How To Fix Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems? Step-by-Step Guide

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How to fix jura coffee machines common problems, if you have a Jura coffee machine in our kitchen feels like hitting the jackpot, but a product with no frustrating feedback is seldom heard.

Something always comes out unsatisfactory for people who are a stickler for perfection. On the other hand, lack of proper maintenance that we are probably unaware of might also create unidentifiable issues that can’t be replaced by home warranties.

This article will enlighten you about Jura coffee machines common problems and their solutions that are mostly foolproof enough to solve by the consumers themselves.
Instead of getting wound up from the host of issues later, take a glance at these tips and tricks to fix your machine like a pro against any unwanted problems, just in case.

Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems & Solutions

Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting:

jura coffee machines common problems

One day you wanted to drink some coffee, and suddenly the coffee machine is not working at all. That’s why learning in advance about the potential problems that might arise in the future could help you to solve the issues on your own. Sometime you need to know about how to reset the jura coffee machine.

When the Coffee Starts Losing Heat:

Jura coffee machines are designed to prepare the perfect temperature for a nice, hot cup of coffee. While most buyers had no issues with the temperature, a few buyers complained that the coffee does not taste hot enough.

The first thing to know about automated coffee machines is that the temperature is regulated to burn the coffee. As a result, coffee doesn’t taste as hot as getting one from a kettle most of the time.

However, there are some certain hacks around to try and get as close as you can to the most reachable temperature without burning the coffee.


  • Pinch the tube slightly while milk is delivered from the milk froth and increase the timing of the milk froth.
  • Preheat your cup with some boiling water, then dump it and immediately make your coffee onto the coffee machine — it makes a big difference in temperature without making it weaker.

Machine Is Not Frothing Properly:

Nine times out of ten the milk frother does not work properly due to a cleaning issue. Apart from that, there can be a number of reasons why you still can’t go back to a frothy cup of coffee. Sometimes, bad quality of milk or milk flow or a crooked milk pipe has an effect in producing hardly enough milk froth.


  • Milk pipe needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Try using a different batch of milk.
  • Check for any dents in the milk pipe.
  • Remove and clean the steam wand.
  • If the milk pipe gets badly crooked, replace it with a new one. Recommended the jura milk pipes as your choice!!!

Recommended milk frother if you want to :

Medium Budget JURA 72168 Professional Fine Foam Frother

High Budget Jura Professional Fine Foam milk Frother -Newest Version.

Grinder Malfunction:

You might get frustrated to find why the coffee grinder is not dispensing coffee grounds anymore.

Although it seems like the grinder has been worn out, there’s a possibility that the coffee grinder has just been clogged up with all the coffee residues that accumulate in the upper and lower burrs, reducing the efficiency and swiftness of the grinder.


  • Clean the Grinder thoroughly.
  • Change grind setting from “finest grind” to “coarse grind”.
  • Set your limits from using too much oily espresso beans.
  • Try replacing the grinder blades.

Machine Leaking Water:

Jura coffee machine Leaking Water

It’s important to fix the problem of your jura coffee machine, losing its water out of the bottom before it gets worse. But why does the machine react that way at the time of making coffee?

One probable reason is because of the water tank being cracked. As the water tank is made of plastic, eventually, it will register cracks around its perimeter, which allows water to leak out.

Coffee machines can also leak water due to defective o-rings. Such things are usually molded into damaged shapes because of limescale deposits.

Another reason for water leakage is due to the leakage of the steam wand. If this spare part continues leaking small drips, it will result in condensation collecting around the surface of the wand, and then bigger leakage will take place over time.


  • Look out for any visible cracks around the water tank.
  • Water tank with complete amount of water.
  • Clean out limescale from the pipes and joints secured at the bottom of the machine.
  • Try descaling the steam wand.
  • Disassemble the stopper on the steam valve and look out for the parts that are responsible for water leakage.
  • Try replacing the o-rings with new ones.

Coffee Tastes Beyond Belief Awful:

There’s going to be one unfortunate day when your coffee starts to taste worse than Skunk Spray jelly beans. It’s simply foolish if you’re claiming that your friend bought a cheap pack of coffee beans this week. The root cause of a certain flavor of coffee is the certain grinding of coffee beans.

Coffee tastes weak:

It’s likely for coffee to get bitter if you over-extract coffee grounds. In addition, keeping poor maintenance of the machine can result in losing the standard taste of the coffee.


  • Change grinding settings to “coarse grind”.
  • Clean the milk system. We recommended you for that, Jura Milk System Cleaner or you can change JURA Accessory Set for Milksystems if required.
  • Change the water filter. You can see here find out your required water filter.
  • If jura machine water filter is not tight enough then you see a “fill water tank” error message. Solve the problem.
  • Decrease brewing time.
  • Balance the ratio between coffee and water.
  • Machine requires descaling.
  • Decrease water temperature.

Descale Option Won’t Show Up:

The Descaling option is one of the most important maintenance works for every coffee machine. We may not use this option every day, but we can’t withstand a week without it. The most common cause of the espresso machine descale option not showing up is because of the failure of the power supply.

The drip tray can be washed as needed at all times. The area of ​​the tray should be kept dry and clean. Of course if not after de-scaling the machine will ask you to empty the tray again and again.

Besides, a coffee machine that won’t show the descaling option is the result of being the cheaper ones that do not accommodate a large digital display. However, the machine can still perform a descaling process, switching a few programs with a little more patience and a few know-how.


  • Unplug the power cord and then plug it again.
  • Press the filter option and scroll over from “Yes” to “No”. Due to this, the filter option will be replaced by the descaling option.
  • Click down on the descaling option, and then the machine will automatically run through a descaling process.

How to fix a JURA coffee machine

Jura Coffee Machine No Water Coming Out!

Jura coffee machine no water coming out is a crucial issue. Most consumers have been facing these issues recently. As a result of this case, most coffee is dispensed slowly, not enough coffee is dispensed, or no coffee is dispensed.


  • Take a few Jura cleaning tablets at the primary level
  • Then run the cleaning cycle frequently with Jura cleaning tablets.
  • If the above process does not work, you need to remove the spout and clean it manually.
  • If this does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the spout.

Jura Coffee Machine No Coffee Coming Out

If your Jura coffee machine is not dispensing coffee, there could be several reasons. Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you address the issue:

Water Reservoir:

    • Ensure that the water tank is filled.
    • Make sure the water tank is seated properly.

Coffee Beans:

    • Ensure there are coffee beans in the bean hopper.
    • Check if the beans are not too oily, which might cause them to clump and not feed into the grinder correctly.
    • Sometimes the coffee beans might get stuck or not feed into the grinder; give the hopper a gentle shake.


If you hear the grinder running but no coffee is being ground, there might be a blockage. Clean the grinder according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Used Coffee Grounds Bin:

Ensure that the used coffee grounds bin is not full. If it is, empty it.

Drip Tray:

Check if the drip tray is full and empty if needed.

Coffee Spouts:

The coffee spouts could be clogged. Clean the spouts using a brush or a thin object. You can also use the machine’s cleaning program if available.

Internal Blockage:

Coffee grounds or mineral deposits can cause blockages in the internal system. Run a descaling solution through the machine as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Brew Group:

The brew group might be clogged or malfunctioning. If your machine model allows, remove and clean the brew group. Check the manual for specific instructions.


If you can hear the pump running but no water is coming out, it’s possible the pump is faulty or there is an airlock in the system. Some users have found success by turning off the machine, removing the water reservoir, and then turning the machine on for a few seconds before turning off again and replacing the water reservoir.


Ensure that the coffee strength or water amount settings are not set to the minimum, which might result in little to no coffee being dispensed.

Machine Cleaning and Maintenance:

Regular maintenance, including cleaning and descaling, can prevent many issues. Make sure to run cleaning cycles as recommended and use appropriate cleaning tablets and descaling solutions.


If your machine has software or firmware, there might be glitches. A reset or update (if available) might solve the issue.

If you’ve tried the above steps and are still facing issues, it would be a good idea to consult the machine’s manual or contact Jura’s customer support or an authorized service provider. It might need professional servicing or repair.

Jura Coffee Machine Keeps Turning Off!

Jura coffee machine also has an automatic power-saving mode, which basically turns off the coffee machine for energy savings, just like the advanced coffee machines of other brands. So to protect the coffee machine from damage as well as for power saving, this is an essential feature.


  • First, press the P button on your Jura coffee machine.
  • Then press the “>” button until 1 (4/6)” appears on display.
  • Then press the button “Switch off after.”
  • Now you have to adjust the time of switch off; in this case, change by pressing “< or >.”
  • After the time adjusting is complete, click “Save” to save the current settings, and finally, click “L” to exit from the program mode.

Why is my Jura coffee not pouring?

If your Jura coffee machine isn’t pouring coffee, there could be a number of reasons. Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you identify and potentially resolve the issue:

Water Tank:

    • Ensure that the water tank is filled.
    • Make sure that the water tank is correctly seated in its position.
    • Check the water tank for any cracks or damage.

Beans & Grinder:

    • Check that there are beans in the hopper.
    • Ensure that the coffee grind setting isn’t too fine. A very fine grind can sometimes clog the machine.
    • Over time, the grinder may become clogged with coffee grounds. Consult your user manual for guidance on cleaning the grinder.

Coffee Grounds Bin:

Empty the coffee grounds bin. Some Jura machines won’t brew if the grounds bin is full.

Blocked or Clogged Spouts:

    • The coffee spouts might be blocked. Clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • You can also try running a rinse cycle (if your machine has that option) to clear any potential blockages.

Drip Tray:

Make sure the drip tray is properly inserted and not full. Some models prevent brewing if the tray is not in place or if it’s full.

System Cleaning:

    • Coffee oils can build up and block the internal system. Regular cleaning and descaling are essential.
    • Use a Jura cleaning tablet or the recommended cleaning agent to clean the machine as per the user manual.
    • Regularly descale the machine if you have hard water.


If your Jura machine uses a water filter, it might be time to replace it. A saturated filter can impede water flow.

Brew Group:

The brew group might be misaligned or need cleaning. Refer to your machine’s manual for guidance on removing, cleaning, and re-inserting the brew group.

Software or Electronic Issue:

There might be a glitch in the system. Try turning the machine off, unplugging it for a few minutes, then plugging it back in and turning it on.

Pump or Internal Blockage:

If you can hear the pump running but no water is coming out, there might be a blockage in the internal lines or an issue with the pump itself.

Professional Assistance:

If you’ve gone through the above steps and still can’t resolve the issue, it might be time to contact Jura or a professional service technician. Some issues, especially internal ones, may require professional tools and expertise to fix.

Always refer to the user manual specific to your Jura model for detailed instructions and maintenance recommendations.

Why is coffee filter overflowing?

Coffee filters can overflow for a few reasons:

  1. Too much coffee: If you’re using too much coffee grounds for the amount of water you’re brewing, the filter may overflow as it can’t contain all the grounds.

  2. Fine grind: If the coffee grounds are too finely ground, they can create a dense layer that slows down the water flow, leading to overflow.

  3. Clogged filter: Over time, coffee oils and fine particles can accumulate in the filter, reducing its ability to let water pass through. This can cause overflow as the water has nowhere else to go.

  4. Poor filter placement: If the filter isn’t properly placed in the coffee maker or if it’s folded or crumpled, it can create gaps that allow grounds to escape and cause overflow.

  5. Old or low-quality filters: Filters that are old or of low quality may not be able to handle the pressure of brewing, leading to overflow.

To prevent overflow, make sure you’re using the right amount and grind of coffee, replace filters regularly, and ensure the filter is properly placed in the coffee maker. If the problem persists, you might want to check if there are any issues with your coffee maker itself.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions!

How to Reset Jura Coffee Machine?

Basically, many people factory reset their Jura coffee machine for their default settings. In this case, you can follow the simple process:

  • First, click on the P button from the display of your coffee maker.

  • Then click on the symbol of Machine Setting.

  • Then press on this symbol “>” for a while. After that, you can see the factory settings option; tap on it.

  • After tapping on factory settings, you will be given a confirmation message to Reset the machine to factory reset; click the Yes button there.

  • Finally, your Jura coffee maker is back to its default setting, which you can see saved on the display, which means your process is done successfully.

What does error 8 mean on a Jura coffee machine?

Most consumers get confused when they see error 8 on the Jura coffee machine and don’t understand what it means and what they want to do. Basically, by Error 8, the Jura coffee machine tells you about the awareness of its sensor. Basically, the brew unit is failing to move correctly in its cycle.

What is the best Jura coffee machine for your home?

Jura has several different coffee machine series that provide the most accessible usability, fastest performance, high-quality coffee, and more performance. However, most experts suggest Z series Jura coffee machines for home use, especially Jura Z6 and Z10. These two models have easy functionality and provide a great taste of coffee at home.

How long do Jura machines last?

In the market, you can see dozens of brands of standard espresso machines, where most of the machines last about 5 to 7 years. But in this case, the Jura coffee machine is ahead of its competitors; according to consumers, Jura machines last approximately 9 to 10 years, depending on maintenance, which is more than enough.

Which tools do I need to repair Jura coffee machines?

The Oval Head Key is a standard Jura coffee machine repair tool, which you can get from Amazon sellers or Jura’s official site. The oval Head Key is used to fasten the coffee machine’s exterior housing. So you will get this essential tool at a reasonable price.

My Jura machine is making unusual noises. Is this normal?

While some noise is typical during coffee preparation, loud or unusual sounds may indicate a problem. Check for loose parts, debris, or foreign objects inside the machine. If the noise continues, seek professional assistance.

Final Words:

Dealing with problems is never fun. But if you are a complete beginner or haven’t experienced any problems with a Jura coffee machine yet, the above listed jura coffee machines common problems and troubleshooting will minimize your repairing cost to a bare minimum by learning the quick fixes that are possible to do on your own.


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