How to Clean Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum?

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How to Clean Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum? As a user of Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum, you need to know about its cleaning process. In this article, we covered in detail its cleaning process. While you want to clean your vacuum just follow our provided process.

1. Start by unplugging the vacuum from the power outlet and remove any debris that may be lodged in or around the brush roll area of the Shark NV356E Professional Upright Vacuum.

2. Lift up on the handle to remove canister/dust cup and discard contents into a trash bag or bin.

3. Remove filters, located at top of dust cup assembly, gently hand wash with warm water and mild detergent then allow to air dry completely before replacing them back into the unit.

4. Clean roller brushes with a small brush such as an old toothbrush; use scissors if necessary for stubborn hair tangles then replace back onto vacuum head base plate (if equipped).

5. Clean outside of vacuum using damp cloth or lightly misted all-purpose cleaner spray to wipe away dirt, dust and pet fur build up on exterior surfaces but avoid getting moisture inside motor housing cavity near bottom of unit where electronic components are located.

  • Empty the Dust Bin: Before beginning your deep clean, start by emptying the dust bin of any dirt and debris that has been collected
  • To do this, press down on the release latch located at the top of the vacuum while sliding outwards to remove it from its housing
  • Then dump out all contents into a trash can or other designated area for disposal
  • Clean Out Vacuum Brushroll: After emptying the dust bin, use a pair of scissors to cut away any strings or hairs tangled around Shark NV356E vacuum’s brush roll bristles if needed – this will help ensure optimal suction power during cleaning sessions! If necessary you can also use an old toothbrush to further loosen and dislodge stubborn debris from between individual bristles as well
  • Wipe Down Exterior Surfaces: Use a damp cloth with mild soap and warm water solution to wipe down all exterior surfaces of your Shark NV356E vacuum cleaner including its handle, foot pedals & baseplate in order to remove any caked-on dirt & grime buildup over time!

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Be sure not forget about difficult-to-reach areas like crevices/corners too since these may accumulate more dust than usual due easily missed when doing regular maintenance checks!

4 Disinfect Vacuum Filter Housing Unit: Once done wiping down external parts, take off filter housing unit located near bottom side panel using screwdriver (if applicable) then soak it overnight in hot soapy water before rinsing off thoroughly next day – this procedure helps kill bacteria/germs lurking inside which could otherwise make their way back into air when vacuuming again later!

Make sure let dry completely before reattaching onto main body part afterwards so there no moisture left behind afterwards either which might cause problems later on down line

How to Clean Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Roller

When cleaning your Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Roller, be sure to start by unplugging the vacuum and removing any attachments.

Next, empty out the dust cup and rinse it with warm water before wiping it down with a cloth. To clean the roller itself, use a damp cloth to gently wipe off any dirt or debris that has accumulated over time.

Finally, remove all hair from the brush roll using a pair of scissors or tweezers before replacing it into its holder in the vacuum cleaner.

With these simple steps you can ensure that your Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Roller will remain in top condition for many years to come!

How to Clean Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum

How Do You Deep Clean a Shark Professional Vacuum?


Deep cleaning a Shark professional vacuum is an important part of regular maintenance and can help ensure your vacuum runs at its best. To deep clean, start by removing the dust bin from the machine. Empty any debris and rinse it with warm water to remove dirt particles.

Next, use compressed air or a soft brush attachment to gently clear out any clogged areas in the hose and attachments.

Then, take off the filters and wash them in warm soapy water before letting them air dry completely before returning them to their proper place on the vacuum.

Finally, wipe down all external surfaces with a damp cloth or rag using mild soap if necessary followed by wiping up any excess moisture with another cloth or paper towel.

This should be done regularly to make sure your Shark professional vacuum is always performing optimally!

How Do You Clean a Shark Upright Vacuum?


To clean a Shark upright vacuum, start by emptying the dust cup. Then disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and lay it flat on a surface. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from both sides of the nozzle and inlet.

Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down both sides of the nozzle and inlet.

Finally, use compressed air to blow out any remaining dirt or debris that may have been left behind inside of your Shark upright vacuum’s crevices and joints.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any clogs while doing this so they can be cleared with tweezers if necessary!

How Do You Clean a Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum?


To clean a Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum, first start by emptying the dust cup. To do this, press down on the dust cup latch and pull out the bottom of the cup. Hold it over a trash can and tap lightly to release any dirt or debris that may be trapped inside.

Next, remove the filters from your vacuum cleaner.

Most models have both an upper foam filter as well as a lower felt filter – these should be removed carefully and washed with warm water (not hot) and mild liquid soap.

Rinse thoroughly before allowing them to air-dry completely before reinserting into your vacuum cleaner.

Finally, use an attachment hose or soft brush to gently clean away any dirt or other buildup from all parts of your vacuum’s body including wheels and crevices in order to ensure optimal performance for years to come!

How Do You Clean the Filter on a Shark Professional Vacuum?


Cleaning the filter on a Shark professional vacuum is an important part of maintaining its performance. Begin by unplugging the unit from any power source, then remove the dust cup and locate the filter at the bottom where it’s attached to a rotating handle. Take out this assembly and rinse off excess dirt and debris using lukewarm water.

Make sure not to use too much force or immerse in water as this could damage your vacuum’s motor. After rinsing, let it dry completely before reassembling back onto your vacuum cleaner. In addition, you may want to consider replacing your filters every three months for optimal performance.

Deep cleaning the Shark Navigator® Lift-Away® Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner (8-12-19)




The Shark NV356E Professional Upright Vacuum is a powerful and versatile vacuum that can tackle even the toughest messes. With proper use and maintenance, it will provide years of dependable cleaning performance. It’s important to routinely clean the filters, dust cup, and other components in order to maintain its suction power.

Additionally, using genuine Shark accessories guarantees optimal performance from your machine. Keeping these tips in mind will make sure your Shark NV356E is always running at peak efficiency!

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