How to Reset iRobot Roomba? All Series! Read to know

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how to reset irobot roomba

If you are using an Irobot Roomba, it is evident that you are having a great time since this device efficiently cleans the room without any hassle. Plus, you don’t have to use your physical effort to get the job done. Moreover, it saves your time, which you can further invest in other purposes.

There can be a situation where you notice that the device is not cleaning properly. Maybe, you are having a problem turning it on orcharging it. In this case, the only solution that can tackle this problem is to reset the robot.

So now, you might ask, ‘how to reset Irobot Roomba?’ Don’t worry, we have got you covered. From the following article, you will get all the information regarding this question. If you want to know how to repair iRobot Roomba then you can read this article.

Plus, there will be other beneficial stuff that can help you out in the long run. Read on to find out more.

When Should You Do the Reset?

There are various reasons that could be the reason you have to do the reset. Below are two of the main situations that are the source of the problem. Have a look at it.

Software Problems

As you know, digital devices run on software programs.You can encounter a situation where the cleaner is not working according to your expectation, or moving here and there, but not cleaning your floor.

This is a clear sign that you have to do some work on the software, and you should never take it lightly.

These are some common problems:

  • Your cleaner automatically deletes your adjusted schedule
  • Vacuum fails to load the launcher
  • Doesn’t clean the floor precisely and leaves dirt behind

When you see this issue, you should understand that the device has now excessive data in the memory and needs a restart.

By restarting, the unit can eliminate all the unnecessary stuff it has stacked on its memory, which hinders its performance.

The Battery Runs out Quickly

If you have this fantastic machine, you should take its size into consideration. Since it is small, the battery it uses will also be small. Though you will get a rechargeable battery, it won’t be able to last for a long time because it will be in use regularly.

You can find the problem when it fails to dock or runs out of power too early in a single cleaning phase. When this shows up, you must purchase a fresh battery.

If you still face a problem, then there can be other issues that the manufacturer will be able to tell. So, don’t hesitate and call your customer support. They will make sure everything is back to normal so that you don’t have to buy a new one, cheers!

if you are facing battery related problem and if need to change your Roomba battery, then click here to know how to replace Roomba battery.

How To Reset iRobot Roomba

The Resetting Process: Here are the step-by-step processes of all the iRobot Roomba series. Check them out.

For Irobot Roomba 500 and 600 Series

how to reset irobot roomba

The method is not challenging at all. If you have the knowledge beforehand, you can easily do it whenever the problem arises.

1. Make Sure the Device Is Turned Off

This step is the most important one because you are going to reset the whole software, and if it is accidentally turned on, you could be in jeopardy.

Remove the device from the charging dock. If you have to replace the battery, you must turn it off, and if not, you should press the CLEAN button and turn it on. After that, you will see a green light and during that time, let go of the button.

2. Make the Green Light to Go off

In the previous step, you had to display the green light, but you have to make sure it goes off in this step.

To do this, you need to hold two buttons (DOCK and SPOT) at the same time. Don’t press one button and then go for the other because it won’t work. Also, keep in mind that you should wait for at least 10 seconds to hold the buttons.

3. Wait for the Beeping Sound to Come

When you don’t see the green light anymore, let go of the buttons immediately. You will hear a beeping sound, and this means that your device has entered the booting process.

4. Put the Roomba to the Charger Once Again

Now, put it back to the charger, and wait for a couple of seconds until the green light is on again.

If you are confused about the rebooting process of the device, don’t panic; just go to the CLOCK button and press it. When you find out that the clock setting is all cleared now, you can be assured of the fact that you have successfully reset the device.

5. Set the Date and Time

This is the last step. Since everything has been restarted, you should set the date, time, and schedule according to your preference.

Congrats! Your beloved Roomba is all set to clean your floor.

For Irobot Roomba 700, 800, and 900 Series

Irobot Roomba Reset

For this series, the steps are pretty much the same as the previous one. There is a small addition to this process, which you will find out.

1. Gently Press the CLEAN Button

Go to the CLEAN button and press it for 10 seconds. Don’t release the button immediately, or else; you won’t be able to do the reset.

After waiting for 10 seconds, you will see the text ‘rSt’ displaying on the screen. This shows that you have correctly done your work.

2. Release the Button

Yes, when you see the text, let go of the CLEAN button. After that, you will hear some tones which indicate that your cleaner has been reset successfully.

3. Reprogram Everything

Once you are done with these given instructions, you should reprogram your time, schedule, and date. This is crucial because all your settings were cleared because of restarting. So, make sure you don’t forget this procedure.

Irobot Roomba resetting

How do you do a hard reset on Roomba?

Performing a hard reset on a Roomba can vary slightly depending on the model, but the general process is as follows:

  1. Pick up your Roomba: Lift your Roomba off the ground to access its buttons.

  2. Press and hold the CLEAN button: On most Roomba models, you’ll need to press and hold the “CLEAN” button located on the top of the robot. Keep holding it down.

  3. Continue holding: After holding down the “CLEAN” button for about 10-20 seconds, you’ll usually hear a series of tones or see some indicator lights change. Keep holding the button until you hear a musical tone (it might take up to 20 seconds).

  4. Release the button: Once you hear the musical tone or see the indicators change, release the “CLEAN” button.

  5. Wait for the reboot: Your Roomba will now restart, and this process can take a minute or two. During this time, it may make some noises and perform self-checks.

  6. Reset Wi-Fi (if necessary): If you need to reset the Wi-Fi settings as well, you can do this by using the Roomba app or by reconfiguring the Wi-Fi setup through the robot’s buttons.

  7. Test your Roomba: After the reset is complete, test your Roomba to ensure it’s working as expected.

Keep in mind that this procedure might be slightly different for different Roomba models, so refer to your specific model’s manual for the most accurate instructions. Also, a hard reset should be used as a last resort if your Roomba is experiencing severe issues. If you’re having problems with your Roomba, consider contacting iRobot’s customer support for assistance.

Final Tips

  • Never forget to adjust the settings after you have restarted the device.
  • If you have kids, keep them busy when you are working.
  • When you will replace the battery, buy a high-quality one. If it is a bit pricy, add some money and have it in your arsenal.
  • Always keep the devices’ roller clean because this ensures that the cleaner doesn’t consume additional energy when it is operating. As a result, your battery will last for a long time.
  • lean the robot every month and don’t delay it.
  • Take some time out from your schedule, and clean the brushes every week.
  • Moderate the machine regularly and checks its performance. If you manage to find out flaws, work on the solution immediately.
  • If you contact customer care, make sure you clear out all your queries.
  • Consult a professional for bonus suggestions

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How to Reset iRobot Roomba? Video Tutorial!



Q1: Why would I need to reset my Roomba?

You might need to reset your Roomba if it’s not working correctly, experiencing connectivity issues, or to troubleshoot problems.

Q2: How do I perform a basic reset on my Roomba?

To perform a basic reset, follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your Roomba.
  2. Turn it over.
  3. Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for about 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button when you hear a series of tones.

Q3: What does a basic reset do?

A basic reset restarts the Roomba’s software, similar to rebooting a computer. It can help resolve minor issues.

Q4: How do I perform a factory reset on my Roomba?

To perform a factory reset, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Roomba.
  2. Press and hold the “DOCK” and “SPOT” buttons together for about 10 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons when you hear a series of tones.

Q5: What does a factory reset do?

A factory reset erases all user data, settings, and maps stored on the Roomba. It’s typically used when you want to start fresh or if you’re troubleshooting more serious issues.

Q6: How do I reset the Wi-Fi settings on my Roomba?

To reset the Wi-Fi settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button on the Roomba for about 10 seconds.
  2. Release the button when you hear a tone, and the Wi-Fi settings will be cleared.

Q7: How do I reconfigure the Wi-Fi after resetting it?

After resetting the Wi-Fi, use the iRobot Home app to reconnect your Roomba to your Wi-Fi network. Follow the app’s on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Q8: My Roomba is stuck and not responding. What should I do?

Try a basic reset first (as explained in A2). If that doesn’t work, you might need to perform a factory reset (as explained in A4) or contact iRobot customer support for assistance.

Q9: Will resetting my Roomba delete my cleaning schedules?

No, resetting your Roomba will not delete your cleaning schedules. These are typically stored in the cloud and can be accessed after reconfiguring the Wi-Fi.

Q10: How often should I reset my Roomba?

You generally don’t need to reset your Roomba regularly. Only do so if you encounter persistent issues or if you’re troubleshooting specific problems.

Please note that the specific instructions for resetting your Roomba may vary depending on the model, so it’s a good idea to consult your Roomba’s user manual or the iRobot website for model-specific guidance.


So, these are all about the resetting process of iRobot Roomba. Share this beneficial information with people around you, and make them beneficial as well.

Go through this article a couple of times, and take notes wherever you find something important.

Keep your home clean and fresh. Have a good day.

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