9 Best Luna Ukulele Review In 2023 ! For All Budgets

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Since its inauguration in 2005, Luna Brand has continuously provided quality and well-featured ukuleles along with various types of guitars. Because of its eye-catching design, good quality, durability, and user-friendliness, Luna has become one of the most popular brands for ukulele lovers. Here we discussed the 9 best luna ukulele review for your convenience to choose the best one.

We often receive questions: “is it good?” and our reply is obviously- “of course, it is excellent”.

These Luna ukuleles are good for grasping and easy to play, allowing you to use effortlessly. Not to mention that the neck of almost all the Luna ukuleles are smooth to grasp. Therefore, it can also be the best ukulele to buy for beginners. 

This Luna ukulele review guide will help you to make an informed decision for your future purchase. 

luna ukulele review

What is ukulele?

A ukulele is a tiny musical instrument of Hawaiian origin and similar to that of acoustic guitar. It is a four-stringed small guitar and one of the members of the lute family.

Ukulele is the miniature version of the guitar.

No matter what type or style of music you play, a ukulele can be an excellent option for both novice and pro.

However, before making any decision to find the best ukulele to buy for beginners, your first job is to narrow down the right types of the ukulele as ukulele comes in four main sizes. 

Different types of the ukulele – choose the right one for you:

Before purchasing, you should understand the different types of the ukulele as the size of the ukulele affects the tone and sound.

Ukulele differs in size and the standard ukulele comes in mainly four different sizes. 

So, when searching for the best ukulele to buy for beginners, your first job is to narrow down the right types of ukulele for you.

best ukulele review
luna Soprano ukulele


This is the classical-sized ukulele and the most common one. As it is the smallest one and the frets are close to each other. As a result, people with larger fingers may find it challenging to use.

Basically, soprano comes with 12 to 15 frets, and it has the standard tuning of GCEA. It gives you the perfect brighter and jangly ukulele sound.

Luna Concert Ukulele review
Luna Concert Ukulele


The concert ukulele is a little bit bigger than the soprano. Both soprano and concert have the same tuning GCEA and can be played in the similar way. For this reason, the chords and scales of both soprano and concert are the same.

The scale length or the space length between the nut and saddle of the concert ukulele is approximately three inches longer than that of a soprano.

This scale length determines the fret spacing. As it is bigger, it has 15 to 18 frets and it gives more room between frets. It gives fuller, lighter, brighter, and larger sound than that of a soprano.

As it provides deeper and richer sound, it sounds like a guitar. However, it ensures playability for people with larger hands. 

As both soprano and concert have the same tuning, chords, and scale, if you can play one, you can easily pick another and play comfortably.


Tenor is bigger than its sibling soprano and concert, meaning that it offers deeper, louder, and fuller sound.

Professionals prefer this ukulele as it can produce a great range of notes because of its ability to reach higher notes on the fretboard and tonal quality. Tenors are perfect for people with larger hands. 


It is the largest size ukulele and the tuning is completely different from that of soprano, concert, and tenor. Its tuning is similar to the guitar.

It has DGBE tuning similar to the top 4 strings of a guitar. It gives the deepest sound. Therefore, the original bright and sparkly tone of the soprano is lost here. 

However, many people convert to baritone only because of its similarity to the guitar. People with larger hands will also find this uku good.

Number of frets12-1514-1715-19+19-21

Types of Ukulele in a nutshell:  

  • There is no wrong size for the ukulele; rather it depends on your personal preference and comfort.
  • The larger the ukulele body, the more volume, bass, and warmth. 
  • Soprano offers a more sparkly and brighter sound while the concert provides a fuller, deeper, and louder sound.
  • If you have smaller hands, you can pick soprano while people with larger hands may prefer a concert or tenor.

Luna ukulele review – which Luna ukulele to choose:

If you are searching Luna ukulele review or want to narrow down one single Luna ukulele, you can go for the Luna Tattoo Mahogany series.

This musical instrument has almost all the essentials features that the best ukulele should have.

The ukulele is not only smooth to grasp and comfortable to play but also lightweight and portable.

Moreover, this Luna ukulele comes with an affordable price tag along with a sturdy Mahogany body. Lastly but not the least, the ukulele produces an excellent sound that will win the hearts of your listeners.

However, here we have reviewed the best Luna ukuleles that you should check while making your buying decisions:

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Top 9 Best Luna Ukulele ReviewChoose The Best One For You

  1. Luna tribal Concert Ukulele Bundle
  2. Luna Maluhia Peace Concert Ukulele
  3. Luna Concert Ukulele with great wave graphic
  4. Luna tattoo concert mahogany ukulele
  5. Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag
  6. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele with Preamp, Satin Natural
  7. Luna Honu Mahogany Concert Ukulele
  8. Luna Uke Pearl seahorse Etched Pearl Inlay Concert Body Ukulele
  9. Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, Red Satin

1. Luna tribal Concert Ukulele Bundle

concert ukulele review


This tribal concert ukulele is made with durable materials.  The back of the ukulele is made with mahogany while the fretboard and bridge are made out of rosewood. Because of these sturdy woods, the concert ukulele ensures longevity and durability.

The excellent design of this Luna ukulele reminds you of the Hawaiian aesthetic beauty which is found in any Hawaii ukulele.

The wood selection together with the Hawaiian design makes it not only appealing but also trendy. The entwined guardian spirits along with contemporary aesthetic art are inspired by the traditional pacific carvings while many of the symbols and shapes depicted in the ukulele are inspired by the Tribal warriors. The ukulele also portrays excellent geometric patterns.

Overall, the black monochromatic art against the brown body gives it a classic look.

Besides its aesthetic beauty, the ukulele has many excellent features that make it a perfect ukulele for beginners and pro alike.  The tuners of this Luna tribal concert ukulele are open-gear chrome that allows you to keep your ukulele in perfect tune and let you create the right tune.

Additionally, the ukulele also comes with a clip-on tuner which, on the other hand, shows you the tune and helps you to keep it in the right tune.

Most users find this clip-on tuner easy to use. Moreover, the neck of the ukulele has enough space for large and thick fingers.

Apart from these, the concert ukulele comes with detailed instructional videos from Austin Bazar, helping you to learn it easily and quickly. It also includes a polishing cloth so that you can keep the ukulele in mint condition.

A hard case is also added for extra protection while traveling. Last but not the least, the ukulele is compact, lightweight, and comfortable to hold, and easy to play.

However, the ukulele cones with high strings that creates difficulty for some users.

Luna Tribal concert is also available in soprano, and pineapple size.


  • Nice tone
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to play
  • Consistent
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Features a clip-on tuner


  • Challenging to play because of the high strings.

2. Luna Maluhia Peace Concert Ukulele

Luna Maluhia Peace Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural


Enjoy the peaceful and heavenly sounds of the Luna Maluhia Peace Concert Ukulele

The Hawaii word “Maluhia” means peace. Even the laser-etched swirl of text in the body of this ukulele is nothing but the word peace in several languages.

Not only these, the fan of the Luna ukulele brand remembers this ukulele for its unique and oddly shaped sound hole that displays a laser cut peace sign or symbol.

Luna combines innovation and artistic design and this concert ukulele reflects their philosophy. The brand believes that the peace word strongly goes with their philosophy and says:

“The Peace design on this concert uke is a very special one for us at Luna as it embodies a philosophy we hold dear”.

The concert ukulele is easily distinguished by its mahogany construction. The whole body- top, back, and neck of this 23” sized ukulele are made with mahogany.

On the other hand, the fretboard and bridge are made out of rosewood while the bridge has a graphite saddle and nut. The ukulele has 19 frets and features an open-gear tuner with Pearloid buttons, keeping the ukulele in tune. 

The best thing about any ukulele is when the uku is plugged straight into an amp. Luckily, this concert ukulele comes in preamp for simple amplification and produces sweet sound.

The peace symbol makes the sound hole a little bit restricted, but this does not affect the sound. Rather, the ukulele produces much better sound than other concerts of the same pricing.

We really like the pleasing sound which gives inner peace to both the audience and the player.

The mahogany structure helps to produce mellow and natural sound and also maintains the resonance of acoustic sound.

You can also control the volume and bass of this ukulele using this preamp. So, just plug in and start playing.

Though the ukulele does not include any clip-on tuner, some dealers and marketplaces come with various additional accessories along with the clip-on tuner. 

However, some users find it difficult when moving fingers from fret to fret and complains that it causes blisters in their finger.

Another complaint we found that the zipper of the gig bag is not sustainable and breaks easily.

Overall, this Luna concert ukulele is one of the best ukuleles to buy for beginners. 


  • Sweeter sounding
  • Budget-friendly
  • Eye-catching design
  • Durable and robust
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Excellent volume with a clear tone.


  • Moving from fret to fret is difficult
  • Not so perfect for advanced users
  • Unsustainable zipper (gig bag)

3. Luna Concert Ukulele with great wave graphic

Luna Concert Ukulele with great wave graphic


The craftsman of Luna brand is committed to create ukulele by combining aesthetic beauty and great tonal quality. This ukulele is no exception.

Like other ukuleles from the popular brand, this Luna Concert Ukulele with great wave graphic represents the unique innovative design like its siblings.

One of the most popular Japanese arts by ukiyo-e artist Hokusai “The Great Wave” or “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, or simply “The Wave” is painted in the body of the ukulele, making it stylish and eye-catching.

The ukulele is available in soprano, concert, and pineapple sizes.

Available at 21″ Great Wave Soprano and 23″ Great Wave Concert

The whole body, neck, and top of the ukulele are made with mahogany wood that means the ukulele is sturdy and durable.

It has a crescent-shaped sound hole which is further accompanied by the mother-of-pearl moon phases on the walnut fingerboard. The bridge of the ukulele is also made with walnut and very eye-catching and nicely designed.

Both mahogany construction and walnut bridge facilitate rich tonal quality. Apart from these, the strings of the ukulele are made with Aquilla which is one of the best brands for these types of instruments, and as a player, you must know the importance of good strings for sound and keeping it in tune.

A good string helps to keep the ukulele in tune very well and also helps you to produce an awesome tone. 

The smooth mahogany neck, mahogany body, and top along with walnut fingerboard help you to create a sweet and pleasing sound.

Moreover, the cutaway shape allows the users to easily access the higher frets. Like the above two, this concert ukulele also features open-gear chrome that helps to create the perfect sound.

You can also keep the ukulele in tune using this open-gear chrome. In addition, the ukulele is perfect for trying fascinating variations on both chord shape and lead playing. 

No additional setup is needed for the ukulele, you just need tuning and you are ready to go. Though it stays in tune nicely, sometimes you may need some adjustments. 

Last but not the least, this ukulele also includes a gig bag for easy portability and sorting.

However, some minor problem we faced includes the glue that runs in a small place and was painted. This is a very minor problem and does not affect the sound.

As it is a concert ukulele, it is larger than other ukuleles and hence produces louder sound and lower pitch than its smaller siblings.

Other complaints we found were that the neck is not durable and the strings are located high from the fretboard.

However, all of these are very minor problems and will not affect the sound productions. So, one may easily omit the problems. 


  • Elegant and unique design
  • Includes open-gear tuner
  • Offers great sound
  • Easily accessible higher frets
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent playability.


  • Produces a bit louder sound than the smaller ukulele
  • Offers slightly lower pitch
  • Some users struggle with the tuning

4. Luna tattoo concert mahogany ukulele

 Luna tattoo concert mahogany ukulele


Luna tattoo concert mahogany ukulele is another best ukulele to buy for beginners that not only bears the aesthetic beauty of Luna ukulele brand’s philosophy but also gives great acoustic ukulele tone.

Featuring a laser-engraved tattoo design that resembles the Hawaiian traditional design, the ukulele is made with mahogany wood.

The monochromatic design is tattooed in black against the brown canvas or ukulele body. This laser-engraved design is nothing but some geometric shapes and symbols that represent the natural beauty of the island world of Hawaii so that you can feel the mind-blowing soothing scenery of amazing Hawaii. 

The whole body- top, back, and sides of the ukulele is made with laminated mahogany woods. On the other hand, the bridge and fretboard are made with walnut which is a sturdy material found in many other high-end instruments.

Even the joints and seams are attached tightly while graphite is used in the nut and saddle of the ukulele.

The pearl fret marker is shaped like a shark’s teeth which are really artistic while the string height or action or the distance between the top of frets to the bottom of r strings is decent and therefore easy to play and you do not need to any adjustment.

Just pick the ukulele and enjoy its great playability.

Additionally, it also comes with an open-pore natural finish that not only increases the beauty of the ukulele but also ensures breathability in wood. The open-pore produces better resonance as well as durability.

Altogether, it can be said that the materials used in the ukulele are not only durable but also good for producing excellent sound. 

While comes to the sound, the ukulele emits mellow, fuller, and warmer sounds along with deep bass. The ukulele also produces a perfect treble and gives you an excellent sound combination.

It also generates a louder projection than its junior sibling’s soprano. As the ukulele is lightweight, it creates less resistance to vibration while plucking the strings and will produce a more sonorous sound and good tone. 

Like other ukuleles, this Luna tattoo concert mahogany ukulele comes with a gig bag, allowing you to store and carry the instrument safely. The ukulele is best for kids and people who want to start learning the ukulele.

However, some users find it difficult to adjust the tuner as the tuners have small tight spots. The ukulele is also not so perfect for people with larger fingers.

Also remember, as the strings are made with nylon, the ukulele may not be in tune at the time of buying. But once you start playing it with tuning, it will not be problematic for you to keep it in tune. 


  • Produces incredible acoustics. 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent playability
  • Includes an incredible tuner
  • Best for the beginners
  • Comfortable neck
  • Durable


  • Sometimes creates buzzing sounds
  • Not that much suitable for advanced users

Apart from this concert model, Luna also has other versions of the concert: spruce, tenor and an acoustic-electric version with a cutaway. The spruce version gives the ukulele a lighter color. If you prefer lighter color, you can go for the spruce version: Luna tattoo Spruce Concert Ukulele.

If you prefer a bigger ukulele, then you can go for the tenor named Luna Tatto Tenor Mahogony. On the other hand, if you are searching for something electric or want to focus on gigs and recording, go for Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Ukulele.

Lastly, if you are a fond of soprano size or want to pick the first ukulele for your kids or any starter, you may go for the soprano pineapple version named Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple.

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5. Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag

Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele Bundle


Whatever whether you are a beginner or a professional, make your time memorable with the Luna Uku bamboo concert ukulele in any environment and setting. Convert the dull and gloomy environment into a pleasant one. 

Luna uku bamboo concert ukulele is different from the above in the lists. The body of this 15-scale length ukulele is made with natural bamboo while a laser-etched leaf design is found around the soundhole. The bridge is created with walnut, and the neck is made with mahogany wood.

Apart from this, the fretboard is made from walnut where you will see some beautiful “moon phrase” pearl dot inlaid. According to the brand, the moon also symbolizes absolute purity that helps to overcome adversity. Therefore, it gives a strong message to its audience and users.

The Mahogany neck creates rhythm, deep, full, and warm sound. In every strum, the ukulele produces a sharp and incredibly clear sound.

Besides producing an exceptional vibrant tone and sound, the ukulele is perfect for any level because of its unique body construction.

This bamboo concert ukulele not only produces excellent sound but also suitable for various types of genre or rhythm.

Versatile players can also use the uku for different styles and various tones like melody, deeper, fuller, and in-depth tones.

Moreover, the C shaped neck allows convenience to its users for playing it any position and prevents the possibility of hand cramps. The above four Luna ukulele also have C-shaped neck.

The use of sustainable tone-wood or natural bamboo converts it to an environment-friendly instrument, making it a great choice for the environment lover.

On the other hand, the lightweight and compact design help you to move it easily from one place to another, untimely making it completely ideal for concerts and stage performance. 

Last but not least the ukulele also comes with a series of accessories, also known as the Austin Bazar bundle. It includes the following:

  • gig bag that not only keeps your beloved ukulele safe but also keeps it neat and clean from the dust. It also save your instrument from scratching. Additionally, the zip bag comes with backpack straps for easy portability while the external zipper pocket allows you to store small accessories. 
  • It comes with a clip-on tuner, helping you to tune your instrument at any time. So, tune your ukulele and turn a dull and gloomy setting into a pleasing one. 
  • Lastly, the Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is also added so that you can wipe your instrument easily. 

Apart from the concert ukulele, Luna bamboo ukulele comes in Soprano, and Tenor sizes. Those who like smaller cute size, then pick Luna BAMBOO Exotic Bamboo Soprano while people with larger fingers may go for the tenor version.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • sharp and vibrant sound
  • Durable
  • Excellent design
  • Good body construction


  • Not perfect for beginners.
  • May need exact tuning when playing it for the first time.

6. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele with Preamp, Satin Natural

Luna High Tide Koa Concert AcousticElectric Ukulele with Preamp, Satin Natural


Whether you are playing the ukulele in a serene setting like woods, seas, or a gloomy setting, this premium Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele turn the setting into a pleasurable one.

Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele is a premium ukulele from the brand, you will expect better quality and features. Luckily, you will not disappoint. 

As it is an electro-acoustic ukulele, you can find excellent acoustic sound as well as easy playability because of the quick plug-in and play option. Therefore, it is good for both intermediate and advanced players.

A true Hawaiian touch is found in this ukulele. Yes, the whole ukulele is made with solid Koa which is only grown in Hawaii.

Apart from these, the ukulele comes with a sturdy and stylish walnut/maple binding while a sleek satin finishing is also there along with a mahogany neck.

The fretboard is made with walnut and the decoration of this walnut fretboard is very deep.

There is a total of 12 frets and you will see a full moon in the first fret. Under the full moon, the abalone wave fret markers will raise and the last fret markers of the abalone moon are the smaller ones.

The closer to the full moon, the riser the fretboard markers. The bridge is made with walnut and piezo pickup and preamp are used for easy amplification. The open-gear tuners of this ukulele are easy to operate and the added Pearloid buttons will help you to get the right tuning.

Lastly, the ukulele delivers the excellent tone that you expect from a ukulele. The solid koa not only produces a crisp and soft tone but also gets warmer over time. Besides the nice acoustic tone, the ukulele is great with amplification, and the natural brightness of Koa is also found. 

Though it is a premium line and a well-featured ukulele, a beginner ukulelist may find it difficult to play. However, a beginner with a good budget can also choose the ukulele.

This Luna High Tide Ukulele also comes in soprano and tenor version.


  • Suitable for both intermediate and advanced
  • Easy amplification
  • Crisp and sweet sound
  • Perfect tuning precision
  • Excellent playability
  • Solid construction


  • Expensive than the others
  • Tough for the beginners

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7. Luna Honu Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Luna Honu Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth


Close your eyes and imagine you are in Hawaii Island. The things that peep to your mind is a serene background with greenery, warm water, palm trees, cascading waterfalls, golden sandy beach, and blue seas. Now, guess what you can see in the crystal clear sea? 

You can enjoy plentiful reefs, turtles, whales, barracuda, and more. So, pick this turtle laser-etched Luna ukulele and feel peaceful Hawaii. 

Star strumming the Luna Honu Mahogany Concert ukulele or Luna Honu Turtle Spruce Soprano and imagine the wonderful Hawaii Island. If you are looking for something small, cute, and lightly colored, then go for Luna Honu Turtle Spruce Soprano.

Luna is mostly popular for the beauty of its ukulele. This Luna Honu Mahogany Concert ukulele is no exception. Featuring a Honu or Hawaiian Turtle in traditional Polynesian-inspired tattoos on its mahogany body and rosewood fretboard, the ukulele generates a pleasingly warm and soft sound that can heal the mind and bring inner peace. Overall, it is a masterpiece for the price. 

Honu or Hawaii Turtle is the symbol of longer life and endurance. This symbol is further illustrated through the traditional Hawaii motif that reflects many geometric shapes and symbols representing the scenery and abstracts of the islands such as stones, waves, fish, sharks, turtles, rain, sun, birds, etc. Besides, the fret markers are designed and stylized as shark’s teeth. Sounds good?

Seems like you are holding the true Hawaii or tropical spirit- a Hawaii honu or turtle, shark’s teeth, and Hawaii tattoo.

Body construction:

The body of the ukulele including the back, neck and sides is made with mahogany while spruce is used in the top. Though the ukulele that is constructed from mahogany reflects a deep, reddish color, this ukulele portrays a lighter golden hue like the sandy beaches.

Does the material used to make the ukulele affect the tonal quality?

Yes, the material used to construct the ukulele determines the quality of the sound of any ukulele. The material not only ensures durability but also determines the sound and tonal quality of the ukulele.

Mahogany is known for producing excellent sound and well resonating quality. It does not crack like many other kinds of wood that are used to make a ukulele.

On the other hand, spruce generates a fuller and deeper sound.  With the combination of mahogany and spruce, you get an excellent tone though it can affect the traditional sound.

However, most users find the sound pleasant and mind-blowing though a purist ukulelist may not like it. 

Are there any advantages of using two different types of woods for constructing the ukulele?

Yes, because of the use of these two kinds of woods, the costing reduces and you can find an excellent instrument at a very tight and limited budget.

Apart from these, the fret board of the ukulele is made with rosewood which is known for creating excellent sound. The best thing about this ukulele is- it is best for all regardless of their level of expertise. A beginner, kid, or even a pro player can enjoy the ukulele. The soprano version is perfect for kids with delicate fingers or people with smaller hands.

Finally, like the above ukulele, this uku also comes with a durable gig bag that saves your instrument from scratches and dust. The bag is made with quality fabric, helping you to move your loving instruments safely and conveniently.


  • Rich and balanced tone
  • Warm and delightful sound
  • Fuller and deeper tone
  • Excellent playability
  • Perfect for all levels, especially for the newbie
  • Durable
  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy transportation
  • Lightweight

Disadvantages of the soprano:

  • Smaller for the people with larger fingers and hands
  • Less fuller tone than the concert version
  • May be sound unusual to the purist players

Disadvantages of the concert:

  • Traditionalist may not like the unusual sound

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8. Luna Uke Pearl seahorse Etched Pearl Inlay Concert Body Ukulele

Luna UKEPEARL Seahorse Etched Pearl Inlay Concert Body Ukulele, Rosewood Fingerboard with Gig Bag, Satin


Luna Ukulele pearl series is undoubtedly one of the best series from the brand. In this ukulele, you will not only see the mother of pearl but also found engraved an adorable seahorse design.

According to Luna, the seahorse is a symbol of creativity, good luck, inspiration, innovation, confidence, faith, and grace while the pearl symbolizes purity and conquest of adversity or misfortune or the power of overcoming adversity and bad-luck. Pearl also represents the spiritual transformation that water brings.

So, you can realize the strong message of the ukulele that not only creates sweet and mellow sound but also gives you the mental strength of overcoming the obstacles and creating new chords, and other innovations.

Mahogany, a wood known for its sturdiness and excellent sound quality, is used to construct this ukulele. The fretboard of the ukulele is made with walnut, giving it an elegant look.

The design is further enhanced by the special touch of the “moon phase” pearl dot inlays and the etched seahorse. Despite using the sturdy wood material, the ukulele is lightweight and easy to transport and play with.

You can easily play the ukulele and carry it while travelling. Apart from these, the open-pore satin finishing gives the ukulele a gorgeous look and smooth feeling.

It also comes with pre-strung with Aquila strings that offer a good playing experience. In fact, most users mentioned that after proper tuning, the strings stayed in tune for a longer time than other ukuleles.

Finally, like other Luna ukulele, this one also includes a durable gig bag for easy sorting and transportation, allowing you to keep your instrument safe and clean. The adjustable strap and front pocket also gives you comfort. You can keep your necessary things in the front pocket.

However, the major drawback of this ukulele is its tuning- you may need to fix the tuning while playing for the first time.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Great sound
  • Super easy to play
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Stunning looks
  • Stayed in tune for a longer time


  • Expensive
  • May come with poor tuning

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9. Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, Red Satin – best soprano for people who opt for a simple design

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, Red Satin


Finally, a soprano ukulele in our Luna ukulele reviews list. If a simple yet elegant ukulele is your choice, then you can blindly pick this Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele. Featuring a simple vintage design and avoiding tattoos and other symbols, this ukulele offers pleasant looks and a satin-red finish.

Get the perfect warm and bright sound that a soprano should create. A reliable musical instrument that you can trust.

This is a very tiny ukulele that has only a 13-inches string length. The small size of the ukulele allows you to play and practice it easily. The Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is not only compact but also lightweight and portable.  As a result, you can take it anywhere.

Planning to go to the seaside or countryside area for a bonfire? Take this simple and portable ukulele with you and enjoy the panoramic scenery and rhythmic sound of the ukulele.

The more assuring thing about this ukulele is the materials used in the vintage ukulele. The body, top, and neck of this ukulele are also made with mahogany while walnut is used in the fretboard and bridge.

Mahogany is known for giving a warm and bright sound while the walnut increases vibration transfer for fluent tone and sound. The red satin finishing not only offers an eye-soothing look but also gives smooth feelings while playing the instrument.

The laser-etched rosette design around the soundhole makes it more elegant and eye-catchy.  Because of the mahogany construction, the ukulele generates a warm and brighter tone and high-quality sound.

Mahogany is also famous for its durability. Moreover, the smaller size makes it easy to play, practice, and move. The use of Aquila Super Nylgut in the strings offers great tonality and stable tuning.

Acoustic-electric ukulele – Ready to plug-in:

This Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele comes with a Luna UK-T2 pickup system with a built-in tuner. Just plug in and start playing it through the amplifier of any acoustic instrument.

The ukulele is suitable for people from different skill levels. No matter whether you are a refined or a novice player, or a wannabe, this soprano ukulele can be your constant companion.

Lastly, the ukulele comes with some additional accessories that a ukulelist should need. The DVD will show you the basic chords along with ukulele maintenance and set up. You can use the polishing for cleaning the ukulele while the added gig bag keeps your ukulele neat and clean. It is reasonably priced, especially when it comes with a bundle.

However, many users find the frets a little bit sharp and reports buzzing. As it is a pineapple sized soprano, people with bigger hands may find it inappropriate and difficult to use.


  • Suitable for all
  • Perfect for kids
  • Lightweight
  • Produce sharp, vibrant, and resonant sound
  • Highly portable
  • Durable
  • Smaller sized
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy tuning
  • Simple yet graceful
  • Good and sturdy hardware


  • Sharp frets
  • Some complaints about buzzing
  • May difficult for people with larger hands

Why to buy a Luna Ukulele:

Luna Guitars is a Florida base brand and founded by stained-glass artist Yvonne de Villiers and Alex Morgan in the UK. China and Korea are the manufacturers of the brand.

From the name, you may guess that the brand also creates a guitar.

Actually, besides guitars and ukuleles, the brand produces many different types of musical instruments such as Cajon, Bluegrass, gig bags, and more.

Unlike other brands, Luna’s priority is innovation and aestheticism. All of their instruments are handcrafted which makes them not only unique but also precious.

Luna brands give importance to many thoughts while designing each instrument and portray their thoughts in the instrument.

Apart from the aesthetic beauty and quality, Luna ukuleles are popular for their reasonable price range. Believing in mind that people should not be deprived of finding musical instruments, Luna introduced affordable ukuleles which not only ensures quality but also offers a wide range of different types regardless of your level. 

  • Affordable
  • Unique Design
  • Handcrafted  
  • Quality product
  • Product for all- kids, pro and even lefties !!

Luna creates a wide range of ukuleles to meet the demand of all, from kids to pro. In fact, there has a separate category for lefties. Luna ukuleles are available in various designs and patterns such as:

  • Vintage Mahogany – As the name suggested, mahogany is used to make this ukulele that makes it durable and offers great tonal qualities. Mahogany is the high-end substitute of the premium Koa ukulele. These ukuleles also include user-friendly tuners to keep the ukulele in tune. The ukulele is not only easy to play but also great to listen to. Luna produces a series of Vintage ukulele where all the sizes are available. It also comes with a satin finishing.

  • Tattoo Mahogany This design is the most popular one and it got its inspiration from the Hawaii tattoo design. The monochromatic design in black against the brown background makes it not only classic but also meaningful. These geometric patterns along with the tattoo represent the natural world.

  • Starry Night – This series offers some of the best ukuleles of this brand. If you are looking for something admirable, you can pick a ukulele from this series. 

Besides these three major designs, Luna also offers much other eye-catchy design such as:

  • Bamboo: The ukuleles of these series are made with bamboo.
  • Coral: It features underwater designs
  • Crescent: A beautiful crescent cut around the sound hole is visible in this series
  • Dolphin: This series depicts astonishing ocean-blue hues and shades in their ukuleles.
  • Great Wave Art Concert: the name says it all. It depicts the Great Wave off Kanagawa art by Hokusai
  • Floral: As the name suggests, flora or a flower design is drawn with an eye-soothing color.
  • Tribal: Hmm, looking something scary yet fascinating? This tribal series is for you that features an enchanting mask design

What to Check while buying a ukulele?

Buying a ukulele is not only time consuming but also challenging if you do not know what to check while purchasing a ukulele. Here are some of the prime factors that you should check while buying a ukulele:

  • Size: Ukulele defers in size. As you have seen, ukuleles are divided according to their size where soprano is the smallest one and Baritone is the biggest one. The soprano is the size of a traditional ukulele. The more the size, the deeper the bass and sound. If you want to get perfect ukulele sound, you should go for soprano or concert while if you want guitar-like tuning and sound, then pick Baritone. If you have bigger hands, you should check out tenor or baritone.
    • Soprano- traditional ukulele size
    • Concert and tenor- for people with bigger hands
    • Baritone- for the guitar lovers
  • Tuning: Different size means a different tuning system. Soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele have the same standard GCEA tuning, while the baritone uses DGBE. A baritone is tuned liked a guitar. 
  • Materials used to make the ukulele: Before buying a ukulele you should check what materials are used to make the ukulele.

What type of material is used to make the ukulele?

After choosing the specific types of ukulele, check the materials that are used to make the ukulele. Ukulele sounds largely depend on the woods that are used in the ukulele. Different woods create a different sound.

Most Luna ukulele used mahogany, Koa, spruce, rosewood, walnut as their material. Mahogany is an excellent tonewood while Koa is used in the traditional Hawaii ukulele. Check the materials while purchasing. 

  • Price range: Price is another factor while buying a ukulele. You do not need to expense more bucks for finding a good ukulele as markets offer lots of quality ukulele at a reasonable price. However, an expensive ukulele provides some premium features that you may love such as good tone, excellent design, and great playability. Not to mention that an electric ukulele where you can play through an amp will cost more than the acoustic one.

Fixing prices will limit your options, leading you to buy easily!!

Comparison chart

Comparison chart of luna ukulele review

Bottom Line:

Since launching, Luna has committed to merging physical art with an audio instrument that not only offers excellent playability but also gives a great aestheticism.

All the above-mentioned Luna ukuleles are the prime examples of Luna’s concept of beauty and quality.

If you are looking for quality ukulele with great price, these Luna ukulele review will surely help to find the right one for you.

Despites the above ukuleles, Luna also boast for a wide range of ukuleles for kids, beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

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