How to Fix a InSinkErator Garbage Disposal? [Solutions]

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Garbage disposal is a straightforward machine, and almost all the functionalities have been assembled in a very simple way so that any beginner can easily repair or replace it.

If your disposal suddenly stops working, it is probably to be jammed. You don’t need to call a plumber to fix this simple issue. Because you can simply fix this issue within 10 to 15 minutes without any plumbing experience, just follow this how to fix a InSinkErator garbage disposal guide.

So, let’s begin.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Repairing Safety Tip

Basic safety is very important in any repair task, especially if you are going to fix a machine like a garbage disposal, then safety must be measured several times more.

When you repair the InSinkErator garbage disposal, you must remember that don’t try to insert your hand inside the disposal.

Even if your garbage disposal is turned off and the circuit is shut off, never insert your fingers or hand inside the disposal or directly contact the blades. Because InSinkErator garbage disposal’s blades are much sharper, which can easily grind strong things like bones.

So there are high chances of your hands or fingers being seriously injured by touching the blades. Must avoid doing this at repairing time.

How to Fix a InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (Step by Step)

How to Fix a InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

In this section, we have highlighted all aspects of how to repair InSinkErator garbage disposal. Step by step, obey the following procedures. By following this method, if you want, you can also fix the jammed issues of other disposal brands.

Tools You Will Need

  • Hex keys
  • Garbage disposal wrench

Written Direction:

Mostly you will find a 4 inch self service wrench with any InSinkErator garbage disposal model. The shape of the wrench is a little cranky. If you don’t have this one, then you can use a 1/4-inch Allen wrench instead of an InSinkErator self-service wrench.

Step 1: Check Your Electricity

First, ensure that the electrical line of your disposal is switched off, and the disposal is also turned OFF. If necessary, you can turn off the main circuit breaker of the house or unplug the disposal for more safety.

Step 2: Free the Disposal’s Jam

  • There is a hex-shaped hole at the bottom of each disposal. So find it.
  • Insert the wrench that came with your disposal, or if you don’t have a wrench, then you can insert any 1/4 inch Allen wrench into the hole in the disposal.
  • Turn the wrench manually, first in the counterclockwise direction and then in the clockwise direction. Keep doing this until the disposal’s motor shaft can spin freely. Sometimes the jam is too inflexible, so you may need to force the wrench to turn. If it does not turn after enough force, then directly follow our 3rd step.
  • After turning the wrench freely a few times, now remove the wrench and plug in the disposal.
  • Keep pouring water from the above and turn ON the disposal. If you see the disposal running smoothly without making any unwanted noise, you are done here. Otherwise, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Still Your Disposal Jammed?

  • Again turn OFF your garbage disposal and unplug it.
  • Carefully see inside of the disposal; if there are any excess materials and debris, then remove them. Don’t put your hands in here; instead, try using pliers or tongs.
  • Place the D jamming wrench into the garbage disposal from above, and then rotate shredder breaker bars forcefully. First, turn it counterclockwise and then clockwise until the jam is free and the motor spins freely.
  • Finally, remove the jammed item and press the garbage disposal’s overload reset button. Then plug in the disposer and wait for 30 seconds. After that, turn ON the disposer switch along with cold water flow, check the operation, and continue to run water for a few minutes.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal Video Guide

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Final Verdict 

Garbage disposal clogged issues are exceptionally regular. But you can follow some tips to get rid of it.

  • Always run the cold water flow first, then turn on the disposal, then after completing your grinding, try to keep the water flow continuing for a few seconds so that the remaining waste is cleaned away from the machine.
  • Never pour fat and grease inside the disposal.
  • Avoid using extremely hot water during food grinding.

Hopefully, our how to fix a InSinkErator garbage disposal guide has helped you a lot in repairing your disposal. However, if your disposal is still not resolved, then it may need servicing. Here you can find the InSinkErator service agency near you.


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