How to Reset Waste King Garbage Disposal? [Simple Process]

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Reset is a most common task in any garbage disposal; every disposer comes with a reset button, which keeps the disposer safe from various risks. You may need to reset your Waste King garbage disposal for mostly clogging, overload, or other miscellaneous troubleshooting.

In these crucial times, if you keep the motor running without resetting your disposer, the motor damage chances increase several times. Therefore, it is very important for those who have a disposal in the kitchen to know how to reset waste king garbage disposal.

However, resetting garbage disposal is not rocket science; you can easily reset your Waste King InSinkErator, or other brand disposers by following some easy steps, which we described below.

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Where is the Garbage Disposal Reset Button Located

Undoubtedly the reset button is a vital function for any garbage disposal, which includes all garbage disposals. But one difference is its location and color. If you notice, you can see that the reset button of different brands and types of garbage disposal is found in various places.

Primarily the reset button is located on the bottom side of the garbage disposals, and its color is red. However, its color can be black in particular. For example, the reset button of the Moen garbage disposal is black.

However, you can see the reset button of Moen, Waste King, and Whirl-away garbage disposal on the front-facing side, which is basically below the company logo. Again the reset button of the InSinkErator garbage disposal is located below.

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How to Reset Waste King Garbage Disposal

In this section, we have explained every step of how to reset garbage disposal in detail, so carefully observe every stage and follow.

Step 1: Turn OFF your Waste King disposal

First, you have to turn off the disposer’s switch; in this case, you do not have to disconnect the disposer from the main electric connection.

Step 2: Press the reset button once

As we mentioned earlier, different disposer unit reset buttons are usually located in different positions. But mostly, you will find the switch at the bottom of the disposer. However, the reset button of Waste King is on the front-facing side. Simply put, you can see the button at the bottom of the logo section. So press the reset button once.

Step 3: Put the switch in its ON position

Once you click the reset button, now it’s time to turn ON the disposer and carefully check whether the disposal has started working properly! If the disposal runs, then your garbage disposal resetting job is done here!

But if it doesn’t run, then you have to follow our next steps. In this case, turn OFF the main switch again. Then follow the steps below.

Step 4: Find out the issues

Mainly, when debris gets stuck inside the garbage disposal chamber, several issues like clogging and jamming occur. Even after pushing the basic reset button, the disposer does not respond.

Here you have to take a small flashlight, and then with the help of it, you have to look at the obstructions towards the top inside of the disposer and see whether there is any visible obstruction or not. If you see any visible obstructions, avoid pulling it out directly by hand because several sharp blades are inside the chamber. In this case, remove it with the help of tongs or pliers.

After removing it, it’s time to press the reset button again and switch ON the disposer. You will see that your disposer is now running.

Step 5: Unclog the disposal

If you do not find any kind of obstructions inside the disposal after extensively exploring, then you have to unjam it with the help of an unjamming tool or Allen wrench. Then press the reset button again.

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Final Verdict

Generally, you can easily reset your Waste King as well as any other disposal in the process described in our how to reset Waste King garbage disposal guide. Hopefully, you have also been able to reset your disposal efficiently.

But if you are not able to reset it, then this problem is no longer in your hands; you may understand that the most critical issue is at your disposal. In this case, you need to contact Waste King garbage disposal support and explain the problem in detail.