How to Reset InSinkErator Garbage Disposal : You’ll Know in 1 Minute

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Garbage disposal is an appliance that is built with an automatic safety system. If it gets jammed excessively, overheating or any such undesirable event happens inside, it will automatically turn OFF. It is one of the major safety features of garbage disposal, which is included in InSinkErator garbage disposal and almost all garbage disposal models.

But many people don’t know about these features, so they get scared when garbage disposal suddenly stops working and immediately call professional repair for this minor issue. However, there is nothing to worry about at this point. If your garbage disposal unit has no significant issues, then you can solve the problem by just clicking the reset button on it.

In this guide, we have basically discussed how to reset InSinkErator garbage disposal so that you can solve this simple problem yourself within a few minutes.

How to Reset InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (Step by Step)

How to Reset InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

In this section, we have described step-by-step how to reset your garbage disposal. By following this process, you can reset not only the InSinkErator garbage disposal but also the other band’s garbage disposal.

Step 1: Shut Down the Power

When you decide to work with the garbage disposal unit, you should first prioritize all safety. In this case, you must first ensure that the garbage disposal switch is turned OFF and also turn OFF the main breaker for extra security.

Step 2: Look at the Clogged Drain

Usually, one of the reasons for suddenly stopping the garbage disposal is that obstructions like too much food, large bones, debris, fork, jewelry, and plastics are stuck in the blade. So take a bright flashlight and use it to observe the clogged drain of the garbage disposal.

Step 3: Remove the Culprit

You may think your hands can easily remove whatever is stuck inside the garbage disposal. But this is an entirely wrong way; never try to do this. Because there are multiple sharp blades inside the Garbage disposal, which even if you lightly touch them with your fingers, there are chances of getting injured.

Here you can use pliers or a wooden spoon to clear the garbage disposal more efficiently and safely.

Step 4: Find the Reset Button

Now the question is, where is the reset button on the garbage disposal? The reset button of garbage disposal of different brands is in different directions, but primarily the garbage disposal reset button is located at the bottom. InSinkErator garbage disposal also has a red reset button at the bottom.

But if you do not find the reset button of your garbage disposal, then read its user manual, where you will see that it mentions the exact location of the reset button.

Step 5: Push the Reset Button

Hold down the garbage disposal reset button for a few seconds, and it should reject into its initial position. If it pops out, don’t panic, it takes some time to cool down and recalibrate. So if the reset button does not return to its previous position, wait a few minutes and try again.

Step 6: Turn ON the Main Power

After the reset button returns to its previous position, it should be checked now; in this case, you must restore the main power. So to prevent sudden restart, ensure that the garbage disposal is not plugged into the socket.

Step 7: Switch ON The Garbage Disposal

Now it’s time to test the disposal, but first, remove any objects or anything inside your disposal. Then turn ON the garbage disposal by running water., and ensure the disposal is running properly.

Where is the Reset Button on InSinkErator Garbage Disposal? [Video]

Final Verdict

As we said before, also said again, refrain from directly inserting your hand inside the garbage disposal to clean the garbage disposal jam because there are sharp blades inside the disposal, which can badly injure you.

So, of course, carefully use a wooden spoon or any pliers to remove the garbage around the blade and try to rotate the blade. If it is necessary to insert the hand, then it must be inserted carefully.

If your garbage disposal still doesn’t work as before after following the above process, there are high chances of internal garbage disposal issues. You may need to repair your InSinkErator garbage disposal. So, in this case, take the help of professional repairers.

Hopefully, our how to reset Insinkerator garbage disposal guide has helped you efficiently know the whole process in detail.


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