Top 5 Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD In 2023!

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Top Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 Dollar

  • Goplus Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 – String
  • Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit
  • Safstar Electric Bass Guitar
  • Glarry Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 – String
  • Fashion White Full Size 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 : Review

Goplus Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 – String:

cheap bass guitars under 100


It’s another best beginner bass guitar. It is a functional and beautiful electric bass that enables you to play your favorite melodies, thereby perfects your skills.

Additionally, it comes in a lightweight design, thus making it easy to carry plus its attractive surface and excellent quality make it an ideal pick.

Finally, it incorporates a reasonable price, fashionable design, and superb quality, making it a great playing instrument.


  • It comes fully equipped with a set of accessories including one bass bag, one bass pick, one shoulder strap, one Amp cord, one electric bass as well as one bass bag. Thus once you get your instrument, you can start playing it straight away.
  • This cheap bass guitar integrates quality and fashionable design. It is built from a wood body that offers sturdiness, ensuring you can freely play. Additionally, having a polished surface makes the bass look shinier and smoother, and you have two color designs to choose from: blue and white and black and white. So, all your different aesthetic options are satisfied with this bass guitar.
  • It is available with a travel bass bag thereby enabling you to carry your electric bass guitar around with ease anywhere you want. It also features straps that make it easy to carry or lift the bass. The bag’s design features zip closures that allow you to store your music score or accessories inside accessibly.
  • This bass delivers improved and smooth tones, making it perfect for playing rock and roll and everything else in between. Usually, the warm sounds produced by the wood are complemented by the natural, bright sound of the best electric bass guitar brands.


  • Gives remarkable performance
  • affordable,
  • lightweight.
  • Great for beginners
  • Well-finished
  • produces warm and bright tones.


  • The carrying case of this bass guitar comes with a weird smell.
  • The action often is relatively high and needs to be adjusted regularly.

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit – Bluburst Color:

cheap bass guitars under 100


This best beginner bass guitar is available at an affordable price without compromising performance and builds quality.

Both the sound quality and appearance are decent. At the same time, this bass guitar is perfect to learn from if you are an amateur. But not ideal for playing during performances.

Despite its affordable price tag. This playable bass guitar plays considerably well, unlike other cheap bass guitar brands.

Nevertheless, it produces a buzzing sound while playing—a common occurrence in most lower-end bass guitars often used by beginners and students. Starting training yourself, you need to consider this electric best beginner bass guitar.


  • It comes with a greater performance bass guitar for sale and improved feels and tones.
  • Inside the package of this bass guitar is one Amp cord, one guitar pick, one shoulder strap, one guitar bag, and one electric guitar. It is the best beginner bass guitar package
  • Integrated into its design is high quality and brand new rose fingerboard and a bridge. Which helps in making the produced sound nothing but exceptional.
  • The surface of this bass guitar is polished to give this cheap bass guitar under $100 with an outstanding appearance.


  • Incorporates all the basics which are easy to learn.
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Lightweight design and portable.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Nice appearance


  • The accessories used in making this bass guitar feel cheap plus are of inferior quality.
  • One of the tuners in this guitar does not affect playability or tuning.

Safstar Electric Bass Guitar with Amp Cord Strap Carrying Bag for Starters Beginners (Blue)

best cheap bass guitars


This best beginner bass guitar is a functional and attractive electric bass guitar perfect for playing your favorite tunes. It incorporates a hard texture and high-density texture rosewood in its design, which will remain robust throughout the bass guitar’s entire lifetime.

It is also lightweight and easy to carry around and integrates a beautiful and good quality surface. Thanks to its remarkable quality, fair price, and comfortable touch feel, this is one of the best cheap bass guitars that sounds great you will not regret owning.


  • It is a well-appointed set; thus, you can effortlessly carry it with you while on vacations or to lessons with the guitar inside the storage bag. Additionally, it includes everything you require, such as a tuner, a shoulder strap, an Amp cord, as well as picks. Thus you can play it straight away from its box.
  • It integrates an improved performance bass cost with better feels and tones.
  • The build quality of both the fingerboard and body is exceptionally made from high-quality rose and paulownia, respectively.
  • Moreover, this cheap bass guitar comes with a gliding fret, appropriate thickness handle, a smooth feeling, comfortable strings, and precise chord distance.
  • It features a full-size 48-inch cutaway body for a full and vibrant tone which guarantees the production of brighter and richer sounds. Likewise, it is perfect for country, rock, blues, folk, and others.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Superb sound quality
  • Do not need any assemble
  • Functional for a prolonged duration.
  • Easy to play


  • The strings of this cheap bass guitar snap easily, consequently costing you more money in repair costs.

Glarry Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 – String Rosewood Basswood Fire Style Exquisite Burning Bass Guitar

cheap bass guitars under 100

Check Price On Walmart

Suppose you are an experienced or amateur bass musician looking for a high-performance bass guitar.

It would help if you bought the Glarry Electric Bass Guitar, also known as Glarry short-scale bass.

This best beginner bass guitar is constructed from a synthetic and wooden body with a remarkable finish. Thereby delivering an outstanding sound and appearance.

Furthermore, not only does this instrument offer you great sounds but also better ease of playability. Incorporated into its design is a comfortable fingerboard and neck that make it perfect for any plating style, as well as a high-tensile fret wire to guarantee smooth playability and durability.

Finally, it also features an adjustable bridge that delivers a solid tone and sustains the creation of excellent intonation. It’s a nice guitar within this budget.


  • The back/face material and the fretboard are made of basswood and rosewood, which ensures the bass guitar sounds both rock and warm. Additionally, the durable and sturdy materials that safeguard your bass guitar is helpful for an extended duration.
  • It is the perfect bass guitar for students as it produces excellent bass effects while remaining affordable.
  • It consists of all accessories, including one Amp cord, one shoulder strap, one portable bag, and one electric guitar, plus it is playable straight from the box.
  • These bass guitars come with a portable bag where you can put your bass guitar to performances, class, and out to practice with your band buddies.
  • This bass guitar has a smooth neck and a standard string spacing that offers you great touch. Likewise, unlike an ordinary guitar, it features more significant string extensions as well as thicker strings.


  • Easily playable
  • lightweight and portable
  • Assembly process.
  • Good sound quality
  • durable and sturdy
  • splendid design
  • Made from basswood and rosewood.


  • Amplifier connected sound is not excellent.

Fashion White Full Size 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Burning Fire Style

Lykos Fashion White Full Size 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Burning Fire Style


It is a fantastic best beginner bass guitar because it guarantees a splendid performance. Whereas it resembles a standard guitar, it is relatively different due to its use. It comes with a more considerable string extension and thicker strings than an ordinary guitar.

This instrument is ideal for creating great bass effects, as found on the low-pitch site. Finally, this bass guitar integrates a remarkable synthetic and wood material, making it robust and durable. It’s a beautiful guitar within your budget.


  • It integrates a silky balance to its tone, which beautifully supports the vocals.
  • Integrated into its design is a more extensive and thicker string tension, unlike in standard guitars? It is a best mid-range bass guitar
  • It incorporates a stylish outlook, is comfortable in your hands, produces mellow sound, and delivers stable performance. It is the complete bass guitar package deal.
  • It is the ideal instrument to create a splendid bass effect.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality sound.
  • durable and robust,
  • damage resistant
  • Easily movable
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap bass guitars for sale


  • Prone to break the strings after using it for a prolonged duration.

Here we discuss the top two acoustic guitars in the current market. These guitars are perfect for Beginners.


Also We Recommend for Best Acoustic Guitars Under 100

Here we discuss top two acoustic guitars in the current market. These guitars perfect for Beginners.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100


Acoustic guitars for under 100 dollars are also available. It would help if you went for a trustworthy brand with history when buying a guitar.

Jasmine is a reliable brand in the music industry, producing robust musical instruments, starting from acoustic guitar to bass guitar. You will find the most budget-friendly and well-features acoustic guitar from the brand.

Our present pick is Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, a decent beginner-level guitar with an aesthetic design with effortless playability.

The guitar also comes with a step-by-step guidebook and instructional DVD. Featuring a spruce top, rosewood fretboard, laminated nato back and sides, satin or natural finish, and chrome-covered tuning machines make it one of the durable and easy-to-handle instruments in the market.

Excellent sound- the soul of any best electric guitar for 100 dollars or 35 dollars in the world. It is inexpensive bass.

What makes Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is its balanced sound which will not hurt your ears. Instead, it will make your please with its mild tune. However, you will find the low-end sound a little bit loose.

Hardware – the core of longevity:

The guitar’s hardware is not that extraordinary compared to others on the list. Instead, it is an average one that comes with a fret wood of rosewood along with a satin finishing.  Though it is not as durable and stable as its other peers, it is worth the price tag.


  • It features a spruce top.
  • Comes with a laminated Nano back and sides
  • The fretboard is made with rosewood
  • Comes with a satin finishing
  • Average bass guitar weight


  • Best for beginner and intermediate players
  • Big and clear projection of Sound
  • Offers rich, balanced tone
  • Travel-friendly
  • Best affordable bass guitar
  • Aesthetic
  • Lightweight


  • Not best for advanced or professional guitarists
  • Built with average hardware
  • A bit loose low-end response
  • May require setup
  • May need tune change frequently
  • Average hardware
  • Sometimes need to change or replace the strings

Best Choice Products Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar – Full Size, 4 String, Fretted Bass Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100

It is one of the best cheap electric guitars for beginners that you may try as your first musical instrument. If you are searching for guitars, this is the right one for you, proving both quality and affordability.

Unlike others on the list, the guitar is made with durable mahogany wood and is available in different colors. The glossy finishing is eye-soothing and comfortable to use.

Additionally, a 22-fret rosewood fretboard neck with die-cast chrome tuners and an adjustable truss rod make it as perfect as an ideal bass guitar.

Though the guitar comes with a preset condition, you can make changes. You can easily change the neck and strings using the tuners and adjustable truss rod. Because of the adjustable truss rod and tuners, you can quickly eliminate problematic issues with sounding.

Therefore, the guitar’s body shape makes it easy to play in sitting and standing positions. Finally, the guitar provides a more refined and mild sound, ideal for beginners. 

However, the guitar does not include onboard preamps or tuners. As a result, if you are looking for built-in amplifiers, this is not the right one for you.

Can pick the color:

Yes, you can choose your desired colors from classical blue to beige and black.


  • Comes with a 4-band EQ-7545R guitar preamp
  • 4-band equalizer adjusts bass
  • Comes with built-in volume control


  • Good for both beginners and advanced users
  • Provides rich and resonant sound
  • Glossy finishing
  • Durable due to use of premium material
  • Sturdy body
  • Provide more refined sound
  • Comes with built-in volume control
  • Adjustable truss rod and tuners
  • Comfortable to play


  • No onboard preamps or tuners.

How much does this guitar cost?

If you have between $300 to $400, you may become a proud owner of this guitar, but this may sound somewhat pricey if you are a beginner. However, if you are looking for the best bass for 300 dollar guitar that provides you with the versatility to play numerous music genres, look no further.

If you have a huge budget for buying a guitar, you can choose one of them from the below list. You don’t need to buy in the future for advanced learning.

Recommend for big Budget’s

best cheap bass guitars under 100


Yamaha is a brand known all over the world for making high-quality products. The Yamaha TRBX304 is no exemption, as this is a trendy and famous bass guitar starter kit often used by many bands. Some of the reasons that make this bass guitar to be highly regarded include;

Integrated into its body is a double-humbucker pickup. One of the humbuckers delivers a rich sound, and the presence of two pickups allows you to either use the treble-friendly tone that is ideal for pop and funk music or the bass-heavy tone needed for beginner metal bass music. It is the best beginner bass for metal.

It features a double-cutaway’s beautiful curves that make playing high notes easier, unlike playing without one. Additionally, it is available in numerous colors, which appeals to many bassists.

This bass guitar offers you versatility due to having five strings, which is exactly what you require.

Squier (by Fender) Affinity Jazz Bass

Cheap bass guitars


If you are looking for a Fender-made starter bass guitar that offers you an incredible value bass guitar, this is a perfect choice. If you are looking for the best basses under 200, unlike the other highly-priced models which cost up to $1000. This is the best bass guitar for 200

You get an excellent-sounding jazz-style beginner’s bass guitar with this bass guitar. Additionally, dual pickups and classic “fender tuning pegs” are incorporated in its design for additional authenticity. Consequently, you will get to realize a warm jazz tone. Which will bring out the traits of the original Fender bass guitars? As a result, it’s one of the best beginner bass guitars. I am so making this the perfect choice.

Bass guitar buying guide

There are lots of factors to choosing a bass guitar to buy. So you need first to do extensive research to make an informed decision. Therefore, here are some things you need to consider when looking for the best beginner bass guitar in the market.

Playing style:

Your style of play is crucial before deciding which bass guitar you should buy. Most bassists love to play the Wash burn or Ibanez when using a plectrum, producing immaculate playing tones. The Music Man bass or Fender is ideal for the classic funk players as it creates a twangy and clear sound.


The best budget bass guitar you have set aside is always an essential factor you need to consider when looking for a bass guitar. At the same time, a bass guitar might produce the sound you love. Its price might be out of your reach as it is among the most expensive bass guitars on the market.

Fortunately, there still are numerous bass guitars available at an affordable price to choose from; therefore, your needs too will be addressed. Best bass for the money under 3oo are available in the market, but it depends on your budget.Suppose your budget is not allowed you to buy a new guitar,then go for the best bass guitar package. It renews your old guitar.


There are two types of bass guitar pickups: active and passive pickups. Passive pickups have been in existence from the start of best budget electric bass, and they offer you a warm, whole tone as well as dynamic sound. However, this pickup has one drawback: it does not provide you with sufficient control over your instrument’s tone.

Active pickups are much newer than passive pickups, and it produces a tone that is clear, bright, and percussive. Moreover, integrated into these active pickups is an in-built battery-powered preamp with a considerably higher output, unlike passive pickups. Nevertheless, it would help if you changed the batteries periodically.

Music genre:

You should also consider the musical tone and genre you want to play before choosing a bass guitar you will buy; therefore, if you plan to perform some complex and heavy metal genre licks. The Fender Mustang PJ bass guitar is not an ideal choice for you. Likewise, if your goal is to hit the bass along the funk line, you should go for the Warwick bass. It is the best cheap bass for metal.

Considering the genre you play is also essential before buying a bass guitar. Specific styles usually use similar bass guitars, making it even easier to decide which model you should buy.

Are cheap basses any good?

Whether or not “cheap” basses are good depends on the context in which you ask. Let’s explore this from a few angles:

  1. Purpose and Use:

    • Beginners: Cheap basses can be excellent for someone just starting out who isn’t sure whether they’ll continue playing or for someone on a tight budget. A lower investment might make sense until one is sure about their long-term commitment to the instrument.
    • Gigging/Professional Use: For regular gigging or studio recording, a professional might prefer a higher-quality instrument for its tonal quality, durability, and reliability. However, some professionals do find gems among budget instruments and use them for specific sounds or as backups.
  2. Quality Variance:

    • Build Quality: Cheaper basses might have less consistent build quality. This could mean uneven fretwork, lower-quality hardware, or other manufacturing inconsistencies.
    • Sound: The tonal quality might not be as rich or versatile as more expensive models, though this can be subjective. Some players might actually prefer the sound of certain budget instruments for specific genres or songs.
    • Components: Cheaper basses often come with less-expensive pickups, tuners, and bridges. These can be upgraded later if desired.
  3. Brands and Models:

    • Not all cheap basses are created equal. Some brands or models are known to offer good value for the price and can be quite reliable and sound decent. Research and reviews can help identify these.
  4. Setup and Modifications:

    • Setup: Even a cheap bass can be greatly improved with a proper setup. This means adjusting the truss rod, bridge, and nut to optimize playability.
    • Modifications: Some players buy cheap basses with the intention of upgrading parts like pickups, tuners, or bridges. This way, they get a customized instrument that might rival more expensive basses in terms of playability and sound.
  5. Resale Value:

    • Generally, cheaper instruments won’t retain their value as well as higher-end models. This might not be a concern for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you think you might sell or trade the bass in the future.
  6. Personal Preference:

    • At the end of the day, the best instrument is the one that inspires you to play. Some players connect with a cheap bass and make incredible music with it.

While cheap basses may have some limitations compared to higher-end models, they can serve many players well, especially with a proper setup and potential upgrades. It’s essential to play various basses, read reviews, and determine what’s most important to you in an instrument before making a decision.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. What is a good starter bass guitar? 

A four-string bass guitar’s smaller is a good starter bass guitar.On the other hand, a five-string bass expands the variety of notes and scales that may be played. A musical instrument is a long-term investment. So think wisely before any purchase.

2. Where to buy bass guitar online?

You can buy a bass guitar online on Amazon. Amazon has a huge variety of guitars. They also give discounts and coupons on different occasions. You can take advantage of it and buy your favorite guitar online from amazon.

3. How much does a used bass guitar cost?

Used basses often cost between $100 to $1500 and are generally just as fine. However, price and availability vary by location. It’s all depends upon your budget. If you can buy an expensive one,then buy it. Other used guitars are also suitable, especially for beginners.

4. What is the average bass guitar weight?

The average weight of bass guitar weight after the research is 8.5 pounds. In this research, the maximum weight of the bass guitar is 12 pounds, and the minimum weight of the bass guitar is 4.7 pounds. Weight doesn’t help to play good music. It depends upon your practice. If you are comfortable with lightweight bass guitar, then go with minimal weight other you can choose a heavyweight bass guitar.

5. What is low action bass?

If you’re not acquainted with the phrase, low action bass, action refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard on your guitar. Strings on bass with low action are closer to the fretboard, while strings with high action are further away.

Final Verdict

Having gone through this article, you now have an idea of the best cheap bass guitars under 100 USD in the market. Whereas these discussed bass guitars are inexpensive compared to some popular models, they offer you the best value plus are very popular in the market.

All these models integrate different electronics, designs, and woods but have one underlying similarity; that is, they all provide you with excellent performance. There are also designer bass brands that are costly but in great demand. Now you know about cheap bass guitars under 100 dollars.

Moreover, these starter bass mentioned above is ideal for both smaller gigs and jamming sessions, even though you need an appropriate amp when playing them. So if you are searching for a cheap bass electric guitar under 100 and the best electric guitar under 100 USD in the market that offers you excitement and a classic feel, you need not look any further than these five models.

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