How to Use Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum?

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As a user of Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum, you have to know How to Use Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum. In this article, we have covered a complete guide for you. Just follow our provided guide.

1. Put the Shark NV356E Professional Upright Vacuum on a flat and level surface.

2. Plug the vacuum power cord into an electrical outlet or surge protector and turn it on.

3. Adjust the suction control to your desired setting, depending on type of flooring you are vacuuming (carpet/hardwood).

4. Move the vacuum in long, sweeping strokes across your flooring for maximum cleaning efficiency – no back-and-forth motions needed!

5. Empty debris container as necessary when it is full; put debris in a garbage bin outside of your home if possible to keep allergens at bay inside your home environment.

6. If using accessory tools such as crevice tool or dusting brush, attach one before beginning use by pressing firmly against attachment until it clicks into place near wand handle base or canister opening respectively; press again to remove after use has been completed for efficient storage within unit body itself afterwards.

7. Turn off power switch when finished and unplug from wall outlet or surge protector before storing away neatly in closet space out of sight until next time!

  • Assemble the Vacuum: Unpack the Shark NV356E vacuum and attach all necessary parts such as the handle, wand/hose, and attachments
  • Insert Filter Bags: Place a filter bag in the dust bin located on the back of the vacuum cleaner, ensuring that it is securely fastened before continuing with use
  • Power On: Plug in your Shark NV356E vacuum cleaner and press down on power button to turn it onto its lowest setting for initial vacuuming activities
  • Select Suction Level: Depending on your vacuuming needs you can switch between five different levels of suction by pressing up or down arrows located near power button until desired level is reached
  • Start Cleaning: Begin cleaning by pushing forward gently on handle while moving slowly across any type surface that needs to be cleaned; inspect head nozzle from time to time to make sure there are no blockages inside which may prevent proper suctioning

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Shark Nv356E S2


The Shark Nv356E S2 is a powerful, reliable and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is designed to provide superior cleaning performance. It features an advanced cyclonic technology which helps separate large particles from the air while providing powerful suction power and excellent dust containment.

Its swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles, while its extra-large dust cup capacity ensures you won’t have to empty it often during cleaning sessions.

Additionally, this model has a HEPA filter system which traps small allergens in the air for improved indoor air quality.

How to Use Shark Nv356E Professional Upright Vacuum

How Do You Use a Shark Professional Vacuum?


To use a Shark Professional vacuum, first make sure the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. Next, choose the appropriate head attachment for your flooring type. For hard floors such as tile or wood, select the soft brush roll option and for carpets opt for the deeper bristles of the motorized roller brush.

When ready to start vacuuming simply switch on the power button at either end of handle and begin to move in a forwards and backwards motion across your flooring surface. Aim to overlap each pass by around 2-3 inches before switching off when finished cleaning.

How Do You Adjust the Suction on a Shark Professional Vacuum?


To adjust the suction on a Shark Professional Vacuum, you’ll need to make sure the appropriate cleaning mode is selected. Depending on the model, this can be done by pressing either a “Power” or “Suction Control” button located near the handle of your vacuum. You should then be able to select from one of several preset suction levels.

If needed, you can also manually adjust the amount of suction using a dial found on many models in order to fine-tune it for particular surfaces or areas being cleaned.

Additionally, most Shark Professional Vacuums come with an adjustable floor nozzle that allows you to further customize and maximize its cleaning power depending upon what type of surface needs attention.

What is the Black Button for on the Back of a Shark Vacuum?


The black button on the back of a Shark vacuum is an On/Off switch. This allows you to turn your vacuum off and on at will, making it easy to take quick breaks in between cleaning sessions or when you need to move furniture or other items around.

It also serves as a safety feature, ensuring that no one accidentally turns the vacuum on while they are moving it from room to room.

The button’s location makes it easy for you to find and press without having to bend down or reach awkwardly behind the machine. Additionally, this switch helps ensure that your Shark Vacuum is always ready for use whenever you need it!

How Do You Start a Shark Vacuum?


To start a Shark vacuum, first make sure the bag or dirt receptacle is empty and that the filter is clean. Then plug in the power cord to an electrical outlet and press the power button. If your model has multiple settings, adjust it to match your cleaning needs.

Next, attach any accessories you’ll need for vacuuming such as a crevice tool or dusting brush. Finally, begin pushing your Shark vacuum around on carpets or hard floors over areas you want to clean until you are done vacuuming.

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The Shark NV356E Professional Upright Vacuum is an excellent tool for cleaning in the home. It offers a wide range of features, including strong suction power, greater maneuverability and a versatile design that allows you to use it on different types of surfaces.

With its intuitive settings and powerful motor, this vacuum can help make your cleaning job easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for great performance or just something to get the job done quickly, the Shark NV356E Professional Upright Vacuum is definitely worth considering.

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