How to Install Waste King Garbage Disposal in 10 Minutes

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A garbage disposal is one of the most familiar appliances in American kitchens. Many households constantly replace, repair, or install new disposers in their kitchen. That’s why they mostly call a plumber, which makes a substantial additional cost.

But this installation part is very easy and even almost similar to all disposer cases, but not without difficulties. However, in this guide, we have discussed how to install Waste King garbage disposal, which will help you a lot in the successful installation of Waste King garbage disposal installation.

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How to Install Waste King Garbage Disposal

In this section, we have discussed each point step by step which will help you understand the installation part more easily, so carefully observe each step.

Waste King Garbage Disposal Installation Process


Waste King garbage disposals generally match most homes and operate on standard 110V to 120V, 60 hz. If you still have any statements, then you can definitely contact a professional electrician before installation.

Make sure you have all the tools at hand, with the help of which you can efficiently complete the installation task.

Before Starting, You Will Need the Following;

  • Safety Glass
  • Liquid soap
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel Punch
  • Plumber’s Putty

Step 1: Remove an Existing Disposer

In the case of any electrical appliance repair or replacement task, you must first unplug the plug from the electrical outlet. Similarly, disconnect your existing disposer cord from the outlet before installation. If the disposal is connected with the help of hardware directly wiring, then turn off the main circuit breaker.

After that, step by step, carefully disconnect the drain line, dishwasher connection, mounting ring, and other attached parts of your old garbage disposal. If you struggle with removing the disposer from the mounting ring, you can insert a screwdriver and tap it to turn the mounting ring; you will see that it will turn and depart from the ring, then loosen the mounting ring screws. Then remove the garbage disposal’s flange assembly from the sink drain.

Step 2: Install the New Mounting Assembly

First, you need to loosen the drain stopper and mounting clamp screws from the new waste king garbage disposal. Then install the assembly parts under the sink.

Wipe the opening part of the sink, then place a bead of 1/2 inch thick plumber’s putty on the sink opening. Insert the Waste King disposer sink flange over the plumber’s putty, and press firmly.

Tell someone to keep holding the top of the sink flange while you work on the underside of the sink. Next, take the triangular attachment ring and gasket and slide them to the tailpiece of the sink flange. Secure the ring by snapping the round clip spring.

Step 3: Tighten the Mounting Ring and Connect the Power Cord

Now tighten the screws with the mounting assembly with the help of the screwdriver you have. Try to create some pressure, so the sink flange is secure against the bottom; you will see that the plumber putty you have applied is a little out around the drain opening; you can use a rag to remove the excess plumber putty from the drain opening. However, ensure complete sealing. But avoid over-tightening.

Then before you attach the disposer, it’s time to connect the power cord. So first, remove the cover plate from the bottom side of the disposer here; you can see the power cords. Take a look at the user manual to easily understand which of the power cords is neutral and which is hot. Then connect the wires accordingly! Keep in mind this is a very important part, so carefully do this part.

Step 4: Prepare Dishwasher Connection and Mount the Disposal

Dishwasher drain water is mainly run through the garbage disposal, so before installation, take the steel punch and punch with the help of a hammer, then remove the inlet inside the disposer. Avoid using any screwdriver or any other sharp tools.

Make sure there is a rubber gasket in the discharge elbow, slide the metal bracket over the elbow, and then insert it into the discharge elbow. Then tighten the two screws attached to it well but avoid over-tightening.

Now it’s time to connect the garbage disposal to the mounting assembly. In this case, you have to lubricate the top cushion mount with the help of liquid soap inside. Then you have to engage the upper cushion mount ring with the bottom of the sink flange.

Attach by turning correctly and ensure the disposer does not move. Then fully tighten the cushion mount ring screws with the screwdriver. Now the disposal will hang safely. After that, connect the discharge elbow to the drain pipe, as well as connect the dishwasher drain hose to the dishwasher.

Note: If the dishwasher line size is different and does not correctly attach to the dishwasher in your disposer, then purchase a dishwasher connector kit and attach it. 

Step 5: Check for Leakage Issues

Finally, it’s time to check whether there is any leakage. In this case, first, recheck each connection and ensure that there is no loose connection and that all connections are secure.

Then run the water, plug in the power cord, and turn the power circuit. Now you have successfully done your Waste King garbage disposal installation task.

To understand the installation process we described more efficiently, take a look at the official installation video of waste king we suggested. Let’s check this out.


After installing the garbage disposal, the most common problem that users face is terrible odors. Many people face this odor issue due to not doing basic cleaning after grinding.

In this case, you can definitely follow this simple advice; after disposing of debris, run water for 30-40 seconds. After a few days, throw some lemon slices into the garbage disposal and turn on the disposer for a few seconds.

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Final Opinion

Waste King’s garbage disposal installation process is very easy, and their detailed user manual is especially helpful for beginners. I suggest you read the user manual carefully before installation.

Also, one more thing must be kept in mind, if you are a complete beginner, and do not have any basic plumbing knowledge, then I would highly recommend taking the help of an expert.

Hopefully, our how to install waste king garbage disposal guide has helped you to understand each step efficiently.

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