Longboard Vs Skateboard – What’s the Difference?

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Since you want to know about longboard vs skateboard. That means you want to get a detailed idea of which one would be best for you from your strong interest in longboarding or skateboarding.

Skateboard and longboard may seem similar in general. But to be honest, there are many differences between them. The general difference can be understood by looking a little deeper.

Which one is better skateboard vs longboard? and which one is more fun?

There are lots of disagreements on these issues. So I think everything you need to know before buying a longboard or skateboard. And what are the main differences between a longboard or a skateboard? What are the advantages and disadvantages of longboard and skateboard? I have discussed it in detail in this article for your convenience.

If you read this whole article on longboard vs skateboard you will get a clear idea of the main differences between longboard and skateboard. Also, you can know which one will be better for you.

But I think, you know very well, what you need, or in other words why you want to do longboarding or skateboarding. So before buying longboards or skateboards, should check their functionality or features according to your needs. Whether what you are taking can meet your needs.

So in this article, I have discussed all the aspects of longboard and skateboard in detail, so that you can make the right decision according to your needs.

Origin Of Longboards And Skateboards

The first longboards were created by Preston Nichols in the 1940s and 50s as an alternative to surfing to get the feeling of surfing on flat land. Then they cut a piece of wood and stuck the wheel under it, and that’s when the skateboard was born. Skateboarders later realized that these boards were too big and difficult to operate, so they reduced the size of the boards.

In 1959, Makaha, Jack’s, and Hobie began commercial production as the first professional longboard distributors.

Longboarding became a popular activity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but its popularity plummeted by 1965.

And later, in 1972 when Frank Nasworthy and the Cadillac Wheel Company introduced the urethane longboard wheel, longboarding became much more popular than ever. Because these wheels allow longboards and skateboards to reach very high downhill speeds that were not possible before.

The introduction of Reverse Kingpins (RKP) at the time also improved riders’ stability. The exact originator of the reverse Kingpins remains unknown, but it is thought that as truck technology changed in the 1990s, boards became more stable due to these reverse Kingpins.

And since then the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) has introduced cutout decks that detach parts around the wheels so as not to touch the board when turning the wheels harder.

Longboard technology was then rapidly developed to integrate unique modern skating disciplines, including downhill, slalom, freeriding, dancing, and freestyle.

Modern longboard decks are now made from a variety of materials, including fiberglass composites, aluminum and carbon fiber, bamboo.

Now the trucks of professional boards are cut with edge CNC technology instead of die casting, offering more power and technique than cast trucks and which has gained a lot of popularity among professional skaters.

Differences Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

Here are the main differences, which everything you need to know.

Shape and Size:

Longboard Vs Skateboard
Longboard vs Skateboard

If you ever look at the longboard and the skateboard side by side, you will notice that the nose and tail of the longboard are many flat but you will see some more curves on the nose and tail of the skateboard. This makes skateboarding techniques and flips much easier to land.

Longboards tend to be much longer in size, ranging from 33 to 59 inches and 9 to 10 inches wide. But in general, skateboards are 26 to 36 inches wide and 7 to 10 inches wide.

However, 28-inch longboards are currently available. So don’t get wrong, that it’s a skateboard. In this case, you notice whether the board is flat or curved. If it is flat then it is a longboard and if it is curved then it is a skateboard. So if you see a flat board of small size, you will understand that it is a short longboard.

Deck Flexibility:

Deck Flexibility

The deck is the foundation of the board. So the deck is a very important issue. If you want to take the board to learn new techniques, you should choose a board that is slim. The flexibility of the board is its rigidity so these issues need to be considered. Choose a deck for cruising that can give you a spring-like feel to make stabilization and shaking nails easier. And for descent or maximum speed, you have to choose a longboard. If you are looking for a board for a long journey then longboard is the best choice for you.

Trucks and Wheels:

Both the skateboard and the longboard have wheels underneath which are attached to a truck. But there are some common differences between them.

Kateboard Truck

Skateboard trucks tend to be rigid and narrow which makes it easy for you to do the grinding and landing techniques you like. Because skateboard trucks use a traditional kingpin (TKP). Skateboard trucks are the same size as the maximum width of the deck. For skateboards example, for 6,5 “- 7,25” decks you should choose the 6 “- 7.25” truck axis.

On the other hand, for those who want to travel long distances on the longboard, a more flexible truck is used for a smoother and more comfortable ride. Longboard trucks tend to be wider. It uses a reverse Kingpin (RKP), and the hangers are mostly 150mm or 180mm. The truck should be chosen according to the width of the longboard like the skateboard. Longboards require 180mm trucks for a deck with 9 “width and many more. You can choose 150mm for smaller boards.

Longboard Truck

And in the case of wheels, larger and softer wheels are used in longboard shots. Which guarantees you a faster and longer ride on all kinds of surfaces.


On the other hand, skateboard wheels are a little bit smaller than longboard wheels. This makes it ideal for balance and strategies, but these can be easily thrown away by roadblocks.


If you are a beginner or want to learn and master new techniques, I would advise you to choose a longboard. Because it is much easier to keep the balance of the longboard than the skateboard. Longboards tend to be much larger in size than skateboards.

So first you should take a longboard for you become confident through the longboard. And click here to learn about the best longboard brands for beginners. Learn how to balance a skateboard with a small board or skateboard if you become more confident by running a longboard.

Speed and Tricks:

Since you want a board, you must know which board is right for you. So you know very well why you want to take the board. So here are some tips to help you get the most out of your longboard and skateboard.

Skateboard would be best for those:

  • Want to learn new tricks
  • Technical street skating
  • Grind rails
  • Skate mini ramps
  • Master kickflips
  • Conquer ollies

Longboard would be best for those:

  • A more stable riding experience
  • Cruising with friends
  • Bombing hills
  • Cruising, Dancing, Carving, Freeriding, Downhill, Slalom
  • Riding the board to the beach
  • Using their board to get around town

And if you want to race with cruises or friends, great speed is needed. In that case, I will ask you to like the longboard. Longboards are much easier to maintain speed and balance than skateboards.

Longboard vs skateboard comparison

Longboard vs skateboard comparison

Skateboard vs Longboard: Pros and Cons

Longboard Pros:

  • Longboards are great for beginners.
  • Longer than a skateboard in shape.
  • Great for running for a long time.
  • Longboards are easy to balance.
  • Great for learning new techniques.
  • Longboards last longer.

Longboard Cons:

  • Longboards are a bit expensive.
  • Longboards tend to be heavier, so carrying is a bit of a hassle.
  • The tricks can’t really be compared to skateboards.

Skateboard Pros:

  • Skateboards are easy to carry around.
  • The landing technique of skateboards can be very satisfactory.
  • Skateboards tend to be extremely fascinating.
  • Skateboards are cheaper and more popular than longboards.

Skateboard Cons:

  • Skateboarding requires a lot of dedication and commitment.
  • Shoes, decks, and wheels need to be replaced regularly depending on where you skate.
  • Skateboards are not great for long-distance rides.
  • Skateboards can feel uncomfortable on rough roads as a result of stiff wheels.
  • It requires a lot of pressure to maintain its speed.
  • Carving is almost impossible.

What’s the Difference?

Longboards and skateboards are two distinct types of boards used for riding and performing tricks. While they may seem similar at first glance, they have several key differences that cater to different riding styles and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between longboards and skateboards:

  1. Board Length:

    • Longboard: As the name suggests, longboards are typically longer than skateboards, ranging from 33 to 59 inches (84 to 150 cm) or more. The extra length provides stability and makes them suitable for cruising and downhill riding.
    • Skateboard: Skateboards are shorter, usually around 28 to 32 inches (71 to 81 cm). Their compact size makes them ideal for performing tricks and maneuvers in skate parks or on the street.
  2. Wheel Size:

    • Longboard: Longboards have larger, softer wheels that range from 60mm to 107mm in diameter. These wheels offer a smoother ride and are better for rolling over cracks and rough terrain.
    • Skateboard: Skateboards typically have smaller, harder wheels, usually between 48mm to 60mm. These wheels are designed for better grip and control during tricks and flips.
  3. Deck Shape:

    • Longboard: Longboard decks are wider and often feature a symmetrical shape. This design is more stable and suited for cruising, carving, and downhill riding.
    • Skateboard: Skateboard decks are narrower with a more pronounced concave shape, which aids in performing tricks and flips. The nose and tail are usually asymmetrical.
  4. Riding Style:

    • Longboard: Longboards are designed for a smoother and more relaxed riding experience. They are great for transportation, downhill racing, and long-distance cruising.
    • Skateboard: Skateboards are made for tricks and technical maneuvers. They excel at tricks like ollies, kickflips, and grinds, making them popular in skate parks and urban environments.
  5. Trucks:

    • Longboard: Longboard trucks are wider and more stable, allowing for better control at higher speeds. They are less responsive for quick turns.
    • Skateboard: Skateboard trucks are narrower and more responsive, making it easier to execute tight turns and precise movements for tricks.
  6. Riding Terrain:

    • Longboard: Longboards are suitable for various terrains, including hills, bike paths, and open roads. They handle rough surfaces and downhill slopes with ease.
    • Skateboard: Skateboards are primarily designed for smooth surfaces like skate parks, sidewalks, and streets. They may struggle on rough terrain.

In summary, the choice between a longboard and a skateboard depends on your riding style and preferences. Longboards are great for relaxed cruising and downhill riding, while skateboards excel in performing tricks and maneuvers. Many riders also enjoy the versatility of owning both types of boards to cater to different situations and moods.

Is it easier to skateboard or longboard?

Longboarding is easier than skateboarding. Longboards have much wider and longer and softer wheels than skateboards that make it easier for you to balance. So longboards can be the best choice for beginners.

Because skateboards have tighter wheels and less space for your feet and it will take more time to learn. So longboard is much easier than a skateboard. So if you are new to riding board, it is better to start with soft wheels, it will enable you to progress faster.

Once longboarding has become a bit more expert then you can run towards skateboarding. But if you bit of cruising can be done on both if you slap on the right wheels.

Which is better skateboard or longboard?

Longboards and skateboards are good for both, but I think longboards would be an ideal board for beginners. Because the longboards are big in size and the wheels are soft which is great for keeping balance. Longboards are primarily made for cruising, they are longer and have more stability when riding. Longboards have softer wheels than skateboards which makes their cruise easier.

Longboards would be a great choice for those who like to wander around the streets in or around the city. Because you get fast speed on the longboard as well as great balance.

And skateboards would be ideal for people who basically want to do tricks and spend a lot of time in skate parks. Skateboarding is a very interesting and fun medium. So it has become very fast and the popularity is increasing day by day.

Good for both longboard and skateboard and both are popular. So you need to choose the board that suits you best, and that can be meet your needs. I would suggest choosing a quality longboard. So you can check here z flex longboard review. That really a good quality longboard brand.

Is a longboard safer than a skateboard?

Simply put, longboards are much safer than skateboards. On the longboard, you will find a wide and wide deck feature that will allow you to position your foot on a wide stand that provides greater balance than a normal skateboard.

But a safe ride requires some basic skills for both. But if you are new, it would be better to start with a longboard. Because it is much easier to maintain balance on the longboard. And if you are experienced in longboard, you can take skateboard.

But in the beginning, I think some safety gear should be used for both. You can see here the Best Longboard Brands For Beginners. That will be really helpful for beginners. For choosing the best longboard at the beginning.

Are longboards good for beginners?

Longboard will be a great choice for beginners. Because you are new, you don’t know how to keep balance, how to ride. And since keeping the balance on the longboard is much easier than on the skateboard.

You can learn in a very short time so I think the beginner should choose the longboard. And after mastering the technique of longboard, you can take the skateboard. Then it will be easier for you to learn skateboarding. I’m not saying you can’t learn skateboarding without learning longboarding.

I mean, if you know longboarding, it will be easier to learn skateboarding. But I think every beginner should choose a quality board. For that, you can see a good-quality board Loaded Dervish Sama Review here.

Which one is the best transportation skateboard or longboard?

It depends on your needs such as if you need the board for long-distance travel. For that, you need a board that can move fast and is easy to push. In that case, a longboard will be the best transport for you.

Skateboard vs longboard

And if you need to travel short distances, a skateboard will be good for you. Because of the speed of the skateboard, you will not get too much. Skateboard speed control and speed control are a bit difficult, for that you have to put a lot of pressure. So skateboard is not suitable for long-distance travel.

Drop-through or drop deck boards are more comfortable on longboards. Its long wheelbase, large wheels, and efficient bearings will give you long-distance comfort.

So longboard is the best mode of transport for travel.

Which one is the best for urban commuting in skateboard or longboard?

If you want to run a board in a crowded city, a skateboard would be good for you. Because the skateboard is small in size and can turn very easily. But longboards are large in size and require more space to turn. So skateboard would be the best choice for crowded urban areas.


However, when cruising in the city, and during the journey, you may often need to carry the board. So skateboard is the best. Because the skateboard is small in size and light in weight so you can carry it very easily.

Also, a skateboard will not give you a comfortable ride on rough sidewalks and cracked roads. In that case, longboard would be better.

You can also consider the mini cruiser longboard as an alternative to skateboarding in such a city. These can be the size of a skateboard or slightly smaller. These boards have large wheels, and a deck designed to reduce wheel bites, kicktails, and some light concave. So for city riding, a mini-cruiser is considered a strong competitor and a serious alternative to a street skateboard.

Skateboard or Longboard which is the best for freestyle tricks?

This is the most interesting reason for choosing a skateboard. Because skateboard skates, half pipes, warts, bowls, street tricks, and rail grinds are perfect for everything. Its cocktails, hard wheels, and full-length concave give you the best choice for freestyle tricks. So I suggest you choose a skateboard for freestyle tricks.

Skateboard or Longboard which is the best for Freeriding and downhill?

If your intention is to make quick moves or slides then I will definitely tell you that longboard will be good for you. This is because most longboards are designed to provide better control at higher speeds than skateboards due to their larger wheels, longer wheelbase, and deck size. So longboard will be your best choice for freeriding and downhill.

Skateboard or Longboard which is the best for dancing?

If you are interested in stylish and elegant chains of dance then I would ask you to take the dancer longboard. Because this national board will give you enough space and stability you need for cross-stepping and spinning and the attraction for carving on flat ground.

But the deck of the skateboard is small and stiff, also the wheels are very short and stiff, and the trucks are very stiff for this riding style. So skateboard is not suitable for this kind of riding.

Final Verdict:

This is an article comparing my Longboard vs Skateboard. I hope I have been able to give you all the information you wanted to know here.

I think now you have enough ideas to make the right decision as to which skateboard or longboard would be better for you. So this is my attempt to help you to make the right decision.

I wish you long success in longboarding or skateboarding.

Stay well stay fit.

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