Is Jura the Best Coffee Machine?

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A bad coffee is better than no coffee. At least, that is what we believe. However, we consider that only when we are making it manually. When it comes to investing our money in a full-fledged or semi-automated machine, we want nothing but the best-tasting coffee.

Now, the idea of getting our cup of joe with just one push made us eye the machines that Jura is offering. But, we wondered, is Jura the best coffee machine? Should we put Jura vs other brands to test and compare?

Spoiler alert! Because we wanted the most for our money, we did put Jura coffee maker machines head-to-head with offerings from other brands. So, give our in-depth analysis a read before making a purchase decision.

is Jura the best coffee machine

Is Jura a Good Brand?

Before we talk about whether Jura machines are worth the money or not, we would like to give you a brief idea regarding Jura itself. The brand has one main goal: to offer you the ultimate cup of coffee. But that is not all! The manufacturer believes that enjoying a cup of coffee should not make you go through any hassles.

For that reason, most Jura coffee machines are user-friendly and will offer you freshly brewed coffee with just one push of a button. And that too within sixty seconds! So, you can understand why their device seems so appealing to coffee lovers.

Nonetheless, Jura started their journey in 1994. And in these two decades, they have provided nothing but innovative coffee machines to the crowd. They seem to be a step ahead of the competitors.

For example, take a look at their IMPRESSA 500, which was launched in 1994. That machine has reinvented what automatic coffee machines should be capable of offering. Likewise, they are amping up the coffee machine technologies and redefining what a great-tasting coffee should be like with each new release.

Additionally, they have been in the market for a prolonged amount of time. And considering how innovative Jura’s products usually are, they have gained quite popularity. They even feature full-fledged customer support, which prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction.

Overall, Jura knows what they are doing. They are providing excellent customer service and top-notch machines to the market. So, we can conclude that Jura is a good coffee machine brand.

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Clean Jura Coffee Machine

How Does Jura Automatic Coffee Machines Work?

As we have mentioned, the prime goal of Jura Coffee machines is to provide you with the perfect specialty coffee with just a touch of a button. And for offering such a cup of morning freshness, the devices will rely only on freshly ground coffee.

As a coffee enthusiast, you probably know this by now, ground coffee is leaps ahead of capsulated coffee.

However, we have always wondered how the machines integrate the different technologies and make them work simultaneously to offer a perfect cup of joe. So, we took a closer look. The process is very different from coffee machines that are from other brands. And here are the main highlights of the Jura coffee machines:

The Product-Recognizing Grinder

Otherwise known as the PRG, the product-recognizing grinder will ensure the optimum grind for each specialty coffee. Developed explicitly by Jura engineers, the electronically controlled nature of the grinder makes it capable of providing high overall performance.

But the most impressive part about the PRG is that it will adjust in a fraction of a second. It will consider the predefined consistency of the grind to do that. This adjusting trait makes it capable of providing the optimal grind in a short amount of time.

That said, the grind spectrum ranges from very fine to very coarse. The first one is for short classics, while the latter is for long specialties.

Brewing Process

Jura believes that extraction time plays a significant role in providing the optimum result. Basically, what they mean is that the contact time between the ground coffee and water needs to be long enough that the aroma compounds are extracted properly.

However, prolonged contact with water makes the bitter tannins substances and tannins come through. For that reason, the manufacturers have perfected the brewing process allowing the coffee ground and water to combine to extract the aroma. However, it manages to limit the bitter compounds and tannins from seeping through.

In doing so, Jura made an addition to the brewing process. They have added a Pulse Extraction Process, perfect for short specialties such as espresso and ristretto. There is also a One-Touch Lungo function mainly for the long specialties.

Furthermore, you will also find a cold extraction process for preparing cold brew specialties using the espresso method.

Intelligent Water System

You might already know that coffee contains 98 percent water. For that reason, fresh cold water is basically a must for making a cup of joe. Heating causes limescale to deposit on the water. But who drinks a cold coffee unless it is a cold brew?

Well, Jura has come up with an intelligent solution, which is the CLARIS filter cartridge. The filter has a couple of key roles. Firstly, it will protect the machine against calcium deposits and extend the device’s overall service life. Thanks to the filter, there will be no need to descale the machine.

Additionally, the filter ensures that the quality of both the water and coffee remains high, and it ensures the consistency of the quality. Also, since the Intelligent Water System automatically detects when you have inserted the filter, there will be no need to make any additional changes to the system.

The Milk System

Latte macchiato and cappuccino require milk or milk foam. But the thing is, they demand the perfect amount of milk or milk foam. So, Jura machines utilize an innovative milk foam frothing system to ensure that the cup of specialty coffee is just right.

The revolutionary fine foam technology will create a finely textured frothy milk topping. To do so, it will consider the long-lasting consistency of the milk or simply heat the milk to the perfect temperature.

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Lingos of the Jura Coffee Machine Manual

It is no secret that the Jura team has created a language for their coffee machines. And to make things easier and to make it effortless for you to understand the manual, we will go through the terms that seemed pretty interesting to us.

The Aroma + Grinder

The coffee tribe word “Aroma” describes how the grind influences the overall quality of your coffee. A picture of the coffee beans usually illustrates the Aroma settings. You will find them on the screen.

Basically, it indicates how strong your brew will be. And the setting you choose will affect the fineness of the grind. Generally, you will need to select an option from one to five.

If you are struggling to select the right one for your brew, we recommend starting from the lowest and gradually experimenting with the higher-up numbers.

Now, the settings will not be the same for each machine, but the Aroma+ grinder should be present on most offerings.


Otherwise known as the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, IPBAS plays a vital role in making great coffee. Even though the system might sound a lot complicated, the process basically adds a small amount of water to the coffee before the brewing process.

That said, if you have tried pour-over coffee before, you might have already done this by yourself. Putting a small amount of water on the ground coffee before brewing makes the coffee puff up slightly. And the process also pre-infuses the ground coffee a little.


Another acronym that you will find in the manual is the PEP. Again, it sounds a lot more complicated. But, in reality, it is the Pulse Extraction Process that we have already talked about. To reiterate, it is an advanced technology that will ensure the extraction time is perfect.

TFT Display

TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor. And as you might have guessed, it is the display that is on the front of the coffee machine. Usually, a Rotary Switch will pair the screen up and allow you to make different customizations.

Bypass Doser

The final lingo that we have for this segment is the Bypass Doser. At its core, it is a small chamber that will enable you to bypass the standard brewing process. Yes, you get to be the barista if you opt for this function. However, we recommend using the function only when you have beans on the hopper to make an espresso.

Another great thing about this function is that it will enable you to switch coffee types. For example, when you need to make a decaf coffee, you already have the machine set for a proper caffeinated brew.

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Best Jura Coffee Machine Accessories

So, apart from just offering great coffee machines, Jura provides a broad range of valuable and high-quality accessories. These accessories will complement your Jura machine and allow you to get the most redefined coffee-drinking experience. However, among all of them, these are the ones that stood out to us:

Jura Cool Control

As you might know, there is no dedicated milk container for the Jura machines. However, you can undoubtedly pour cold milk into a cup when you are making a specialty coffee and use the milk pipe for the foaming and frothing.

Now, that process does sound a bit of a hassle. Well, Jura came out with an accessory to make things easier. The Cool Control is basically a container that comes in different sizes. Depending on how much milk you want to work with, you can choose any size from 0.6 liters to 2.5 liters.

But what does the Cool Control offer? As the name suggests, the container will keep the milk cool. The temperature will be at a constant 39 Fahrenheit. You will basically save yourself from the hassle of going over the fridge, getting the cup of milk, and then feeding the machine with the milk for each brew you make.

That said, we recommend frothing the milk from anywhere between 39 Fahrenheit and 46 Fahrenheit for the most consistent results. And as you can see, the Cool Control nails the requirement.

Other than that, the Cool Control is dishwasher-safe too. So, you will not need to go through that many hassles when cleaning it.

Jura Cup Warmer

The Jura Cup Warmer is another accessory that got a spot on our hearts. Many espresso machines do come with a warming plate on the top to keep the cups heated up. The thing about espresso pouring in a cold cup is that you will lose a significant amount of heat when the liquid touches the bottom of the cup.

Well, the Cup Warmer machine from Jura has solved that issue. It will keep the cups at around 131 degrees Fahrenheit. That is warm enough to ensure that the coffee does not lose a good chunk of heat while the machine is pouring but cold enough so that you do not burn your hands.

But that is not the only good part about the cup warmer. It features an aesthetically beautiful design and is slim enough to let you store it anywhere on your countertop. Furthermore, the cup warmer can hold up to 4 standard-sized coffee cups or ten espresso cups.

You will also have the option to program it. The programming mechanism will enable you to set the heating process when you are ready to brew your coffee.

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Final Words

Still wondering is Jura the best coffee machine? In short, if you get the right coffee maker by considering your favorite type of coffee, you will have a stellar overall experience with it. The technologies and parts that the Jura coffee machines boast about can genuinely provide you with just that.

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