Jura Cleaning Tablets How to Use? A Complete Guide

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Jura coffee maker has now become a major part of almost every kitchen. Many people start their morning with a creamy cup of coffee which is made by the Jura coffee maker. However, to continue this delicious coffee flavor and to ensure its smooth functionality, you also need to make some effort.

Jura coffee machines are additionally composed of water, which is why there are high chances of mineral build-up, as well as the milk and coffee residues can slowly ruin your coffee taste, which is why you need to do regular descaling to prevent these.

So we have created this guide, where we have shown how to clean Jura coffee machine easily, as well as suggested several Jura cleaning tablets how to use them; it will help you clean your coffee maker without hassles. So let’s start our guide.

Jura Cleaning Tablets How to Use: Step by Step

Jura descaling tablets are designed to clean the Jura automatic espresso machine properly at any time. If you want, you can clean the coffee machine after receiving the warning of cleaning; these tablets will flush out the residues inside the entire coffee maker system.

In this section, we have shared how you can use Jura tablets to clean your Jura coffee maker. This is an entirely automatic process, so you do not have to clean any part manually. Carefully follow the steps below to get proper cleaning performance.

How to Clean Jura Coffee Machine

Step 1: Select the Clean Menu

First, you need to select the ‘Clean Machine’ option from the Jura coffee maker display and click the red button. Then you will reach the next clean steps. You can see each option on the coffee maker’s screen.

In the next step, you will see Ready to Clean on the screen, so click on the rinse button.

Step 2: Empty the Coffee Grounds Container

In this step, you can see an ‘Empty Tray’ showing on the screen, which instructs you to empty the container of grounds in the coffee maker. So if there are any coffee grounds in this container, empty them! And then reinsert the container again.

After completing the above procedure, place a pitcher or bowl under the tap, and again click the rinse button as in the previous step.

Step 3: Add the Jura Cleaning Tablets

Your coffee maker will show ‘Add Cleaning Tablet’ instructions on the screen after pre-rinse. Then place one of the tablets in the bypass dozer and close the door. After closing the door, you need to click the rinse button again to start the cleaning process properly.

Now that the main cleaning part starts, you will notice that water is continuously flowing from the snout; let this flow continue. This procedure will take around 15 to 20 minutes to finish, so wait till then. After the cleaning is completed, the water will automatically stop flowing from the snout.

Step 4: Change the Empty Tray

After cleaning, you can see that the Empty Tray option is showing again on the coffee maker’s screen. So take out the tray and place the coffee glass and reinsert it into the machine.

Step 5: Your Cleaning Process Is Now Complete

After successfully completing the above steps, you will see the Complete Cleaning message showing on the Jura coffee maker machine screen. That means your cleaning is over here!

Keep in mind that to efficiently clean the Jura coffee machine, use the original Jura Cleaning and Descaling Tablets. Refrain from the Jura descaling tablet alternative to get better cleaning performance.

How Often Do You Use Jura Cleaning Tablets?

Most owners are confused about this aspect. But there is no reason to be concerned so much about it. You can see a detailed discussion about cleaning it in your Jura coffee maker’s user manual.

According to experts, they recommend cleaning with Jura 3 phase cleaning tablets at least once a month. This prevents stale residue build-up and will help restore the former taste of the coffee maker.

Jura cleaning tablets how to use

If you want, you can buy this original Jura decalcifying tablet pack from Amazon; it helps remove debris and calcium deposits from your coffee machine and extends your Jura coffee machine’s life service life.

FAQs About Using Jura Cleaning Tablets

1. What are Jura Cleaning Tablets?

Jura Cleaning Tablets are specially designed tablets for cleaning Jura coffee machines. They effectively remove coffee residue and oil buildup, ensuring your machine brews fresh and flavorful coffee.

2. Can I use other cleaning tablets in my Jura machine?

It’s best to use Jura Cleaning Tablets specifically designed for Jura machines. Other products may not be suitable or could potentially damage your machine.

3. Can I use multiple tablets at once for a deeper clean?

It’s generally recommended to use one tablet at a time as directed by the manufacturer. Using multiple tablets may not improve cleaning results and could be wasteful.

4. What if I don’t use my Jura machine often?

If your machine sits unused for an extended period, it’s still important to clean it regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Follow the recommended cleaning intervals rather than relying on frequency of use.

5. Are Jura Cleaning Tablets safe for my machine and my health?

Yes, Jura Cleaning Tablets are safe when used as directed. They are formulated to be food-safe and will not leave any harmful residues in your coffee machine.

6. Can I use a different cleaning method instead of tablets?

Jura Cleaning Tablets are the recommended method for cleaning Jura machines. Using alternative methods may not provide the same level of effectiveness.

7. Do I need to rinse my machine after using the tablets?

Typically, your machine will rinse itself as part of the cleaning cycle. However, it’s a good practice to run a cycle of plain water through your machine afterward to ensure no cleaning residue remains.

8. Where do you add cleaning tablets in Jura E6?

Almost all Jura coffee maker models have the same cleaning process, but some models start the cleaning process from the maintenance menu.

Before cleaning, put a container under the coffee drain, then click the “Next” option of the machine. You can see the “Add Tablet” massage on the screen of the Jura E6 machine. So to add a tablet, you can see a funnel cover on the back of the machine, open it and add the tablets.

9. Is Jura the best coffee machine?

Undoubtedly, the Jura coffee machine is one of the best coffee machine brands. They use stainless steel and the highest quality plastic components in construction to ensure their durability. As a result, it lasts longer than standard coffee makers.

Jura brand comes with varieties of coffee makers; these also come in different price ranges. To know more details about Jura coffee machines and select the most suitable machine, you can read our experts’ suggested best Jura coffee machine reviews.

10. Jura coffee machines common problems

As a result of poor cleaning and maintenance, you will see losing heat, not frothing properly, grinder malfunction, water leaking, weak taste coffee, and some other common issues in the Jura coffee machine. Though these issues are not critical, you can easily fix them if you want. Here you can read our How to Fix Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems guide.

11. Where can I purchase Jura Cleaning Tablets?

Jura Cleaning Tablets are available at authorized Jura retailers, online stores, or directly from Jura’s official website.

Remember to consult your specific Jura machine’s user manual for detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance, as processes may vary slightly between models. Regular cleaning with Jura Cleaning Tablets will help keep your coffee machine in optimal condition for years of delicious coffee enjoyment.

Wrapping Up

As we say again, in the field of Jura coffee machine cleaning, you must always try to use original Jura cleaning tablets. It is specially designed for use with the Jura machine.

Hopefully, our Jura cleaning tablets how to use guide has helped you a lot to understand all the aspects in more detail and easily. As well as, our suggested tablets have made your search process more manageable.