1.  What Is A Tape Gun?

A tape gun is a machine that has a roll of tape fixed inside it. The machine has a specific mechanism that allows you to take out the tape and use it on your packaging materials and securely store and ship the objects in heavy-duty boxes. Also, they are generally clear and transparent; scotch tape is using in them. Sometimes buff tapes are also used.

2.  Which Tape Is Best for Packing?

We can use many types for packing, but one of the best packing tapes are Duck packing tape, gorilla packing tape, grizzly brand packing tape, scotch tape, or scotch heavy duty shipping tape for professionals.

3.  How Much Does a Tape Gun Cost?

The cost of the packing tape gun varies with its different size range, but on average, the price of one packing tape gun is about 22.43 dollars for cheap packing tape guns. But if you get professional tape guns, they can cost you a total of 126.73 dollars sometimes.

4.  How Do You Keep Packing Tape From Sticking To Itself?

To avoid any kind of sticky tapes and mess, one can use a simple hack. Take a credit card or any other plastic card and keep it at the end of the roller. This will help you remove the mess to some extent.

5.  Is The Tape Dispenser Recyclable?

Sometimes the plastic used in the tape guns is recyclable, but there are no such recycling facilities that can recycle the scotch tapes using in them. Instead, some of the packing tape dispensers are made from recycled materials.

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Some of the best packing tape dispensers are mentioned above. All these tape guns are designed to make it easier for them while packing different materials. One can use these tape guns for all kinds of packaging like storing items, mailing, or shipping them anywhere.

Mostly we should consider those tape dispensers hand-held guns that have good adhesiveness and stick strongly.All the brands mentioned above provide the best packing tape guns, but we should consider that they serve us well.

Some packing tape dispensers come with different pen holders and many others.Also,these are using in the mailing rooms and sample rooms as they give you easy access to your things and can manage your stuff easily without spreading any mess around.

You can consider this article and get the best packing tape gun for your use. They can be commercial use or industrial use. Also, in the institutions like schools and academic areas packing tape guns can be used to keep your study materials in one place, and if we want to move somewhere, we can easily assemble all our things single-handedly.